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PokeVision has been shut down

PokeVision has been shut down
pokevision not working

PokeVision is not working any more. This is a sad day for all Pokemon GO players.

We’ve been warned ba Niantic’s John Hanke that tracking websites like PokeVision won’t work in the future. Looks like we’re here, as Niantic pushes 0.31.0 Pokemon GO app update and shuts down multiple tracking sites – PokeVision among them.

PokeVision enabled users to pinpoint and hunt down Pokemon even when the Poke Radar was broken, which was an amazing relief for Pokemon GO players’ frustration with the broken in app radar.

Pokevision not working
Pokevision not working anymore

A lot of players enjoyed using Pokevision not only for their utility but for their amazing community feedback and communication via Twitter and Reddit. While we all knew this day was coming, we for one, did not expect the app to be shut down on the same day as 0.31.0 updated rolls out.

For many players, 0.31.0 Pokemon GO app update was the tipping point that made them quit the game.