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Best Pokemon GO Ideas – August 2016

Best Pokemon GO Ideas – August 2016
Pokemon GO Ideas

Pokestop recharge timer and better drops

Pokestop refresh timer and better drops

vjjokhnr1 came up with another great idea for improving Poke Stops. Poke Stops could display a refresh timer when used, improving the user experience greatly. The author also proposes that Poke Stops should drop rare items like Lure Modules and Incubators. Again, we are certain that Niantic won’t likely introduce this option as it directly reduces their revenue per player. Overall, we liked the idea and execution.


Egg storage upgrades and infinite incubators

New Pokemon Go Shop Ideas

Another great idea comes from Cvail in the form of new Shop items. The author proposes an option to purchase Egg Storage upgrades and Infinite Incubators via the in game shop. Although we really liked both ideas, we are quite certain that Niantic would not be want to implement a solution that reduces revenue per user. We especially liked the look and feel of both ideas and how it blends with the current game UI. Great work!

Eggs should have different color depending on the distance required to hatch

Pokemon eggs with different colors

This idea is a must have, no matter how you twist it. The idea to color eggs differently depending on the distance required to hatch is brilliant. It improves usability, user experience and overall look and feel of the Eggs tab. After seeing it once, we don’t understand why Niantic did not do this in the first place. Yemto, great work!

Pokemon Bulk (Mass) Transfer

Pokemon Bulk (Mass) Transfer

Transferring Pokemon is an integral part of Pokemon GO game play. Currently, the game doesn’t allow transferring multiple Pokemon, making it cumbersome to clean up your Pokemon storage. A mass transfer option would be such a usability improvement – we are surprised why it’s not in the game already! Kudos to msmacior for illustrating the option, but we think the interface could improve a bit more – long press to engage bulk selection, etc.

Razz Berry Shortcut on the Encounter screen

Razz Berry shortcut on Encounter screen

The last idea in this roundup comes from xRizek and we loved it a lot! Simple, effective and in line with the rest of the interface. The best part of having a Razz Berry shortcut is the speed and utility. The idea also has potential for improvement: a counter for remaining berries.