With Niantic confirming the details for this years Easter Event, we created a simple and quick guide on how to maximise the benefits of this event, with special focus on Experience Gain and preparing for the upcoming Gym rework.

If you’re unfamiliar with the entire event, you can read more here. Here’s the event summary:

  • Lasts for 7 days, starting April 13 through April 20 2017
  • Double XP, more Candy from Egg Hatches, discounted Lucky Egg (50%)
  • 2 KM Eggs can hatch a wider variety (ultra rare hatches)

This guide will be focused on two things: getting maximum XP during the event and stocking up on Rare Candy for powering up Battledex entries.

Understanding XP gains during the Eggstravaganza

During the Eggstravaganza, every action that yields XP will yield double XP. In other words, Niantic will activate a “global Lucky Egg” during the event.

Further, any additional XP gain buffs stack with this one, meaning you will gain four (4) times the normal amount of XP with Lucky Egg active during the Eggstravaganza event. 

With that in mind, we can interpolate the best strategy for gaining maximum experience during the event.

Pre-Eggstravaganza preparation

  • Stock up on Incubators, make sure you have 9 Eggs in incubators
  • Walk until majority of your Eggs is close to hatch
  • Stop and wait for the event to start (01:00 P.M PDT April 13)
  • Catch as many leveling Pokémon as possible

After the Eggstravaganza starts

  • Acquire 1 Lucky Egg and activate it
  • Pop your “close-to-hatch” eggs and make sure you walk on a route that has many PokéStops
  • Walk and Evolve, ignoring wild Pokémon but replenishing your Egg pool
  • Rinse and repeat, buy new Incubators in the process
  • If you run out of Evolution material, it’s time to take a break and restock.

The following table illustrates the XP gains during the event:

Action Normal Event Event + Lucky Egg
2KM Hatch 200 400 800
5KM Hatch 500 1000 2000
10KM Hatch 1000 2000 4000
Evolution 500 1000 2000
Curveball 10 20 40
Nice Throw 10 20 40
Great Throw 50 100 200
Excellent Throw 100 200 400
Catch a Pokémon 100 200 400

Interestingly, this chart implies that all Eggs are relevant for gaining experience fast during the event. You may want to hold on to your existing Eggs and bring them as close to hatching as possible.

The rationale behind our strategy guide is simple:

  • a single Evolution with Lucky Egg yields more XP (2000) than a successful Curved Excellent Throw (840). In other words, don’t catch while you hatch
  • with popping pre-event Eggs early, you maximise the chance to obtain new rare hatches during the event
  • Lucky Egg usage should be maximised with Chain Evolutions while walking
Eggstravaganza Candy Guide

Make sure you save your candies for rare and ultra rare Pokémon, especially the ones that are relevant for the meta. You can check the meta relevant Pokémon in our Battledex and Egg rarities in our Egg Chart.

  • Greg Scott

    So if XP is doubled does that mean if I evolve and use a Lucky Egg, it will be quadrupled ??

  • I have a question. Área the incubated-before-event eggs going to give double candies when they hatch during the event? Thanks a lot 🙂

    • PugSuperStar

      I do not think so. The strategy guide could be more clear about the egg portion of this. It should be something like:

      “clear out any pre-event eggs and any 5-10 km eggs you get during the event to maximize the number of 2km eggs you receive during the event as eggs are assigned their ‘Mon when it is received from a stop.

      Someone correct me if I am wrong.

  • Jeff C.

    So I waited till 2:30MST to start spinning stops and quickly picked up 6 2k eggs, all within about 15 minutes. Then I just walked them and here is what I got: Abra, Cleffa, Machop all uncommon 2k hatches. Then I got an Elekid and a Smoochem which are uncommon 5k hatches. The 6th egg is at 1.92k because I forgot to get it in an incubator with the others but I’ll know soon enough what it is. I was expecting more candies as I got 8 for the Abra, 13 for the Elekid, 13 for the Smoochum, 8 for the Cleffa, and 7 for the Machop. I should note that my lucky egg ran out before I could drop another when the eggs started hatching.

  • You forgot first throw.