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Good day, Pokémon trainers! If you didn’t already know, the first Pokémon from the Paldean region will be making their debut this week in GO! This means we can expect Pokémon from the Ninth Generation of mainline video games to be available. To celebrate, I’ve been asking everyone here at GOHub which Pokémon they are most excited about! 

So, without further ado, here are the Pokémon we’re most excited for from the Paldea region:

Part 1: I Just Think It’s Neat!

When I asked around for opinions I was also curious why everyone was excited for the Pokémon they mentioned. So, whether they are cool, cute, or funny. These were Pokémon the trainers over here at GOHub chose for the simple fact that they liked the Pokémon’s design and what it symbolized:


Hey! it’s a super tough choice as there are so many great (and also cute) Pokémon in Gen 9 but the Paldean Pokémon I’m looking forward to for its potential Pokémon GO debut is Shroodle/Grafaiai. I just think it’s got such a cool design and stand-out colors, and depending on its moveset having another Poison type attacker for the Little Cup or Great League would be interesting!


There are two Paldean Pokémon I am looking forward to most. The first is Smoliv, a teeny tiny adorable little olive Pokémon with a little anxious face. I fell in love with it as soon as it appeared in a trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and I can’t wait for it to be in GO! There are a bunch of other adorable Pokémon I hope come soon, but the other Pokémon I hope comes soon is actually an evolution, Dunsparce’s new evolution, Dudunsparce! People begged for an evolution for Dunsparce for years, and The Pokémon Company opted to do it in the most hilarious way possible, by giving it an amazing meme-type name, and the only difference really being that it has an additional body segment, or two if you are lucky. It is SO funny and I love that TPC has embraced the memes for the Paldean region.


The fact you want me to choose one is rude. 🤣

However, if I had to choose one it would be Chien-Pao, a snowcat with swords for fangs? Come on! The Scarlet dex entry says “It plays around innocently by leaping in and out of avalanches it has caused.” How can you not love that?

Greavard/Houndstone are a close second.


Hi! The Paldean Pokémon I’m definitely more excited for are Greavard and Houndstone. I’m a big fan of doggos and ghost-type Pokémon. And those two good boys won a place in my heart since the first reveal of Greavard, with that “found footage” trailer!

Part 2: Think of the Potential!

And we now come to the second part of the excitement equation. Alongside their design, these are the Pokémon our trainers have chosen for the gameplay potential they might bring to the table:


Hey there! The Pokémon I’m looking forward to the most is Baxcalibur. It can be excellent in the Master League with the right moves and can be a fine addition to PvE as well.

If there’s more Pokemon I can mention, I’ll go with Iron Thorns/Roaring Moon purely for their design.


Ting-Lu is my choice for the most anticipated Paldean Pokémon. While it isn’t necessarily my favorite design-wise, its power level is unmatched. In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, it is present on both of my current VGC teams, which I have used to ladder up to the top 4,000 in the world in-game. Ting-Lu makes great use of the Terastalization ability in the game. Changing its typing to Poison changes 4 of its 6 weaknesses to resistances, and you’re unlikely to get hit by a Psychic move in anticipation, as not Terastalizing means it is immune to those moves.

Ting-Lu boasts incredible bulk and physical attack, with its only weakness being its speed. However, as this isn’t calculated in Pokémon GO, I expect Ting-Lu to be a monster. It may not be able to compete as a PVE Ground or Dark type attacker, but its stats make it perfect for PVP. Ting-Lu shook up the main series PVP scene when it was introduced, so I’m excited to see what it will do in Pokémon GO!


There are a lot of great Paldean Pokémon that we can look forward to, but my pick will probably have to be Lokix. Its unique BugDark typing and decent move pool could potentially give it some PVP use, providing GO gives it the right moves. Unfortunately, Logix doesn’t have the best-looking shiny, but its pre-evolution Nymble is a really vibrant yellow when shiny.


And there you have it. These are some of the Pokémon we’re excited to see in GO all the way from the region of Paldea! As with any new generation added to GO, there is a lot of excitement for a whole list of brand new Pokémon to catch. And from just these few snippets from us alone, one thing is evident. That there is a great deal of variety as to which Pokémon each trainer is excited for! 

But now that we’ve reached the end of this article. I suppose it would only be right to end with the Pokémon I personally am the most excited for. With all of the new legendaries, the starters, and the new Paradox Pokémon it is rather difficult to limit myself to just one. While it could have been Tinkaton, as I love Fairy types and Tinkaton’s “mischievous gremlin” demeanor. The Pokémon I ultimately decided to choose is:

Clodsire! Not only is Quagsire already one of my favorites, but, just look at this guy. He looks so jolly! From my limited understanding of the mainline game series meta, Clodsire isn’t the strongest Pokémon there is. So I’m hoping we can give it some more love over here on the side of GO!

Goodbye for now, Pokémon trainers. Priom-out!

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