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Pokemon GO Google Play Refund Guide


After downloading the disastrous Pokemon GO 0.31.0 update, we were adamant to get our in app purchases refunded. Mainly, the $9.99 for 1,200 PokéCoins we bought on friday, 29th of July 2016. We tried requesting the refund through the mobile Play Store but there was option available, so we navigated to the web version and managed to request it.

Our refund request was successful and here’s a short guide how we did it:

  1. Go to Returns and refunds on Google Play support page
    1. Scroll down and click to expand Apps, games, & in-app purchases (including subscriptions)
    2. Select an option which applies to you – refunds for items bought 2 hours or 48 hours earlier
    3. Fill in the form and select the following:
      1. Select a reason for your refund: Purchase is defective…
      2. Describe your issue: We explained how the Coins we got are no longer as useful as the last app update removed the core tracking feature from the app and in term a number of items from the in app store lost their in game value and utility
    4. Submit the form and wait

Our positive response came in 24 minutes after we submitted the request, we still haven’t lost any in game items and we got our money back. We’re honestly not sure if Niantic even has a mechanism to remove items after a refund, but if there is no such mechanism we might have stumbled upon the very first free PokeCoins loophole!

Here’s the response e-mail we received as confirmation for the refund:

Pokemon GO Google Play Refunds
Pokemon GO Google Play Refunds