Kyogre Raid Guide: counters, weather, CP values and how to catch

Kyogre Raid Boss Guide: Counters and Strategies

Kyogre Raid is a Tier 5 Legendary Raid Boss in Pokémon Go. Kyogre Raid Boss CP is 51968 and Kyogre is easily countered by strong Electric (Raikou is best Kyogre counter) and Grass types. This guide explains the best strategies for fighting Kyogre and goes over Pokémon that counter Kyogre.

Kyogre’s Max Raid Capture Combat power is as follows:

  • 2328 (no weather, level 20, perfect IV)
  • 2910 (rainy weather, level 25, perfect IV)

No legendary Pokémon is soloable, so Kyogre is not either. Around 4-5 trainers are required to defeat a legendary raid boss. Kyogre’s attacks are boosted by rainy weather.

Written by JLiaw, formatted by GO Hub staff

Kyogre Raid Counters

Praise Raikou. Fear the Blizzard Kyogre.

Pokemon Counters
Kyogre raidKyogre
Raikou Thunder Shock Electric Wild Charge Electric
Overall best counter, good vs. all movesets without much fuss.
Zapdos Charge Beam Electric Thunderbolt Electric
Great DPS, but any charge move will knock it out — glass cannon.
Sceptile Bullet Seed Grass Leaf Blade Grass
Best Grass counter: solid DPS, has access to Leaf Blade. Outperforms Exeggutor and Venusaur.
Exeggutor Bullet Seed Grass Solar Beam Grass
A good performer, but not good against Blizzard, you risk OHKO.
Venusaur Vine Whip Grass Solar Beam Grass
Great DPS, but will likely cast only 1 Solar Beam.
Groudon Mud Shot Ground Solar Beam Grass
Solid pick against all movesets, mostly due to huge bulk. Works well vs Blizzard Kyogre.
Kyogre Waterfall Water Thunder Electric
Must have Thunder to be a viable counter. works well vs Blizzard Kyogre.
Ho-Oh Extrasensory Psychic Solar Beam Grass
Great performer, works well vs Blizzard Kyogre.
Jolteon Thunder Shock Electric Thunderbolt Electric
Good DPS, low bulk.
Weakness Grass Electric

Analysis of Kyogre counters

Raikou is an all star Kyogre counter, good vs all movesets. Zapdos and Jolteon fill the same niche, but they’re weaker performers. Blizzard is the most difficult Kyogre moveset and it completely nullifying Grass counters. We suggest the following setup:

  • Blizzard moveset — Electric types + Groudon
  • non-Blizzard moveset — Electric + Grass types

Electric types are a perfect choice as they take normal (or reduced) damage from all Kyogre’s moves, including the ones based around Blizzard — an Ice move that hinders Grass type performance. We recommend using Raikou, followed by Zapdos, to deal the largest possible amount of damage.

Grass type counters are definitely viable, especially during Clear weather, but Blizzard Kyogre will decimate your Grass team and OHKO (One Hit KO) almost every Grass attacker in the game. Surprisingly, Groudon with Solar Beam is a viable and very solid option against Thunder Kyogre, outperforming Venusaur, Exeggutor and Ho-Oh. Groudon is also very useful against Blizzard Kyogre. Sceptile gets a special shout-out due to its high DPS and good performance.

Kyogre has access to the following moves, completely following its lore and control over sea and weather:

  • Waterfall Water (fast)
  • Hydro Pump Water (1 bar, charged)
  • Blizzard Ice (1 bar, charged)
  • Thunder Electric (1 bar, charged)

Additional Kyogre counters

These counters are only meant for lower level players and for second (or third if you are unlucky) teams. However, they are still good to list:

  • Ampharos with Charge Beam and Zap Cannon
  • Tangela with Vine Whip and Solar Beam
  • Victreebell with Razor Leaf and Solar Beam
  • Meganium with Vine Whip and Solar Beam
  • Manectric with Charge Beam and Wild Charge
  • Magneton with Thundershock and Zap Cannon

Weather considerations

The best weather to raid a Kyogre is Rain, as it unlocks the Level 25 capture encounter but also boosts Electric type moves. However, the Kyogre moves will also be boosted so be careful – the damage output will surprise you!

Second best weather is Clear, as it boosts Grass types and enables you to utilize their type coverage + weather boosted damage to defeat Kyogre more easily.

The worst weather for a Kyogre raid is Snow, as it boosts Blizzard and makes the hardest Kyogre matchup even more difficult.

Tips for catching Kyogre

Kyogre is notoriously difficult to catch due to its distance from the player and movement in the capture bonus encounter. Kyogre is extremely far away from the player which makes curveballs a very risky throw. Kyogre will move from left to right, similar to other floating Pokémon, adding an additional level of frustration.

We suggest you practice curveballs from both screen ends and both rotations — especially if you’re not a “pro level curver”. We created a chart that displays all throw + berry combo chances to catch Kyogre:

Berry Curve Throw type
Normal Nice Great Excellent
No Berry
2.00% 2.30% 3.00% 3.70%
Curve 3.40% 3.91% 5.10% 6.29%
Razz Berry
3.00% 3.45% 4.50% 5.55%
Curve 5.10% 5.87% 6.29% 7.65%
Golden Razz Berry
5.00% 5.75% 7.50% 9.25%
Curve 8.50% 9.78% 12.75% 15.73%