We are starting a new series of articles simply called “Best Pokemon GO Community Ideas”. The series is intended to be a monthly roundup of great ideas from reddit, various community forums and elsewhere. The first installment of the series features only ideas collected and submited on /r/pokemongo sub reddit.

The ideas are sorted in no particular order, but there are some we liked more than the others. This is our first article with pages – don’t miss out the ideas on other pages. We hope you’re going  to enjoy the list!

Author note: we excluded almost all “we should get more X for doing Y” ideas due to general low quality and lack of variety. Ideas like this rarely bring any game changing improvement and are mostly just mechanical improvements. If you feel that there is an idea missing let us know in the comment section below.

A Page for Collected Pokemon Candy

A strong first entry for the list comes from a reddit/Youtube user called iSacrified. The author created a mock up and short video explanation of a dedicated page for Pokemon Candy. We liked the simplicity and seamless integration with the UI, but we disliked the color choices on the page. Our suggestion is to add Pokemon icons next to candy icon to improve type recognition and ease of navigation.

Sightings tab should display time until Pokemon despawn

Time until Pokemon Despawn

We were delighted to see such a simple, yet effective, improvement to the Sightings tab. Zorrez illustrated how a simple Pokemon despawn timer could look on the Sightings tab. The usefulness and practicality of this feature is unquestionable – Niantic, what are you waiting for?

Better contrast for time and battery text during night

Pokemon GO Change time and battery text to white during night

Reading battery percentage and time can be very challenging during night periods in Pokemon GO. The game doesn’t change the color of the title bar to white. Kudos to /u/Visolate, as we can visualize how helpful it would be if this option was introduced. We really liked the readability, but not the look and feel of the suggested solution – maybe a simple change of text color would suffice.

Using Poke Stops to Trade

Pokemon go Trade Idea

Kudos to Metalcat125 for a great visualization of potential Pokemon GO Trade look and feel. The gist of the idea is to use Poke Stops as trading posts, with a great twist! You can offer and deposit Pokemon at Poke Stops, in the same fashion as you leave gym defenders. Interesting as it may be, this could provide to be another challenge for rural players. However, we really liked the idea as it is fleshed out, practical and simple.

Pokemon GO Trainer ID Card

Pokemon GO Trainer ID Card

We admit, this was one of our favorite ideas. The simple option to have a shareable Pokemon GO ID reminds us of old forum signatures and embeding World of Warcraft character profiles. The card looks great, features basic trainer information and focuses on player’s achievements. We would like to see more data for Hall of Fame Pokemon, but other than that – thumbs up for chaxelos!

  • Spoovo

    Move tutors, time limits for how long a pokemon can host a gym, Rare Candy, specialised pokeballs (like Dive, Heavy etc), getting more candies for transferring rare/high cp pokemon. Being able to release your high cp pokemon instead of transferring them, so that someone else can capture them instead. Your 800 cp Hypno could make a lower level trainer’s day.

    Just throwing a few more things out there.

  • Philip

    1. To go along with the mass transfer idea (which I really like), what about a mass evolve option.

    I farm common Pokemon like Pidgeys, Weedles, and Caterpies to evolve with a lucky egg for tons of XP. However, it drains battery and is so time consuming to have to evolve each one independently. It would be great to have an option of mass evolving all at once.

    And if that’s an option, maybe allow us to turn off evolve animations because that’s what really kills for me. I don’t have watch the same animation when I evolve a Pidgey each time. And it drains the lucky egg timer. I probably could increase the number of pokemon evolved by 25+% without the animation.

    2. To go along with the Razz Berry shortcut, why not make it so we can just swipe/cycle through our items in our pack? Swipe right/left on the icon to cycle through your Pokeballs, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Razz Berries.

    • WillieT

      You’ll probably not see mass evolve to be rolled out at all.

      Reasoning is simple:
      Business makes you buy more lucky eggs because with animation, there is only an finite number of evolutions you can do with each egg.

      Else everybody will just pop a lucky egg and mass evolve all at one go.

      No brainer really.

  • Andrew

    1. Have a friends list where you can view profiles, trade, and battle (which would increase Pokemon cp)
    2. Change gym battles to the old turn based style and have a max of six defenders.

  • Andreh

    I was thinking about something, going to college… i start the game and put the phone in my pocket, with my headphones on (because my city is rather dangerous, we’re not encourage to walk in the streets with our phones in hand), so i can accumulate km and spot some wilds… but what if, every time a wild pokemon appear, instead of the generic sound, we would hear the individual cry of them? that way, we could ignore that damn pidgey/rattata/zubat that doesn’t interest me at that moment, and we could start recognize the pokemons by the sound… that’s actually more inclusive, if you think about it!

  • Oliver K Olsen

    I am so tired off losing gyms to a lvl 10 when i am lvl 27 so my request is i beg you to i increase the pokemon cp deffrent. I can come with an example right now a vamporeon is only 2000 cp in lvl 20 but my request is that i want you to increase it so a lvl 20 vamporeon is like 3500 cp and a lvl 30 vamporeon is like 5000 cp it will do the game much more competing and i can a sure you all will be happy about it all i know thinks its a perfekt idea. i rly hope you will take my request up

  • Zaraki

    Couldn’t find the forum for ideas so i came here. Could it b passable to input a direction tap for example the map showing a pokemon in the area u r in. In the sightin box where the pokemon is displayed u could tap that pokemon and the avatar would take a few steps in the direction the pokrmon is in to give an idea where to look. Some country’s pokestops r surrounded by placies ppl can go so if the avatar walks in a area that is dangerous r restricted ppl wont waste much time there.