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Pokemon GO best fitness app

Be safe when searching for Pokemon

USER GUIDE | Submitted by RobinnhoodZz


Recording of Rickeybot, a Pokemon GO Twitch streamer, getting robbed while hunting Pokemon. Source: The Next Web


How to be safe when searching for Pokemon

I have heard many stories of people going out into dangerous places to catch rare Pokemon, but I’m all good with that as long as you have these thing in case of an emergency.

Your “Poke Kit”, as we will call it, will differ from place to place. For example, here in New Zealand we have a lot of weird weather – it can be be sunny one second and it can rain another, so I usually grab a bag and put a warm jacket in it.

This is how my full Poke kit looks like:

  • a water bottle,
  • a bit a money,
  • a few protein bars

I always go with a friend who knows his way around and I usually tell someone where I’m going. It’s a bit of precaution, but it let’s them know where to look for me if I don’t come back.

More tips

As I said before, learn your way around your hunting area. My town is fairly small, so I already know my way around, but if you don’t, stay in well populated areas. Usually, when I’m hunting Pokemon in a new place, I go with a friend that knows the area and learn off them. Besides, imagine how many Pokemon await you and your friend when you go together! (…and its much easier taking down gyms when you’re with someone) 🙂

If you live in a rough part of town go elsewhere (if you’re really concerned) or go in a group, so your less likely to be attacked or robbed.

Thank you for reading and be safe when searching for Pokemon!