Pinsir guide: try em’ before you transfer em’

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Pinsir guide: try em’ before you transfer em’

USER GUIDE | Submitted by jovjov14 on January 18th 2017I know. I heard it in my head too. Don’t close that tab just yet. Yes, I read it. It does say PINSIR. We encounter them on a daily basis, we catch them (most of the time ignore them) then simply tap the option on the bottom right, hit transfer, then Yes. Why not appraise some and see if they would be helpful.

A tiny bit of Pinsir love

Here’s a personal observation. Many of these Pokémon have a good stats. Some even have perfect stats. Another observation is a that they are a good match for Snorlax.

That’s right! You know those chubby, beady eye defenders on top of almost every single gym you see. I understand that it is hard to take them down, and sometimes we even ignore those gyms simply because someone put a Snorlax up there.

I’d like to put Pinsir up for consideration when battling one of the top defenders.

Again, this is just from personal experience; I hope some would back me up on this.

Here’s one of mine:

Now, this guy doesn’t have a perfect IV at all, but it does a great ATK and a great DEF. It can usually take out a Snorlax on its own, but not all the time.

Based on the move set, it would pose an advantage as well, Fury Cutter is a fast move that can be delivered multiple times fairly quickly, thus filling up the secondary move bar faster. Its second move is Submission which is a fighting type move and deals an effective damage.

What I have learned from other players is that to fill the second move bar fully and simply continuously use 3 Submission in a row.

This may not be much to a lot of trainers, but consider these advantages:

  • It’s very easy to get Pinsir candy
  • They are pretty common
  • No evolution, so candies can be used solely for leveling them up
  • Some even have great to perfect IVs (as mentioned earlier)
  • They move quick enough to dodge.

What I’m saying is, Pinsirs are one of the most underrated Pokémon that trainers simply catch for stardust and EXP. Don’t just grind those Pinsirs, try to test them out in battle, maybe you’d find one or two that can stand against those gym defenders.

May the Pinsir be with you!

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