How to keep Gyms for several weeks

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How to keep Gyms for several weeks

USER GUIDE | Submitted by Cleopterix on January 30th 2017When I started playing the Pokémon Go game I battled gyms and placed my Pokémon in there just to see that 20 minutes later someone else had kicked it out again.

Instead of constantly fighting gyms in the city and getting kicked out again I totally changed my strategy.

I started looking out for gyms that are as far away from the next road as possible and can only be reached by bike or via a substantial hike. Hills with some viewpoint on top or smaller mountain ranges often have several gyms. Mountain huts are very popular places for gyms to be placed.

Like that I found in the area where I live 15 gyms that are all at least 30 minutes walking distance from the closest point that can be reached by car.

My experience: In average I stay in there for 3 weeks without getting kicked out. There is one gym in which I am already since mid-September 2016 and the gym even now is only having 3 Pokémon in there.

In that sense, gamers think twice. It is worthwhile fighting for the obvious gym that is just around the corner or should you not rather invest more time and that way maybe even discover new places close to you that are worth an excursion even without gyms being there.

My top trick, which unfortunately does not work in each country: Just before winter came, I biked up one of the mountain ranges with my race bike and brought down 3 gyms. As the road up there is closed till April due to snow, I am pretty certain not to get anyone hurting my Pokémon for a while.

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