Top New Pokémon We Hope to See in 2024

2024 has officially begun, trainers!

Here are some top Pokémon we are predicting may get released this year. Some of them I think are great contenders for special events such as GO Fest and GO Tour, whereas some  it feels like we’ve been waiting for! So, without further ado, let’s get right into it. 

Aegislash Family

I’m a little bit biased here since Aegislash is my favorite Pokémon, but really–it’s been over 3 years since it was datamined by the PokéMiners to have been added to the game master, albeit as a placeholder. Recently both forms of Aegislash were found in the Game Master File, implying a potential release soon. They are some major fan favourites from the Kalos region, and will no doubt be a popular addition to the game. As duel Steel Ghost types they may have some interesting play in PvP.

Remaining Mega Pokémon

There are only 10 more Mega Pokémon that have not yet been introduced to Pokémon GO. This includes Mega Audino, Sharpedo, Gallade, Heracross, Lucario, Metagross, Mawile, Camerupt, Mewtwo X and Mewtwo Y. I personally think that all of them, if not most of them, will get released this year. There’s still other phenomenon such as Dynamax, Gigantamax, Z-moves and Tera raids that haven’t been introduced to the game yet, but we think we’ll see the rest of the Mega Pokémon before a new mechanism comes to GO. Their forms are now all in the Game Master File, so they are ready to go when Niantic decide to release them.

Here are my predictions on when we can see them released: 

  • Mega Audino – Normal/fairy event 
  • Mega Sharpedo – Water Festival event
  • Mega Gallade – Fighting type event
  • Mega Heracross – Bug Catcher type event
  • Mega Lucario – Some steel or fighting type event, potentially after Sinnoh Tour. Riolu Community Day maybe?
  • Mega Metagross – Psychic Spectacular event
  • Mega Mawile – Halloween event 
  • Mega Camerupt – Dark Flames event
  • Mega Mewtwo X and Y – GO Fest 2024

Ultra Beasts & Alolan Legendaries

Ahhhhhh Necrozma how long I’ve been waiting for your arrival.

Y’all remember that trailer way back in 2022, where the remaining Ultra beasts, Poipole, Naganadel and Necrozma were teased to make an appearance soon via the found footage style promo videos? Well, one year has passed since then, and there’s still no sight of them. Could 2024 finally be the year where we see them debut in Pokémon GO? Let’s hope so!

Here is the trailer if you want to watch it again:

Black and White Kyurem

Hmmm Niantic, I’m looking at you for this one.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, recently Niantic accidentally released Black and White Kyurem through the GO Battle League encounter rewards for earlier timezones. A few lucky players managed to get their hands on this elusive Pokemon, which was later removed from their accounts. They were provided an in-game compensation of a timed research that rewarded the with 250k Stardust, 250x Kyurem Candy, 5x Star Piece and 5x Lucky Egg. Some players powered their Kyurem all the way to Level 50, which requires a massive amount of XL Candy, and more than 250k Stardust. 

Nonetheless, what we can infer from all of this is that Niantic plans to release these Pokémon soon. So, get excited! We could see them debut during this year’s Holiday event, or sometime in December. 

Phione, and Manaphy…. maybe Arceus?

Phione and Manaphy are two of the Sinnoh Mythical Pokémon that yet to be introduced to the game, along with Arceus. We could see them debut during special research or elite raids, sometime this year. Perhaps during Sinnoh Tour as a surprise, or potentially even GO Fest 2024. So far there has been zero mention of them for Sinnoh Tour which would be unusual, as it would be the first Tour event without the full Pokédex for that generation released. Players were very hopeful Arceus may be in raids for Sinnoh Tour, but with the Origin Formes being the new release for the event, this one sadly seems less likely.

Shiny Galarian Birds

The daily adventure incense is feeling a little stale now. This feature was introduced to the game in the summer of 2022, and since then there have been no major updates to it. Most of the trainer base have already managed to catch a few G-birds of their own. If they released the shiny form of the Galarian Birds, it would make the feature so much more exciting to go out and grind for.

Shadow Hoenn Legendaries

Shadow Kyogre is now available as an encounter from defeating Giovanni, which suggests that Shadow Groudon and Rayquaza are next! Just imagine how amazing they would be, not just by looks, but also in PvP and raid battles. Groudon and Rayquaza are already top tier counters for the typings they are effective against, and their shadow forms will make them even stronger, and produce better DPS. I don’t know if they will outperform their Mega/Primal form, but they will still be an amazing change to the meta. 


And that’s all. Remember, these are all speculations! Nothing is confirmed so take these as a grain of salt. 

Let me know in the comments down below if you enjoyed reading this article, and if you agree or disagree with my speculations. If you have some of your own, drop them down too!

Good luck with 2024, trainers!

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