Shiny Pokémon to Look Forward to in Pokémon GO: Part 3

We’re back with part 3 of our ‘Shiny Pokémon to Look Forward’ to series, with some really fun shinies! We had a lot of community suggestions for part 2, so we were excited to see what was suggested for part 3.

Spritzee & Aromatisse

Shiny Spritzee Shiny Aromatisse

A startling difference in colour always makes for a good shiny, and Spritzee has that covered! Swapping from a pink to a bright purple, you’ll certainly know you’ve encountered this shiny. The purple and pink tones really suit this Pokémon family, and it is great to see the shiny colours follow over into Aromatisse as well, tying the family together nicely.

Inkay & Malamar

Shiny Inkay Shiny Malamar

Inkay and Malamar are fairly new to GO, and have a unique evolution method based on the main series, in which you have to turn your phone upside down to evolve. You had to turn your gaming system upside down to evolve it, and it is so good to see that transfer into GO. Also fun with these two, is their unique take on golden/yellow shinies! With a mixture of gold and pastel tones, they are a really unusual shiny, but I suspect it’ll be a long time before we see them make their shiny debut in game.

Dewpider & Araquanid

Shiny Dewpider Shiny Araquanid

I’m a little biased here, because not only are Dewpider and Araquanid one of my favourite Pokémon families in general, that they also happen to have my favourite colour purple for their shiny, which really takes the cake. The black, purple and orange colour combination is so cool, it screams Poison type and danger, and makes it just perfect for this family. Absolutely love!!

Sandile, Krokorok & Krookodile

Shiny Sandile Shiny Krokorok Shiny Krookodile

This croc family have a future Community Day written all over them! Taking on a fun acid yellow in Sandile, then more neutral earthy yellows and browns in the evolutions, these are an unusual palette that works for the Pokémon designs. Sandile is super rare, featuring only in 12km eggs, so we suspect it’ll be a little while before these shinies are in GO.

Mega Sableye

Mega Sableye Shiny

Shiny Sableye is already in game, but Mega Sableye has yet to come to the Mega Raid system. Sableye in their normal form is incredible, but as a Mega?! Truly awesome! Their eyes turn to haunting green gems, and it holds what was formerly their chest gem in front of them for protection. Most players love a golden shiny, and I think there will be a lot of shiny Mega Sableye Pokédex entries!

Salandit & Salazzle

Shiny Salandit Shiny Salazzle

Salazzle is quite possibly the rarest Pokémon in GO right now. With Salandit only appearing in the rarest tier of 12km eggs, and the female only hatching only 12.5% of the time, and needing the female to evolve to get Salazzle, it is unbelievably rare! The shiny is impeccable, white shinies are always particularly striking, and combined with the hot pink flames on her tail, she is a shiny that will be highly sought after, and almost impossible to get it their rareness and egg tier remains the same.

Mega Garchomp

Shiny Mega Garchomp

Now the sprite for shiny Mega Garchomp isn’t in Pokémon GO yet, this sprite is from the main series, but I think it is absolutely worth a feature. Shiny Garchomp is sadly a pretty disappointing shiny, but when it mega evolves, wow! Bright purple and pink with yellow accents, as shinies go, it doesn’t get much better than this. With Gible Community Day meaning many of us have shiny Garchomps ready to, we just need this beast to enter the Mega raid system to get this shiny. What a boss! Plus, as Mega Dragon types go, Mega Garchomp comes in second, only after Mega Rayquaza. This is one to be excited for. Mega Garchomp is going to be one of the best Pokémon in the game and the best non-legendary mega evolution out there, on top of having such an awesome shiny!

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