we’re receiving widespread reports that the game is down all across the globe – including Google and PTC accounts. We can confirm that the game is down, but we have no estimate on when it will become available again nor what’s causing the outage.


  • 20:31 PM UTC – PTC is still not back up. What are they doing?
  • 12:16 PM UTC – Google login is back up!

This outage comes right after the 0.75.0 update was forced as the minimum required version, but we see no reason why it would cause outage. Who knows, maybe Niantic is gluing Gen III on top of their virtual machines? Maybe the server side is giving birth to Deoxys? Who knows…

We’ll update this post as soon as the game comes back up again. You can follow the real time reports on Downdetector.

Things to do while the game is down:

  • Contemplate on playing Ingress. Maybe you don’t like it, but what alternative do you have now?
  • Read old posts on the Hub. Maybe they are old, but does that make them sour?
  • Imagine a Squirtle. That Squirtle has shades. The shades are cool. The Squirtle is cool. There is now a gang of Squirtles. You are the Squirtle.
  • Q: What does one Geodude say to the other Geodude?
    A: Let’s rock!
  • Q: What does an electric-type Pokémon say when they get gassy while drinking milk?
    A: I’m Zaptos intolerant!
  • Ruslan K

    3rd gen or μ2 is coming worldwide?)

    • Jeroen Swaap

      Gen 2 was also downtime b4 they came out so that would be nice:P

    • Jermo van der Wal

      Would actually make sense since there is a triple bonus for registering pokemon to the pokedex

  • EnJoe

    haha.. lets ROCK DUDE!

  • 오병철

    you should compensate we.

    • Vivi Suryanti


    • Jørgen Tangerud

      Compensate for a free to play game?

  • It went down at 4:49 Manila time.

  • Bah. I had just started a lure at work. Now I, God forbid, actually have to do my work.

  • Edwin Fung

    Does anyone hype for gen 3?

    • bandarlogical

      Not really… the more Pokemon they add, the more diluted the ones I still want to find will become! I could wait until 2018 for that release.

      • Mike G

        Yeah, gen 3 kinda sucks anyway. Gen 4 is what I’m waiting for.

        • Jo Monette

          Gen 4 is going to be EASY since almost half this pokedex is connected to what we are catching in gen 1-2 😛 This one is going to be a fast one tbh.

          • MuSICisLiFman

            but god damn all the baby pokemon introduced in gen 4

  • Curtis Beales

    I don’t think it will be Gen 3. Although nothing would surprise me. The game hasn’t been down like this for a long time so i can’t imagine it’s just server issues. Something is coming!

    • Jakob Rizio

      trading or pvp…most likely

      • Edwin Fung

        Neither trading or PvP will be released in this way. As far as I saw the rumour of gen 3 release date spreading on YT in a madness, I’d believe this is a gen 3 update.

        • Curtis Beales

          Maybe the 2 Baby Pokemon like they did with Gen 2? Obviously the current event focuses on hatching eggs.

  • ono1113

    maybe global ban of all fake gps? 😀

    • Camila Ignacia Zambrano García

      Excellent <3

    • Greg

      Nope. Issues with the legit.

  • Game is back in Belgium.

  • Gekkie

    Hope it’s down because they are releasing EX Raids worldwide!

    • scelestion

      That’s what I immediately thought as well.

    • better be that

  • Edwin Fung

    It’s likely a maintenance on the update.

  • Daniel Paul

    It’s back up!

  • Leo Luo

    Yes, I checked this morning…… it didn’t load……

  • DirtFish

    You can get it to load. All you have to do is go to the App Store and click Pokémon go. Then click open and the game loads.

  • It loaded again after cleaning the cache.

  • ダーク マウジー

    still remember majikarp jump? no? yeah, me neither.

  • Robert Dicken

    Come back all if forgiven, maybe…

  • Greg

    I can log in now (google) , cannot enter raids though. Error after error. Just wasted my raid pass used it and cannot start raid. Hopefully Niantic will reimburse us. It sucks. Spent real money for the coins.

    • Higher_Ground

      did you already use up the free one? meaning you were able to get into a raid successfully just before?

      • Greg

        Yep. Had done that hours ago before these server issues appeared. This was a premium one. Just managed to do two raids now. One failed because other trainers appeared to have had issues too. We didn’t manage to beat the raikou boss – 11 players, LOL. Never happened before. I’m lvl 40, all others were 30+.

        • Greg

          I have just reported the issue to Niantic. The automatic response said they were facing an increased volume of complains (traffic), Let’s see what happens.

          • Higher_Ground

            I’ve heard of others getting a few premium passes as compensation for the errors, good luck!

          • Greg

            Thanks, one EX raid pass would do.

  • Bob O’Hara

    Nope, the 12:16 update is a bit premature 🙁

  • Peter van Meelen

    Still not working properly in the Netherlands

  • Thomas The Chan

    It’s pity as I plan to get eggs and have long walk. Hope you guys can fix it asap.

  • cisneroselgreat

    Dang it!! I’m actually at a Geodude nest now, 25 mins away from my house. Not sure what to do now.

    • Stefan Ronecker

      Its working again

    • Cory Matthew

      come to colorado. Geodude and rhyhorn on every corner

      • cisneroselgreat

        That’s what I need right there!!

  • Joe1407

    Back down in boston

  • Greg

    I’ve got a feeling Niantic has increased the catch rate following the server issues?! 4 Raikous caught one after another – no berries applied.

  • Zachary Milligan

    works for me right now.

  • Lenka Juřicová

    Work only with google account, with trainer club not working right

  • Ray Woodside

    I still can’t log in

  • Dawn Oppermann

    Definately play Ingress! I’m so addicted…

  • Partysaurus Rex

    More gen III predictions. You guys would probably have more success predicting the end of the world. I can understand wishful thinking, but literally every move Niantic makes and someone is crying GEN III. It kind of makes you question the validity of everything else in these articles when every update is “Gen III could be coming…”

    • Gryphon Strother

      Well Gen 3 could and should be coming soon, the game really needs it so I don’t feel like “crying gen 3” is a problem lol

      • Partysaurus Rex

        It is a problem in that every irregularity reported doesn’t mean Gen III (obviously) and so when EVERY article mentions “could be Gen III” it makes me question whether anything else in the article is pure speculation and guessing games.

        The article mentions google accounts, and while some may have had issues today… this is almost exclusively related to PTC accounts. Its not news worthy/article worthy. Over half the article is vapid and has nothing to do with the downtime, and of the remaining less than half of the article… it isn’t even accurate. 0/10

  • Andreas Graf

    Trainer Account login still down for several hours now, no communication and still not possible to migrate Trainer Accounts to google accounts😭

    • Greg

      Ur not missing much. I’m in with a google, horrible lag interacting with the gyms /game restart needed often and almost impossible to catch mons. Even my avatar is disappearing LOL. A day off it seems..

    • Night.on.the.web

      Trainer Account login still down for me too (Italy). Damn …. and today should be my seven days streak …. i am really afraid i will it 🙁

  • Josh Baynham

    noooooooo im missing a 100% dratini because of PTC being down

  • Adam Santiago

    PTC is still down since 6:30 a.m NYC time! WTF!

    • Jonathan Kenji Hirakawa

      Mine is down as well. =/

  • Eskimo Joe

    What’s the latest, some people are up and some are having trouble and glitches still in my area?!!

    • Higher_Ground

      just started working for me a few minutes ago, who knows how long it’ll last

  • Higher_Ground

    I think you calculated the UTC time backwards. I always have trouble remembering the correction so I just google it whenever it comes up. Google says it’s 8:16 UTC right now.

  • Jiara Anatalis

    Game is running now, but I got a Pokemon back from a gym without the coins. The return did not record in my journal either. I should have gotten the full 50 from that one–was the only gym I was in.

  • Chris Denton

    Jeez pogohub, you really like sticking a knife in wounds huh? I had dang near forgot I wanted a squirtle squad!!!

    Get rid of these stupid pikachus and give us squirtle in shades!!!

    Gen 3 is just a stop gap. Add real playable content and people would get excited.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Im zapotos intolerant, thats my joke! i said that when i got my first zapdos! Im no longer Zapdos intolerant

  • Maor Edry

    I was looking for an Alakazam somewhere, but there is no sight of this Pokemon. There is only unevolved Pokemon worldwide for now.

  • Shokon

    Jams Down again, getting to be a joke