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Berries are Pokemon GO items that can be used in capture encounters and gyms. Berries can be obtained from leveling up, spinning Pokéstops, spinning the Photo disc of a gym or after defeating a raid boss. There are four different types of berries in the game, which are:

  • Razz Berry
  • Nanab Berry
  • Pinap Berry
  • Golden Razz Berry
  • Silver Pinap Berry

Using berries in Pokemon GO

Berries can only be used in two different situations:

  • As food for gym defenders that increases their motivation
  • As treat for wild Pokemon to alter their behaviour

Feeding gym defenders

Berries can be used in Pokemon GO gyms to feed Pokémon belonging to the same team as the trainer. When a Pokémon is fed with a berry, its motivation will increase. However, the increase in motivation will be lower after each berry fed to that Pokémon.

Each trainer can only feed 10 unique Pokémon in a rolling 30-minute time window, and the maximum number of berries that a trainer can feed to a single Pokémon within a fixed 30-minute time window is 10.

Feeding wild Pokemon

Berries can be used is while catching a wild Pokémon. Each berry has its unique effect, and these effects cannot be stacked, meaning that two different berries cannot be fed to that wild Pokémon at the same time.

These effects will only remain until the Pokémon breaks free or flees. For example, if a Pidgey that has been fed with a Pinap Berry breaks free on the first attempt, the trainer can use a Razz Berry on the second attempt provided it does not flee.

Berry name Description

Razz Berry

If a wild Pokémon is fed with a Razz Berry, the chance of catching it will increase. They can be obtained from spinning Pokéstops, Gym Photo Discs or leveling up at trainer level 8 and higher.

Nanab Berry

Nanab Berry calms down wild Pokémon, making them easier to hit with a ball. Obtainable at trainer level 14 and higher. They can also be used in the AR+ mode to reduce the awareness indicator of a wild Pokémon, and thus helping the trainer approach it and catch it.

Pinap Berry

Pinap Berry doubles the amount of candy received after catching a wild Pokémon. Unlocked at trainer level 18 and higher.

Golden Razz Berry

Same effect as the regular Razz Berry, but the chances of catching a wild Pokémon after feeding it with a Golden Razz Berry will be even higher. If a Golden Razz Berry is used to feed a Pokémon in a gym, its motivation will be fully restored. They can only be obtained as a reward from raid battles.
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Silver Pinap Berry

Same effect as a regular Pinap Berry, but it also increases the catch rate by a similar amount as a Razz Berry. These can so far only be obtained as Field and Special Research rewards.

Other berries in the code

Two additional berries have been in the code for a while, but they have never been fully implemented in the game, and they are currently not obtainable. These berries are the Bluk Berry and the Wepear Berry.

They do not have an in-game description yet, and therefore it is not possible to know what effect they could have associated.

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