Pokemon GO Generation 3 Evolution Chart

Gen 3 Evolution chart contains evolution requirements for all Pokemon species added to Pokemon GO in Generation III. The Gen 3 evolution table is up to date to the latest Game Master file (last update on October 19 2017) and holds accurate info.

The table also mentions some evolution stages from past or future Pokemon Generations – they are not hyperlinked, but their names and typing is still there.

Pokemon GO Generation 3 Evolution Chart
Stage 1 Cost Stage 2 Cost Stage 3
Pokemon GO Treecko evolutionTreeckograss 25 Pokemon GO Grovyle evolutionGrovylegrass 100 Pokemon GO Sceptile evolutionSceptilegrass
Pokemon GO Torchic evolutionTorchicfire 25 Pokemon GO Combusken evolutionCombuskenfire fighting 100 Pokemon GO Blaziken evolutionBlazikenfire fighting
Pokemon GO Mudkip evolutionMudkipwater 25 Pokemon GO Marshtomp evolutionMarshtompwater ground 100 Pokemon GO Swampert evolutionSwampertwater ground
Pokemon GO Poochyena evolutionPoochyenadark 50 Pokemon GO Mightyena evolutionMightyenadark
Pokemon GO Zigzagoon evolutionZigzagoonnormal 50 Pokemon GO Linoone evolutionLinoonenormal
Pokemon GO Wurmple evolutionWurmplebug 12 Pokemon GO Cascoon evolutionCascoonbug 50 Pokemon GO Dustox evolutionDustoxbug poison
12 Pokemon GO Silcoon evolutionSilcoonbug 50 Pokemon GO Beautifly evolutionBeautiflybug flying
Pokemon GO Lotad evolutionLotadwater grass 25 Pokemon GO Lombre evolutionLombrewater grass 100 Pokemon GO Ludicolo evolutionLudicolowater grass Water Stone
Pokemon GO Seedot evolutionSeedotgrass 25 Pokemon GO Nuzleaf evolutionNuzleafgrass dark 100 Pokemon GO Shiftry evolutionShiftrygrass dark Leaf Stone
Pokemon GO Taillow evolutionTaillownormal flying 50 Pokemon GO Swellow evolutionSwellownormal flying
Pokemon GO Wingull evolutionWingullwater flying 50 Pokemon GO Pelipper evolutionPelipperwater flying
Pokemon GO Ralts evolutionRaltspsychic fairy 25 Pokemon GO Kirlia evolutionKirliapsychic fairy 100 Pokemon GO Gardevoir evolutionGardevoirpsychic fairy
Pokemon GO Surskit evolutionSurskitbug water 50 Pokemon GO Masquerain evolutionMasquerainbug flying
Pokemon GO Shroomish evolutionShroomishgrass 50 Pokemon GO Breloom evolutionBreloomgrass fighting
Pokemon GO Slakoth evolutionSlakothnormal 25 Pokemon GO Vigoroth evolutionVigorothnormal 100 Pokemon GO Slaking evolutionSlakingnormal
Pokemon GO Nincada evolutionNincadabug ground 50 Pokemon GO Ninjask evolutionNinjaskbug flying
50 Pokemon GO Shedinja evolutionShedinjabug ghost
Pokemon GO Whismur evolutionWhismurnormal 12 Pokemon GO Loudred evolutionLoudrednormal 50 Pokemon GO Exploud evolutionExploudnormal
Pokemon GO Makuhita evolutionMakuhitafighting 50 Pokemon GO Hariyama evolutionHariyamafighting
Pokemon GO Azurill evolutionAzurillnormal fairy 25 Marillwater fairy 50 Azumarillwater fairy
Pokemon GO Nosepass evolutionNosepassrock 50 Probopassrock steel
Pokemon GO Skitty evolutionSkittynormal 50 Pokemon GO Delcatty evolutionDelcattynormal
Pokemon GO Sableye evolutionSableyedark ghost
Pokemon GO Mawile evolutionMawilesteel fairy
Pokemon GO Aron evolutionAronsteel rock 25 Pokemon GO Lairon evolutionLaironsteel rock 100 Pokemon GO Aggron evolutionAggronsteel rock
Pokemon GO Meditite evolutionMedititefighting psychic 50 Pokemon GO Medicham evolutionMedichamfighting psychic
Pokemon GO Electrike evolutionElectrikeelectric 50 Pokemon GO Manectric evolutionManectricelectric
Pokemon GO Plusle evolutionPlusleelectric
Pokemon GO Minun evolutionMinunelectric
Pokemon GO Volbeat evolutionVolbeatbug
Pokemon GO Illumise evolutionIllumisebug
Pokemon GO Roselia evolutionRoseliagrass poison
Pokemon GO Gulpin evolutionGulpinpoison 50 Pokemon GO Swalot evolutionSwalotpoison
Pokemon GO Carvanha evolutionCarvanhawater dark 50 Pokemon GO Sharpedo evolutionSharpedowater dark
Pokemon GO Wailmer evolutionWailmerwater 50 Pokemon GO Wailord evolutionWailordwater
Pokemon GO Numel evolutionNumelfire ground 50 Pokemon GO Camerupt evolutionCameruptfire ground
Pokemon GO Torkoal evolutionTorkoalfire
Pokemon GO Spoink evolutionSpoinkpsychic 50 Pokemon GO Grumpig evolutionGrumpigpsychic
Pokemon GO Spinda evolutionSpindanormal
Pokemon GO Trapinch evolutionTrapinchground 25 Pokemon GO Vibrava evolutionVibravaground dragon 100 Pokemon GO Flygon evolutionFlygonground dragon
Pokemon GO Cacnea evolutionCacneagrass 50 Pokemon GO Cacturne evolutionCacturnegrass dark
Pokemon GO Swablu evolutionSwablunormal flying 50 Pokemon GO Altaria evolutionAltariadragon flying
Pokemon GO Zangoose evolutionZangoosenormal
Pokemon GO Seviper evolutionSeviperpoison
Pokemon GO Lunatone evolutionLunatonerock psychic
Pokemon GO Solrock evolutionSolrockrock psychic
Pokemon GO Barboach evolutionBarboachwater ground 50 Pokemon GO Whiscash evolutionWhiscashwater ground
Pokemon GO Corphish evolutionCorphishwater 50 Pokemon GO Crawdaunt evolutionCrawdauntwater dark
Pokemon GO Baltoy evolutionBaltoyground psychic 50 Pokemon GO Claydol evolutionClaydolground psychic
Pokemon GO Lileep evolutionLileeprock grass 50 Pokemon GO Cradily evolutionCradilyrock grass
Pokemon GO Anorith evolutionAnorithrock bug 50 Pokemon GO Armaldo evolutionArmaldorock bug
Pokemon GO Feebas evolutionFeebaswater 100 Pokemon GO Milotic evolutionMiloticwater Prism Scale
Pokemon GO Castform evolutionCastformnormal
Pokemon GO Kecleon evolutionKecleonnormal
Pokemon GO Shuppet evolutionShuppetghost 50 Pokemon GO Banette evolutionBanetteghost
Pokemon GO Duskull evolutionDuskullghost 25 Pokemon GO Dusclops evolutionDusclopsghost 100 Dusknoirghost
Pokemon GO Tropius evolutionTropiusgrass flying
Pokemon GO Chimecho evolutionChimechopsychic
Pokemon GO Absol evolutionAbsoldark
Pokemon GO Wynaut evolutionWynautpsychic 50 Wobbuffetpsychic
Pokemon GO Snorunt evolutionSnoruntice 50 Pokemon GO Glaile evolutionGlaileice
Pokemon GO Spheal evolutionSphealice water 25 Pokemon GO Sealeo evolutionSealeoice water 100 Pokemon GO Walrein evolutionWalreinice water
Pokemon GO Clamperl evolutionClamperlwater 50 Pokemon GO Huntail evolutionHuntailwater
50 Pokemon GO Gorebyss evolutionGorebysswater
Pokemon GO Relicanth evolutionRelicanthwater rock
Pokemon GO Luvdisc evolutionLuvdiscwater
Pokemon GO Bagon evolutionBagondragon 25 Pokemon GO Shelgon evolutionShelgondragon 100 Pokemon GO Salamence evolutionSalamencedragon flying
Pokemon GO Beldum evolutionBeldumsteel psychic 25 Pokemon GO Metang evolutionMetangsteel psychic 100 Pokemon GO Metagross evolutionMetagrosssteel psychic
Pokemon GO Regirock evolutionRegirockrock
Pokemon GO Regice evolutionRegiceice
Pokemon GO Registeel evolutionRegisteelsteel
Pokemon GO Latias evolutionLatiasdragon psychic
Pokemon GO Latios evolutionLatiosdragon psychic
Pokemon GO Kyogre evolutionKyogrewater
Pokemon GO Groudon evolutionGroudonground
Pokemon GO Rayquaza evolutionRayquazadragon flying
Pokemon GO Jirachi evolutionJirachisteel psychic
Pokemon GO Deoxys evolutionDeoxyspsychic

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