we’ve confirmed a number of reports on popular botting forums that a new ban wave was released! Hundreds of bot accounts were suspended and deactivated, especially in conjunction with web based bot platforms.

Before you put on your celebration hats, remember that there is a crude difference between a bot player and a spoofer.

Bots are automated programs that play the game on their own, often without human interaction. Spoofers use GPS spoofing methods to teleport around the area.

There are no reports that confirm or even mention that any GPS spoofers were banned, which is a big disappointment.

The reddit community is divided by this news, at best. Many players are disgruntled by the fact Niantic is taking almost no action against GPS spoofing, which is a more prevalent issue.

One redditor summarised the issue perfectly:

Would be beautiful if it actually accomplished anything… Sadly they only banned some bots used by some apps to track, tracking sites still work without any issues. And not a single spoofer has been banned. Honestly was waiting for a ban wave for so long, and for it to be coming like this without any real effect, it’s disheartening

Source: reddit

We went to investigate if any of the popular Pokémon GO trackers were affected and the answer is no. A number of them did experience a short decline in service, but got up swiftly, as new bot accounts were created through PTC.

PTC stands for Pokémon Trainer Club and is a popular alternative to using Google accounts. PTC is the only option used by bots, trackers and GPS spoofers as account creation is fast and not secure.

This diagram shows recent PTC activity:

It remains to be seen what will Niantic do against GPS spoofers, or more importantly: when? As for the current state of the game, many low population areas are completely dominated by cheaters.

Staay safe!

  • Adam Taylor Knight

    Who gives a shit anymore? This game will continue to suck dick until Gen 2 trading and PvP battles are added NIANTIC IS TOO BUSY SUCKING DICK!!!!!

  • Jjblake

    Spoofing makes the game better.
    I can play in the warmth. I’m safer. I don’t spend a fortune on petrol anymore.
    I have used it to stock up on balls and revives on cold dark nights.

    • Filament

      Ok but promise me you’ll never beat any gym while spoofing! I’m at the gym at 3am and the only person there and then the gym got taken. Wtf

      • Jjblake

        We don’t do gyms. Not since last summer. Bored of getting kicked off after 30mins. 🙂

        • Filament

          You can last for 30 minutes? That’s already pretty impressive in my book.

          • John Wolsiefer

            Lol my dragonite has been at the top of a lvl 10 gym for about a week now

    • Alan

      Hi bro, ?️

    • Alan

      Hi bro ?️

    • Garrett

      You are a fat lazy piece of shit. Check your privileges.

      • Jjblake

        Love you too.
        Me and my daughter loved to play this outside in the summer. But there’s no chance I’m dragging her around in the dark after school playing the game.
        We play in parks and on walks at he weekend. Not that lazy.

      • Hey, Garrett… Shut your cocksucker, you shit-talking little bitch motherfucker. Check YOUR privilege, asshole.

  • mek86

    Honestly at first I was totally against spoofing. But after driving around for hours trying to take gyms that were magically taken back within 5 minutes, I gave in. Not to mention the game is dry as hell and we’ve been waiting for something to make it more interesting for many months now. My kids use to love it but now they are bored with it too. Spoofing has put some entertainment back in the game, but even that is getting dull with the grind.

  • Jayme Lyn

    I spoof but only to hatch eggs, collect Pokemon, and get more Pokeballs. I work from home and don’t have a car during the day and never get to go anywhere. I never take gyms while spoofing and will often drop a lure at a stop so other people can benefit from it. The game is stale without being able to explore virtually – especially when you have 2 Pokestops near where you live and nothing else. I’ll probably just stop playing altogether. Niantic is way too strict. I get it – taking gyms while spoofing is bad and a lot of people do it, but for people like me who drop lures for other people and just collect pokemon… it kind of sucks the remaining fun out of it.