Letters to Niantic: GOHub Pokémon GO 2023 Wish List

Dear Niantic,

We’ve been very good this year and a few of us here at GOHub would like to request a few improvements or introductions to our favourite Pokémon game, maybe even for next year…?


Our own Dragon specialist MeteorAsh only has one wish – bottlecaps. 

“One particular item I would love to see in Pokémon GO are Bottle Caps (they have been in the MSG). Basically, they can increase stat values of a Pokémon. With a theoretical Bottle Cap in Pokémon GO, one can turn a limited number of their 96 or 98 IVs into hundos or shundos.

Wouldn’t that be great Niantic, to let us turn those almost perfect’s into actually perfects!


One of our great moderators would like –

“A “Ready!” button in private raid lobbies” 

“Lucky remote trading: only possible when you get the Lucky Friend status”

Remote trading is something GO Hub has pondered about before but both of these suggestions would please your player base!


Kitty is the GO Hub AR queen and has great ideas on how the AR experience can be improved –

“In 2023 I want to see some thought put into the AR modes for Pokémon GO. We may not have the biggest or loudest community, but we are extremely passionate, and often forgotten about! I’ve written in detail about the AR communities feelings lately but this is a basic run down of some things we want to see.

Fix the flying Pokémon buddy issue. Previously they were shown landed in Buddy Mode, and now they are awkward, flying but landing when interacted with.

• Add more animations.

• Fix AR Blending.

It isn’t available on the majority of people’s phones, even those with brand new phones. • Bring back the AR competitions on social media.

• More options for fixed poses. Can we add sitting for bipedal Pokémon for example?

• Let us photograph more than one Pokémon without needing fellow trainers to use Shared AR mode with us.

• Improve Shared AR mode.

• Improve AR mode generally. It can be tricky to use, it struggles to recognise the ground a lot, any motion can send your Pokémon running off your screen.

• Acknowledge the issues/glitches in AR mode, and add them to the known issues page.

Give us the option to put flying Pokémon anywhere, instead of close to the ground so we can take more accurate photos, without having to rely on tricks. 

AR is so often overlooked as a gameplay feature and it would be great to see it re-launched with a much more friendly user interface!


One of our very busy GBL writers has the below wish –

“The quality and value of sale boxes in the in-game Shop has steadily degraded throughout this year, as noted with numerous Box Analyses right here on GO Hub and elsewhere, to the point that several boxes have quite literally not been sale prices at all. Here’s hoping for a return to values of the past, perhaps with some of the traditionally best boxes that come around the end of year Holidays?”

Hoping for the gift boxes from Niantic to have a shake-up!


One of our writers has some great ideas –

  • “boost lures by adding extra lures to it; 1 lure gives certain spawn rates and rarities, 2 lures gives more spawns and higher rare rates, 3 lures max spawns max rare rates
  • lures on gyms
  • click on Pokémon GO in Campfire and you switch back to the game (edited)
  • up the amount of gifts that can be sent from 100 to 200 a day as the amount of friends can be 400
  • up the amount of gifts held at any one time from 20 to 40 for the same reason
  • up the amount of gifts you can open again for the same reason
  • friends list tags like Pokémon tags to group friends easier
  • on a friend page show the level on the same page as everything else, seems silly to have it on a separate page”

Some great quality of life improvements for general gameplay, particularly around gifting and looking after our friends, which seems particularly appropriate as this is a Christmas Wishlist…..


Me? Well, being as you asked….

I’d like us to be able to skip more animations where we can, evolving Pokémon and gifting spring to mind.

Please can we have mid and final evolutions of Pokémon be shiny regardless of how we come across them (eggs, research, wild, raid) if the shiny has been released, it would add some excitement to click on a wild Wigglytuff and have it be shiny!

Much like second charge moves costs are tiered, it would be great to see that same tier with candy XL conversion rates rather than a flat 296 to level 50 a Pokémon whether it is Aipom or Zarude.

It would be great if just one legendary Pokémon per gym could be left to defend it by the person that took it over, it would be magnificent to see that shiny Mewtwo at your local gym!

Thank you for listening Niantic, it would be great to see any of these in game.

Yours sincerely,

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UK Instinct player since 14/07/2016, currently at 160m XP, aiming for level 50 eventually. All-round good guy who likes to take on the big raids with as few people as possible!

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