GO Hub 2023 Halloween Outfit Showcase

Halloween is always one of the best times in Pokémon GO, with fantastic events, new Pokémon, new shinies, and the spookiest Halloween avatar items! I asked Twitter (or now X) to submit their best and spookiest in-game outfits. We had some great entries, and it is now time to display the best ones, and also announce my winner.




“Outfit #1 – love the purple & yellow combo”

“Outfit #2 – with my BB hundo Trevenant. Love the new mask!”

“Outfit #3 – love my shiny shadow Cubone, so cute!!”


My buddy is shadow shiny Sableye. Note the unique colour scheme and the pose”


“Me and my shiny worlds 2023 Pikachu!”


“My buddy is Mega Gengar and I tried to match Gengar with a purple outfit. I bought the Gengar backpack to go with it.”


 “Gengar XXL >:)”


“We bring the light. Matching with my 98iv shiny Chandelure. cold and dark nights of October need some warmth and light”

“Category is: stylish modern day vampire and her familiar. Not the spookiest but appropriate. My lucky shiny Noibat may not visually match the outfit but hopefully the vampire vibes are there”

“In this house we LOVE the OG ghosts, the whole Gastly-Haunter-Gengar-line. Every year for a part of Halloween I dress up in my Gengar onesie, carry my Pokéballs in Gengar-backpack and have one from the evolve line as buddy. This year it’s my first shiny Gastly.”


“Okay, here’s my favourite all time shiny and my outfit inspired by it, had to submit this”

“Shadow Mewtwo outfit, going for that pink vibe but also a darker outfit to go with the shadow – love it”


“Metagross is one of my favorite Pokémon. I love how the shadow form looks.”


Deucid i was today years old when I realized my buddy was a Ghost type .. have a great weekend trainers .. the #StyleSavant of #PokemonGo & Deuce are going to finish up the event in style”


“All that glitters is gold w/ touches of green to match my shiny Mega Sableye”

“Love shiny Drifloon, the recently added Yokohama shirt completes the look”

“Cliche but Umbreon is my fav. the black and blue fit is sleek af & I love the boots with the blue rings”


Here’s my outfit!! I love matching my buddy. Had lots of fun trying to match both the Pika and Mimikyu aspects of this costumed ‘mon :)”


“Gengar is my favorite Ghost Pokémon. This costume is one of the best. I find it really creative and that’s why I picked this outfit.”


“Western Themed. About to draw my revolver with Mandibuzz having my back”

Holy Dinosaur

“Not spooky but…”


“Gengar is just irresistibly cute.. He’s my Favorite Pokémon. Although I have no luck on getting a Shiny/Hundo/Shundo Gengar, I’m still happy and Satisfied with what I have.”

The Winner(s)!

We had some phenomenal entries, but it is now time to announce the winners of the contest! I was originally going to pick 1 but couldn’t decide LOL


SimonDK2650 and Expen5iveTurtle!!

Congratulations! Your outfits were amazing. The competition was close but you guys really outdid yourselves. For instance, I really like how the pose matched with Sableye’s animation. The outfit overall wonderfully matched with the shiny Trev as well.

I will DM you on twitter so you can claim your prize!


Thank you to everyone who entered. It was real fun looking at your outfit submissions. And most of you did pretty well! I will definitely do more of these in the future so definitely keep an eye out on my Twitter – https://twitter.com/pogothewatson


Happy Halloween from the GO Hub Family!👻

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