Pokemon GO Gyarados

Pokemon GO Gyarados is one of the most versatile Pokemon in the game at the moment. It’s Attack and Defense are great, even it’s Stamina is really high (max 162 HP). With 3281 Max CP it quickly became one of the most used Pokemon when it comes to Gym attack.

Pokemon GO Gyarados moves, especially the best moves, can be dragon type moves, which makes it great for taking down Dragonite, but it’s Water type moves will prove rather useless here – they do only 80% damage to Dragon type.

ID Sprite Pokémon MAX CP ATK STA DEF
130 best gyarados moves pokemon go Gyarados flying water 3281 237 190 197

Gyarados overview

Gyarados is both water and flying which makes him take the following:

  • 156% damage from electric type
  • 125% damage from rock type
  • 80% from bug, fighting, fire, ground, steel and water

Gyarados counters in Pokemon GO

Jolteon Ampharos Golem
Volt Switch electric Volt Switch electric Rock throw rock
Thunder electric Zap Cannon electric Stone edge rock

Lanturn or Ampharos with electric type movesets can take down Gyarados easily since they do 156% damage, have high HP and have access to a good assortment of quick moves.

Golem with rock type moves will also take it down quickly doing 125% damage, and hopefully, it can easily dodge that Hydro Pump with a fast moveset. Remember though, Golem takes 156% damage from Water type moves.

Jolteon and Raichu can also do decent damage to it fast, but due to their lack of HP you will most likely have to dodge a lot if you don’t want it to die in the process.

Best Gyarados moves in Pokemon GO

Gyarados best moves in Pokemon GO revolve around Dragon Tail and Hydro Pump.

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Dragon tail Dragon Hydro pump Water 15/130 26.50 31.40
Dragon breath Dragon Hydro pump Water 6/130 25.70 30.60
Bite Dark Hydro pump Water 6/130 25.70 30.60
Dragon tail Dragon Outrage Dragon 15/110 20.90 20.90
Dragon breath Dragon Outrage Dragon 6/110 20.10 20.10
Bite Dark Outrage Dragon 6/110 20.10 20.10
Dragon tail Dragon Dragon pulse Dragon 15/90 19.30 19.30
Dragon breath Dragon Dragon pulse Dragon 6/90 18.50 18.50
Bite Dark Dragon pulse Dragon 6/90 18.50 18.50
Dragon tail Dragon Crunch Dark 15/70 17.75 17.75
Dragon breath Dragon Crunch Dark 6/70 16.95 16.95
Bite Dark Crunch Dark 6/70 16.95 16.95
Dragon tail Dragon Twister Dragon 15/45 14.85 14.85
Dragon breath Dragon Twister Dragon 6/45 14.05 14.05
Bite Dark Twister Dragon 6/45 14.05 14.05

Quick moves

Dragon Tail has highest damage output, but it’s relatively slower (1.1 sec) when compared to Bite (0.5 sec). This makes Dragon Tail good for attacking Dragonite, but Bite is better for attacking almost anything else. Don’t get fooled, Bite is great.

Charged moves

Outrage has lower DPS than Hydro Pump, but takes way less energy to charge. Again, it’s a Dragon type move, which makes it great for attacking Dragonite.

Hydro Pump is still the best defending move because of its high DPS (58) and STAB bonus.

Crunch is basically the worst possible move you can get on your Gyarados, but its low energy consumption makes up for the lack of damage. It is the worst charge move, but it’s not completely useless.

Shiny Gyarados in Pokemon GO

Yellow Magikarp was the first Shiny Pokemon added to Pokemon GO. Through wonders of genes and inheritance, a Shiny Magikarp evolves into a Red Gyarados.


Two players can go to the same place and catch the same Magikarp, which has the same stats and IVs, but they won’t necessarily both be Shiny.