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Capture Bonus Chart for Pokemon GO

Capture Bonus Chart Make sure you check out our new Catch Bonus Calculator also!Thanks to wonderful researches at Gamepress, we are finally aware of how and how...
Pokemon GO Mental Health Improvement

How Pokemon and /r/pokemon subreddit helped save a life

We found an incredible story on /r/pokemon, the main Pokemon subreddit. The story is really strong and emotional, bordering with dark at moments, but we...

Niantic’s first Pokemon GO event is a smash hit!

It may be hard to believe for some, but the Halloween Pokemon GO event is turning out to be a complete success! Reddit is almost ecstatic, players are...

Researching the code behind the Pokemon GO Halloween event

After discovering that daily quests were referenced in the game's metadata yesterday, we went on to dive a bit deeper into the new APK. We discovered...
Pokemon GO Ideas

About Niantic and third party trackers

By now, we should all know that a popular tracker named FastPokeMap is again up and running. That's some wickedly good news for the...
Pokemon GO Mental Health Improvement

Pokemon GO helps people with mental health issues

It's not very often that a game has the potential or ability to help people in the real sense of that word. According to...
Make Pokemon GO Great Again

Sun and Moon can, and probably will, save Pokemon GO

Forewarning: this is an opinionated article. Reader discretion advised. Share with your friends if you agree, forget about it if you do not agree. We've...
Rayquaza Max CP

Max CP Chart for All Pokemon Generations

Max CP Chart for All Pokemon Generations With a little help from maths, we managed to calculate theoretical Max CP values for every known Pokemon...
pokemon go bot captcha

Pokemon GO I am not a robot

In August of 2016, Niantic introduced a sleeve of safety features in Pokemon GO to knock out bots and tracker apps. Among those features...
Pokemon GO Evolution Multiplier Chart

Pokemon GO Best Spawn Time

Pokemon GO Best Spawn Times for Pokemon As you may be aware, we recently obtained a database containing 500 000 Pokemon sightings world wide. The data was...
Pokemon GO Appraisal Chart

Pokemon GO Appraisal Chart

Pokémon GO Appraisal Chart Pokemon GO Appraisal Chart displays team leader messages that happen during the Pokemon Appraisal process. Make sure to select your Team...
Pokemon GO Attack Rankings Chart

Pokemon GO Attack Rankings

Pokemon GO Attack Rankings Chart Pokemon GO Attack chart is intended to help you determine how good are your Pokemon for gym battles. We only list...

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A PvP Analysis on the GBL Season 7 Move Rebalance

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Great League Remix Meta Analysis

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