Mewtwo EX Raid report: Philadelphia

Editor note: this field report is written by PKSparkxx, a Youtuber that we really like. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. For a full guide on how to fight and win against a Mewtwo, check our Mewtwo Raid Boss guide.

P.S. Sparkxx, thank you for the report, it’s great to see how Pokemon GO looks in Philly.

Me, raiding

On 9/15/17, 6pm EDT, I participated in one of 3 EX Raids in Philadelphia to battle and capture Mewtwo.

I arrived 30 minutes before, and there was a HUGE group, around 50 people, waiting for Mewtwo. Instinct took control of the gym 2 hours prior and Instinct kept feeding Golden Razz Berries to hold the gym down the entire time, so Instinct had control of the gym when the egg hatched (GO, INSTINCT!)

From my count, at raid time, we had 22 Instinct Players, 17 Mystic and 16 Valor. Other players trickled in after we began our battle, so I have no idea what team they were on.

We also had several Level 40 players at the raid. They tackled the Mewtwo in a separate group, and carried a few of the lower leveled players with them. Most teams grouped up on their own:

  • Mystic Private Group (PG),
  • Valor PG and
  • Instinct PG.

I was in the Instinct PG and we had 15 people in, beating it within 90 seconds. Most players brought Bite/Crunch Tyranitar & Gyarados vs a Psycho Cut/Shadow Ball Mewtwo. After the raid, most people were able to catch it. From those I spoke to, only 3 people missed the Mewtwo.

From those I saw, the highest CP captured was 2069 (15/14/15 IVs, 98% Perfect) captured by me(!). A bit of lag hindered a few of my throws, but I was able to catch it on my 5th ball. The crowd there was mostly asocial, unfortunately. I tried to talk Pokemon with people, but most stayed withheld and in their phone. The folks at the Sprint store were nice, bust mostly because they were trying to get us to switch to their service – like that would ever happen.

Mewtwo catch and raid rewards (click for large images):

After people completed their bonus challenge, they just…dispersed. No “good bye” or conversation. Just began trickling out. I stayed a bit to converse with who I could, but left about 20 minutes after the raid began. All in, Mewtwo raids are great!

  • Josh Hack

    This Private Group scenario worries me, because not everyone will get a code and even more will get left out with no lobby code.

    • bizgamer85

      Depends how courteous your groups are. It varies by person but I really hope they implement fairness.

    • Anthony

      My assumption is they did it that way so that they would get more damage bonus balls and had the people to split by team. We do that in our area when we get larger groups but if there is a solo team instinct or two teams that only have a few we group them with someone else. Everyone still gets to participate, it just makes more sense to split that way if possible.

  • bizgamer85

    Yup “Asocial” and very sexist! At least 95% of the group’s in socal. Drama so bad I had to bounce to another group over and over… I am actually surprised I was able to catch a mewtwo. It seems the new generation of Pokemon players don’t recall we have kicked butt back in gba/3ds days with real competitive play and think we’re noobs with this new format. I have the courtesy to wait, talk if I’m talked to and actually say thank you for helping me catch it. Seriously theres way to many selfish, snobby, macho complex in most of my crowds. I hope we get a report system on this soon

    • Joel Jensen

      IKR!! They think we know nothing! even though they havent played the games themselves!

    • Wanda Day

      Thank you for saying thst

    • Higher_Ground

      Honestly that sucks to hear. Every group I’ve been with has been friendly, only a few times a little quiet. I’ve seen a few people impatient at times but overall the groups usually tend to lean towards inclusion and helping others. Oddly enough a very large age mix at most too, even though I’m usually on a college campus.

      Generally speaking people seem to bend over backwards to help. It seems like every other day we end up backing out for someone who showed up late so they don’t miss out.

  • Rob Freeman

    I live in a small town in Tennessee and we are the opposite. All 3 teams have to join up mostly and we all talk Pokémon Go and life in general! I have made some good friends and have fun which is what it’s all about anyway. We do argue some but we work it out! Sorry it’s not that way everywhere good luck with Mewtwo! Go Instinct!

    • Joel Jensen

      same. we have a population of around 50,000 people. probably about 50 of us still play pokemon go

  • Graham Barley

    players leaveing game again over ex raids as they said do raids to get passes .then only in usa and japan .then only sponsored gyms ,feels like they just geting you to buy passes ,as lv39 player am think they wrong in wat they doing ,now had to find a group to do raids so may stop playing as so many now not play over way they doing ex raids

    • Higher_Ground

      Why not just wait until the EX raids are done with testing? I understand the urge to get Mewtwo as soon as possible (may not get many chances) but your expectations are a little out of check.

      I’m not expecting anything to happen in my area soon, and when it does, I’ll still probably have to wait a few weeks to get lucky with a pass.

      They give you one pass a day, which should be enough to cover a dozen gyms in 2-3 weeks if that’s what your goals are.

  • Heydavid17

    For real though, what’s up with such a long video for 1 raid!

    Anyways, I hope they soon spread out Mewtwo to the rest of the world, cause I fear people are starting to lose interest right now, plus it’s getting colder, it really hasn’t been as active where I live as of lately, compared to back when legendaries finally dropped.

    • Higher_Ground

      Let’s not forget that while it’s getting colder for some it’s finally getting cool enough to play for others. Besides the whole winter/summer inversion for the southern hemisphere, it’s just now getting into the 80’s where I live. 100°F is as unbearable as 30°F if not moreso since you can always wear a coat.

      • Heydavid17

        Well, most people focus on the northern hemisphere, since the majority of the world population lives on that part.

        • Higher_Ground

          I can understand that (also they’re headquartered in NA). I just see a lot of blogs (notably the two guys on Forbes) who constantly seem to imply that nobody plays pokemon go during November-February because it’s “too cold”.

          Those same guys seemed to think it would have been a great idea to have had all the legendary events over this past summer. While that’s great from the perspective of someone who possibly has school and 3 months of free time in the summer, the majority of that time period is unbearably hot and humid for much of the US. Even NYC is hot & humid in the summer – though I suppose Chicago and San Francisco aren’t nearly as bad.

          I guess it just seems to bring up the fact in my mind that it’s always going to be a bad season somewhere for going outside, unless you happen to live in Hawaii or something.

  • Smashly

    When are the ex raids going to be world wide?? Is there any indication as to when the test period will be over ??

  • squidward

    lol there’s typo on the articles, CP 2069 Mewtwo?? no wayyy

  • Wanda Day

    Yepper that’s about right.!Its disturbing cuz i grew up being polite but milenials

  • Megazoa

    Whenever I did the Mewtwo raid, there were about 40 people and we all stood around and talked about Pokemon Go while we waited for it to start. It was pretty nice.

    • bizgamer85

      Yes I was fortunate this new group I’m in was courteous and talked about Pokemon with me. Very upbeat and amazing people! The screams of joy and anticipation! Loved my group for mewtwo! The past raids is where I had problems guess it’s based on the person. I’m not talkative but I’m not a rude snob either

  • Jeroen Dekker

    Town Population about 85.000
    Active known player base : 263 (guessed 300+)
    Used app for raid coordination: BAND

    We try to be a social group of players, the core players (around 30~40 persons) try to help out others with extra raids above the free pass one for themselfs.

    Yes there are the persons who are realy to themselfs but in society it is just like that not everybody has high social skills and or are having trouble mixing in with large groups just like in the real world.

    Luckly most players are not selfish and work good together waiting for persons to arrive (because of delay in tradfic etc) when possible we split up in groups and the little kids get priority to the battle and big players stepp out to make rook in the raid lounge.

    Overall Pokémon Go in our town is being played like Niantic would have I think.

  • IKED Bunt

    Has anyone heard of an IOS trainer receiving an EX Pass at a gym they only did legendary raids previously? Currently on IOS those legendary raids are not counting toward you Raid Badge in the app, and I know a lot of people who have focused exclusively on legendary raids hoping to get EX Passes when they come out.

    • Higher_Ground

      they don’t count towards the badge in android either. WHo knows if that’s intentional or just a bug.

  • Lars Einar Tvedt Honstad

    Lives in a small Town of ca 8000,and i guess here are around 30 Active player.. But we get less as time goes by. Norway is not in niantic minde at all, no event, nothing happening.. And SOON no body who play. Great work niantic!

  • Sarah Watson

    I’m thru playing until we all get the same opportunities,I’m not spending anymore money,ridiculous

  • Jakub Hanuš

    Is this like only who can receive ex raid pass can capture Mewtwo?
    Or some soon will be like who can defeat raid boss reently will receive the ex pass?

  • Christian Johnsen

    That mewtwo is 98 iv