So, it happened – most of the Generation 7 Pokedex has leaked, showing some very interesting and weird designs. There are anchors, crabs, corals, flowers, in mostly humanoid forms. Overall, we believe this is not all of the Pokemon, as the image only shows 79 Pokemon – unusually small number of new Pokedex entries!

For the first time, Salgoleo and Lunala, Legendary Gen 7 Pokemon, have evolutionary lines! Crazy, right? 4chan is rumoring it could be their base forms, which is also interesting.

Here are some notes on the new Pokedex:

  • These are not all of the Gen 7 sprites! People are holding back in fear of legal action from Game Freak
  • There are 143 in Gen 7 Pokemon currently rumored
    • Only 79 Pokemon in this image
    • No Fossil Pokemon
    • Ultra Beasts are also listed on this image, but as the official page states, there could be more not yet introduced
  • The reddit community is divided on the quality and quantity of designs
  • No dolphin Pokemon, no Ice Pokemon
  • Lunala and Solgaleo have base forms
    • Not sure if these are their pre evolutions or day/night forms

More models and higher quality pictures of evolution starters leaked:

And they’re beautiful! More models are also leaked prior to the entire Pokedex leak: