we are very happy to report that a new Pokémon GO feature has been discovered in the app’s network traffic!

Battle Partiesa feature that enables you to create custom groups of 6 Pokémon, is now being silently tested and a number of network messages have appeared describing various actions, buttons, errors and more.

The code shows several aspects of the new system:

  • You can have multiple Battle Parties
  • You can name your Battle Party as you wish
  • You can “optimize” your Battle Party, although it’s not yet clear what that means
  • The game will try to suggest your last used Battle Party

Here’s the newly discovered code, originally found by the PoGODev community and shared on GO Hub with permission from ZeChrales:

"team_picker_last_team": "Previous battle party"
"team_picker_title_load": "Load battle party"
"team_picker_title_save": "Save battle party"
"team_picker_fainted_pokemon_warning": "Your current party cannot join the battle. Heal your Pokémon first."
"team_picker_optimize": "Optimize"
"team_picker_default_team_name": "Battle party {0}"
"team_picker_set_team_name": "Set battle party name"
"team_picker_team_not_set": "Unset"
"team_picker_title": "Load & Save Battle Teams"
"team_picker_load": "Load"
"team_picker_save": "Save"

This is not the first time we’ve encountered references to the system. The 0.67.0 APK had several hints that the Battle Party system is in development, but it was far from anything this concrete! It was also called “Battle Teams” at that time, which seems to have changed since.

At this moment, we have no idea when the system could launch, but we certainly don’t expect it to launch in July, as it’s missing several client-side UI elements. We speculate that the next update will bring a number of UI assets (buttons, icons, etc) and more code references.

In any case, we are looking forward to this feature, as it’s a cornerstone for any sensible form of PvP.

  • Kyle Gribelli

    Could “Optimize” relate to reviving fainted pokemon within the battle party and/or restoring pokemon to max HP?

    • GonzoI

      Doubtful, that’s pretty far from any definition of “optimize”. More likely it’s something like sorting the party according to what’s being faced.

  • Jake

    Oh thank God, forget PVP they needed this at launch. I wish I could get back all the cumulative hours I’ve spent picking the same goddamn battle party over and over.

    • Reagan Choi

      But even if you could load your team immediately, you would still have to wait all 120 seconds.

      • Dan

        Just on Raids. For gym battles, you can get in immediately.

        • Jake

          Also for lower level trainers this could help them get back into raids faster when all their Pokémon feint. Could also be used as part of a strategy of having 2 or 3 maxed Pokémon instead of a maxed team of 6. Leaving the raid, quickly reviving the best fighters and then getting back in

      • GonzoI

        If someone else started the raid lobby, you might only have a few seconds to pick your team.

    • Sylvia Chochian

      Yeah, and all the senseless time it took to repick the same party every time the app crashed!!

  • Marcus Elmore

    Give us PvP and all will be forgiven Niantic

  • Joe Azarcon

    Sweet.. this will be useful in raids..

  • RegginSpice

    Finally we can create type specific teams of Pokemon!

  • Higher_Ground

    The regular games have several different “tags” you can add to your pokemon. We’ve got one – the favorite mechanism – but it doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibilities to have the ability to add several more.

    I star all my evolved pokemon just so I don’t accidentally transfer one over. I’d like a way to denote which ones have ideal movesets so I don’t have to memorize their CP (since you can’t check moveset while picking pokemon).

    • Nicola Simpson

      I rename all my pokemon with best movesets so they start with Aa ……. AaExeggutor, AaDragonite etc, then they’re all at the top of my A-Z list – in front of Abra’s. Makes them easy to find

  • Higher_Ground

    Also, it’d be great if you could just select all 6 at once instead of having to individually change each one.

  • Joe Hostetler

    Hey has anyone had their team change on them I was yellow and right now I am red

    • ButcherChop

      Yeah, it’s a bug and Niantic is aware. A fix will be coming.

    • ElectroBlade

      You’re not Valor lol. The appraisal graphic is only bugged.