Meet the “Double Bounce Catch”, the newest fad in the art of throwing Poké Balls


today’s news are on the funny side of things! A number of redditors discovered an interesting bug/feature while catching Pokémon with curved throws, titled the double bounce catch!

In short, the idea of the throw is to perform a very difficult stunt throw in which the Pokéball bounces from the Pokémon and lands back on it, resulting in a successful throw. You read that right — the newest Pokémon GO throw fashion is centered around a bouncing Poké Ball and it’s super difficult.

The quest for discovery started with a reddit thread titled “I have no proof of this, but I once bounced a Pokeball off of Weedle as he was finishing attacking and caught him after the ball fell and hit him again”.

As usual, the Internet did not disappoint! The trick was considered “impossible” or “extremely rare” at first, but was soon proven to be probable and repeatable by Benci as illustrated in the video on top of the article.

It seems that the condition for the trick to work are as follows:

  • the target Pokémon must be finishing it’s attack animation, but it must not be finished
  • you need to hit him with a curved throw at the right angle so the bounced ball hits it again

So far the highest number of recorded bounces is three, as shown by a Russian Pokémon GO player YMZ TV:

If you have a recorded Double (or maybe Triple) Bounce Throw, share it with us on Twitter or in the comment section below.

  • Higher_Ground

    I got a double bounce on a Raikou a couple weeks ago. It was my first and only and luckily it was enough to catch him 🙂

    I’m not sure how long this feature has been around; whether it’s new or just taken me a year to experience in person.

  • Jakub

    Ehm this is old. It happens to me 2 times like half year ago 🙂

  • Ron Fox

    Hey thats me! Funny to see this post about it. Ill make a compilation of all the double bounche catches I made soon(ish)

  • Matt Brown

    Done it before a few months back lol. It’s cool

  • Андрей Дзюбенко

    YMZ TV is Ukrainian player, please edit. It was me who posted his video in comments.

  • alexcp

    lmao it happened to me like in february (unintentionally) with a pidgey, it really surprised me

  • Florian

    Pretty sure this happened to me but thought I was seeing things at the time. Never was able to recreate it though

  • Darren Smith

    Been doing that from the start with Goldeen. Nothing new here!

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    doesn’t have to be a curve ball. I was trying to catch a t tar (didnt do curves yet) then this happened. i do not remember if it was a double bounce. i dont think so

  • Red Dogg (reddogg13)

    I had a 4x bounce off a pidgeys. No video tho. It was over a year ago. I call it double tap.

  • ikato kiyazaki

    Try it on a mewtwo

  • hkmaly

    So what, does the game give more XP for this throw? Is chance to catch raised?