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Operation PokeExplore Results

Operation PokeExplore Results
Operation PokeExplore Announced

Operation PokeExplore has officially finished, so let’s recap the weekend results of the entire operation. You can see the real time statistics at any moment here, but with the operation being finished we do not expect the data to change in any significant matter.

Operation PokeExplore Results

Totals as of 05/09/2016:

  • 2,483 tweets
  • 274 users
  • 81,402 reach
  • 500,952 impressions

The net total of the entire weekend looks great! More than 2400 Poke Stops were tweeted and requested and the Operation reach is impressive. Sunday was evidently a better day for PokeExplore operatives:

  • Saturday (03/09) – 595 Tweets 
  • Sunday (04/09) – 1888 Tweets

Overall, North and South America were the best performing continents in the Operation. Unsurprisingly, Android users took the lead with 62.4% of Tweets coming in from Android.

Tweets per Location

Tweets per Platform

Niantic has not published any official statements in regards to the Operation. We are hoping that they will acknowledge the community effort.

Stay safe!