A look ahead: Moltres Raid Strategy and Preparation

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as announced earlier by Niantic, Moltres is the next Legendary Raid Boss to be released, on Monday, July 31. Our Moltres Raid Guide is already up and running, but we wanted to offer a bit more of analysis in order to help you prepare

Moltres Stats and Type Analysis

Moltres stats are similar to many other fire types, featuring extremely high Attack and mediocre Defense. This makes him capable of dealing more damage than Articuno and Lugia, but at the same time reduces it’s ability to duel a lot.

As all Legendary Raid Bosses have the same HP (12500), we are not taking Stamina into consideration.

Stat Moltres Lugia Articuno
ATK 251 193 192
DEF 184 323 249
Boss CP 41953 42753 37603

Our simulations showed that Moltres is expected to deal 25%-30% more damage (on average) when compared to Articuno. On the flip side, Moltres will go down 35% faster than Articuno, due to lower DEF and more available counters.

Type Overview

Unlike Articuno, Moltres can easily be countered by strong rock attackers, as it takes double super effective damage from rock moves!

Other type weaknesses include 1x weakness to water and electric moves.

Counters… counters everywhere

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Unlike Lugia, Moltres doesn’t have a redeeming move that can counter it’s own counters. We must admit, Lugia with Hydro Pump is one of the scariest things we’ve seen to date. Luckily, Moltres has only fire moves, which makes picking counters a breeze.

The best Moltres counters include the following Pokemon:

There are few things you need to keep in mind, though.

  1. Several of these counters can be OHKO-ed (One Hit KO) by Moltres Charged moves, due to it’s high Attack and access to incredibly punishing Charged moves. Don’t loose your DPS because you were lazy to dodge!
  2. Don’t use ground type movesets! Many players forget Moltres takes reduced damage from ground attacks!

Preparing for a Moltres Raid

Preparing for a Moltres Raid is simple:

  • Make sure you “fixed” all of your ground Golems!
  • If you don’t have a good Golem, start walking – Geodude family gains 1 Candy for every 1KM walked!
  • Try powering up a Omastar, especially if it has strong legacy moveset that includes a rock charged move (Ancient Power)
  • Power up as many Tyranitars as you can

With that said, we wish you all the best on Monday. Day one Moltres, hype!

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