Easy Attackers: common Pokemon who can take down “The Big Boys”

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Easy Attackers: common Pokemon who can take down “The Big Boys”

USER GUIDE | Submitted by CarrotKing37 on January 21st 2017Currently, take a look at the nearest gym to your house, and it will likely be mainly composed of the following Pokemon: Vaporeon, Snorlax and Dragonite. These Pokemon have been picked out of the mire due to a few factors. Most significantly is the lack of an all-round, relatively easily findable counter to these Pokemon. In this guide, we will look at the best easily found or evolved counter to these Pokemon, and attempt to help players bump them off of gyms.

1. Beedrill

Beedrill is honestly one of the easiest to find Pokemon on this list. Other than maybe Vaporeon, it is the best way to counter a Snorlax, that Pokemon which is in every gym. Twice. Although it’s CP is not spectacular at only 1777 maxed out, and it isn’t otherwise much use, it’s level of effectiveness against Snorlax merits ignoring this statistic. Snorlax, a Normal type Pokemon, is only weakened by Fighting type Pokemon. As of now, there are only 8 fighting Pokemon is the game, and weak movesets and poor stats mean that they are barely viable for gym battles, and also quite rare.

Beedrill, on the other hand, is evolved fully from Weedle for 62 candies, one of the cheapest three-step evolutions in the game, especially with such a common Pokemon as Weedle.

While Snorlax is not weak to it, it has three types which Snorlax is less effective against: Bug, Poison and Flying. Due to the triple immunity, Snorlax will take much longer and deal much less damage to a Beedrill, giving it time to wear him down within the allotted time.

Two CP 1200+ Beedrills is often sufficient to knock out a CP 2500 Snorlax, a rate which almost no other Pokemon can achieve other than another hard to obtain Tier 1 Pokemon.

2. Parasect

Another Bug type Pokemon weighing in strong, Parasect provides the most accessible and easily found counter for the most easily found defender: Vaporeon. It’s a running joke amongst my friends that the hardest part of getting a Parasect is pressing the “evolve” button, and it does ring true. Paras are very easy to come by, and often with decent CP as well.

A Parasect can have a CP of up to 1657, very low for most gym Pokemon. However, it fits into the niche created by the popularity and overuse of Vaporeon that again, this is a small factor. The key to finding a Parasect that will take down a Vaporeon with much superior CP is in the moveset rather than the type this time.

Any Parasect with Solar Beam can usually defeat a Vaporeon twice it’s CP. This applies to any Pokemon with Solar Beam, but Parasect is by far the most common from a list including Venusaur, Vileplume, Exeggutor and Tangela. Because of this, a Parasect is the best and most simple to find counter to the dominant Vaporeon.

3. Clefable

When looking at a Dragonite, the best thing to do is look at and try to exploit the typing weaknesses. Dragonite has a large weakness to Fairy, a small group of Pokemon that you would be unlikely to find in gyms. The only Fairy Pokemon that could pose a real threat to Dragonite in Pokemon GO is Clefable. Clefable evolves from Clefairy for 50 candy, a relatively reasonable sum for a Pokemon that deals with a Dragonite so effectively. The tankiest Pokemon on this list, a Clefable can have a CP up to 2353, which is necessary when battling Dragonite. Because Dragonite has such a high CP threshold, a higher CP Clefable is better, and not too hard to get due to the common spawning of Clefairy in many areas.

This is designed to hake up the meta by using easy to get Pokemon to defeat rarer and stereo typically more powerful Pokemon. Use this guide to help you get rid of the ever present high-tier Pokemon in gyms (until you can get some yourself).

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