9 Quality of Life Features that Would Take Pokémon GO to the Next Level

Pokémon GO has been one of the most interactive and popular games for the past 6 years. We have never seen a game like this, that so wonderfully represents real life. But there are many features that would make this game much better for players. Some of these have been highly requested by the Pokémon Go community over and again and some are what I think should make this game even better. Enjoy!

A better Gym System

50 PokéCoins a day? Too Low!

This has been by far one of the most controversial issues in the game since the Gym rework in 2017. Back in the day, Trainers were able to get a total of 100 PokéCoins from defending a Gyms for a full day, which was then changed to 50.

It is very unfortunate when a Pokémon you put inside a Gym returns after 20 days and gives you no coins because you have already reached your daily limit of 50. Reverting the limit back to 100 or more would be awesome.

Players would be more encouraged to go out and defeat their local Gyms and add their Pokémon in. And do not forget, 100 PokéCoins is equal to one remote raid pass.

50 a day!

Pokémon Not Returning from Gyms Fix

There have been many reports of Pokémon not returning to their Trainers for days and months, even years. Players who live in rural areas experience this every day. Hoping for someone to come and defeat their Pokémon so that they would get their coins. The current world record for the longest time a Pokémon has defended a Gym is 500 days (more than a year)… wild, right?

A feature, if incorporated,  that allows players to simply claim their Pokémon back from Gyms would be amazing. Rural players would be able to receive their Pokémon back whenever they want and not worry about when they will return.

Not to mention… some players accidentally put meta relevant Pokémon in Gyms! This feature would also solve those problems.

World Record: 500 Days, (CleanSheet154)

Faster Raid Lobbies

A ‘Ready Up’ raid button would be helpful in the game. Currently, once you enter a raid lobby, there is a 120 second timer that goes on before you can start battling the raid boss–and there is no way to change or stop that. This button was previously leaked by the PokeMiners, but we haven’t heard if Niantic plans to add something like this or not. But just imagine a Ready Up raid button, which everybody in the raid lobby could press to skip the timer and enter the raid early.

This would prove to be especially useful on special occasions such as Raid Hours (happening every week), and Raid Days (generally once a month). This would allow faster gameplay for Pokémon GO players and allow time for more raids. In the end, completing more raids should result to more in-game spending, so there’s a monetary incentive as well! 

Ready Up Raid Button

Individual Value Updates

Okay…so this section contains features that I personally want to be added into the game. Skip over if you don’t care about IVs or if you think they are perfect as they are right now. 

PVP IV Filter

I wish there was a search string with which we would be able to sort out the best Pokémon for PVP. Admittedly, a lot of the players don’t play PVP, but for those who do, this will be really helpful.

A search string like 0-5 Attack, 10-15 Defense, and 10-15 HP would be super nice, and it would save the time of those caring to look for ‘mons with good PVP IVs – like hardcore PVP grinders.

I know this sounds kind of complicated, but trust me, this would be an amazing quality of life improvement! Right now, the only search string you can use to filter out PVP Pokémon is 0attack, which is not that helpful. A PVP IV search string would be a time-saving feature to add. 

Current search string

IVs Visible on Catch Screen

Pokemon GO IV Explained - Calculation, meaning, importanceLooking through your Community Day haul of 1000+ ‘mons to check to see if you got any good IV ones can be really tiring. I know there are multiple search strings such as: 4*, 3*, 0attack&0defense&0hp, but still, that takes time.

If we were able to see the IVs of the Pokémon we caught on the catch screen–alongside the XP and candy gained, it would be easier. You could simply favorite the Pokémon you caught if it was good/rare IV. This wouldn’t benefit all of the players, since a number of the players quick-catch or use auto-catchers, but it would surely be a really cool feature to be introduced into the game – if it ever does. 

+1 IV Stat Feature

This feature sounds like a lot, I know–in fact, it sounds so dope that I don’t think Niantic would ever add this into the game. But that isn’t stopping me from talking about it and waiting for the day it does come. So, what I really mean by an +1 IV stat feature, is basically a feature to increase the IVs of your Pokémon. N

iantic could introduce this in lots of diverse ways. They could make this limited–which means it can only be used a couple of times. It could be locked for higher level players or locked behind super long special research. A feature like this is desperately needed. It is not something to improve the gameplay, it is just a cool thing addition. You can train your Pokémon in the main series, so why not in GO?

100iv Chu

Faster Gift Open/Send Animation

We recently saw that the animations for a Pokémon catch encounter, Team GO Rocket Grunts, and many more tasks were sped up. These felt much smoother to use, also. I wouldn’t be surprised if Niantic plans to add this too.

We have been requesting this feature for too long, now. I swear I will open and send all my gifts if this is implemented. Currently, there is a glitch to make it faster. Click ‘Open’ or ‘Send’ when you are opening/sending gifts respectively, and as soon as you do that, click on the X below.

This trick is apparently particularly useful, but a faster gift open/send animation would be much better and official. One way Niantic could do this would be that once a player clicks on ‘Open’ or ‘Send’, the gift automatically does what it is supposed to, and there are no animations of the items coming out of the gift box and the gift box flying up and out of sight.

There might be other ways too, I am sure–but yes, this is another high-in-demand feature that needs to be released as soon as it can to make players’ lives easier.

Gift, Pokemon Go

Buying Tickets with PokéCoins 

Okay, so this is a feature that I really want, and you may not, but that is completely fine. I believe that Trainers should be able to purchase tickets for extraordinary events such as Community Days, GO Fests, GO Tours etc. with PokéCoins. This would be a slick feature to add to the game, right? Let me explain how it is going to be helpful.

If somebody is on a budget, let’s say they spend $50 every month on the game. And at the beginning of the month, in this case let’s say December, they spend that $50 on PokéCoins because that’s how you get incubators and remote raid passes. But then, out of nowhere, a Keldeo Research Event comes along, and they can’t buy it because they already spent their monthly budget on coins. You get what I am saying?

And, if there is a free-to-play Pokémon GO Trainer who wants to get Keldeo, how will he/she get it? Well, adding the introduction of “buying tickets with PokéCoins” will solve that. Well, I don’t have any idea if this would come into the game or not, but yeah, this is something I, personally would love a lot.

Paid Tickets

Remote Trading (Once in a while)

Another highly requested feature in Pokémon GO. This is probably the most important feature on the list. And that is why I saved it for last. Remote trading simply means that there are no restrictions on trading.

You can trade with someone who lives on the other side of the world! Currently, the restriction is 100 meters, but we have seen the addition of remote trading during the holiday events in the past, where Trainers were able to trade with people 40 kilometers away from them.

Candy and Candy XLs are important, so that makes trading one of the most notable features in the entire game. You can do a max of 100 trades a day currently. I am not asking to increase that – what I am asking for is the introduction of remote trading. You should be able to trade with people that are more than 100 meters away from you.

Niantic can implement this by adding remote trading one day per month, or even once per season. This would also help lucky trade with friends that live across the globe.

Unfortunately, though, I don’t see this feature coming into the game anytime soon. And that is because Niantic’s primary goal is to make people get out and explore their community and make friendships.

If they make remote trading accessible, people won’t bother to get out of their homes and play. I understand this but it should at least be accessible occasionally, y’know.

There are lots of people I know who are “lucky friends” with those who live in other countries and are unfortunately stuck as lucky friends as they can’t travel. So please, Niantic, add this feature as much as you can because we all have our hopes high. 

Remote Trading(AngelGo)


So, these were some of the much-needed features in Pokémon GO. I have no clue if they will be released or not, but Niantic, if you are reading this, you should think about adding some! Let me know in the comments below if I missed any!

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