we are organizing our first ever Trainer Quest – a worldwide Pokemon GO challenge with a nice Prize for the winner!

Trainer Quests are a new “thing” organised by GO Hub, starting today and happening roughly every two weeks moving forward. Each Trainer Quests will lure Trainers worldwide to compete in a simple challenge created by us. In addition, every Trainer Quest we’ll be a new opportunity to win a $10 Gift and get mentioned on GO Hub.

We’re kicking off with a deceptively simple challenge – we’re looking for a Trainer with the highest number of caught Squirtles in their Pokedex!

The contest starts today, on April 21 2017 and ends next Friday, April 28 2017 (05:00 PM UTC)!

  • The Trainer with the highest number of Squirtles caught will be featured on GO Hub and will receive a $10 Gift from us
    • You must have a valid PayPal account to receive the gift and
    • You must follow @PokemonGOHubNet on Twitter
How to participate

Participating is very simple:

  • Tweet to us (@PokemonGOHubNet) with the following elements (all elements are required):
    • Screenshot of your Squirtle Pokedex page
    • Mention of @PokemonGOHubNet
    • Two hashtags
      • #pokemongo #squirtlesquad

Here is an example of a well formatted Tweet:

  • Unlimited entries are allowed, but only the last one will be considered
  • Any attempt of cheating and photo manipulation is strictly forbidden. If you’re caught cheating, you will be banned from all future Quests
  • Must have an active and working PayPal account to receive the $10 Gift from GO Hub
  • Must follow @PokemonGOHubNet on Twitter in order to receive the $10 Gift from GO Hub
  • Tweet must contain all required elements
    • both hashtags,
    • mention of @PokemonGOHubNet
    • a valid screenshot of your Squirtle Pokedex page
  • In a case of a tie, GO Hub will split the reward between all winners
  • Winner(s) will be and announced the day after the contest ends. In the unlikely case we’re unable to make the announcement the day after, we’ll announce it as soon as possible.

Let the Squirtle Festival begin!

  • Rillan

    Spoofers comon out! Show us your hundreads ;P

    • GonzoI

      I’m guessing spoofers are into the thousands.

      • Doctor_Blackson

        Yeah this really isn’t fair to us legit players. This is pretty a spoofer contest.

        • XZ2017

          Think again on it and read after the contest rules for winners. Be hope. They are working for us, legit players. And its a very smart work. Be happy. Thats they want. Also want money okey but you also wanted if your working for hours programming happiness for all the World. ^^

        • Justin Reilly

          This is very fair for legit players. Ive been playing since the week this game came out. Ive hit lv 40, ive seen 684, and caught 350 squirtles…. The love and hate relationship with go plus and squirtles. I also travel to nests quite frequently… its very easily obtainable

      • the2000guy

        Well, after this contest they will have so many, but before that I’m guessing no and the reason is that Blastoise is not so worth it in this game besides an entry into the Pokedex.

        • Rillan

          nah they wont. If u come to contest with too many u will be banned as cheater from next quests.

          • GO Hub Admin


          • bob tee

            So if I entered in with my pokedex squirtle says I’ve seen 224 caught 187 would you all classed as I am cheating. even though All my squirtles, wartortles & blastoise i haven’t transferred all say that QLD Australia below their moveset ? Interesting

      • Rillan

        Its pointless to gather thousands. To evolve squirtle from 0 u need 125 candies. Its about 18 squitles, even if u see him quite often u are about 50+ caught. Spoofers probably have 100+, but not everyone who has about that many is a spoofer. I have
        I could have more but i was lazy to gather.

        • GonzoI

          Up until the new berries, it was 32. 18 would be if you used a Pinap berry on each of them. Some of us are trying to get each pokemon with good IVs and a good moveset in case they become important later (and a little bit just for pride). I’m 5 evolutions in without getting the moveset I want (Victreebell took me 14 evolutions).

          But that’s beside the point. We’re talking about spoofers catching in a 7 day period from anywhere they want in the world. They only need to average 6 an hour to get over 1k in that timeframe.

      • Charles D’Onofrio III

        not sure how you could possibly know if someone spoofed to grab their squirtles. If they live near a nest at any point they probably caught a lot. I just checked mine and ive seen 168 without spoofing.

        • GonzoI

          I am at 156 (small nest, starter event, and just playing a lot). Someone on a larger nest or having multiple nests over time could easily have 3-4 hundred. The point was that with the time available, spoofers could get into the thousands.

    • the2000guy

      How about instead of Squirtle, Dratini or perhaps Dragonite and Snorlax. This will be by far the easiest way to know who really spoof and those who don’t.

      • Rillan

        Quest isnt about finding spoofer. Its goal is to make PokemonHub more popular and the lucky one will get 10$

    • I imagine Spoofers don’t have room for tons of individual pokemon’s. Probably save space for high CP/HP battle pokemon for taking over gyms, and 12 candy mass evolution catches.

  • I’ve been transferring all my Squirtle’s to evolve into Blastoise, next time tho 🙂

    • XZ2017

      Dont worry about transfer all squirtles. Just caughts are necesary. See your pokedex to confirm. I think is really a truly contest to legit players because if a spoofer win, that cheater will be banned. Niantic knows people need to transfer and its not relevant for contest like berries not changes captures number. Be Happy. And go to find more squirtles near water places. ^^ That is pokemongo was created. And what is for i like this game too much ^^

    • XZ2017

      You get confirmed the info that i gived to you yesterday?? How many squirtles had you seen and caught? Now you still worrying about you transfered some squirtles? I hope not worry about it for future Contests.
      Next Go Hub Contest., they say to me that its will be of Gen 2.
      Bye. Can you reply me? Just to know you readed it, please, Thanks. ^^

  • Chiteado

    Good job GoHub! Give people another reason to spoof!

  • GO Hub Admin

    There seems to be some confusion.. we are very careful about spoofers and we already removed (and banned) 12 entries that were detected spoofing 🙂

    Worry not, it’s hard to trick us when it comes to spoofing, we have enough data and technical experience to counter any attempts of that kind.

    If you have an idea for future contests that would completely prevent spoofers from participating, share it here, we’re listening!

    • XZ2017

      Next time gen 2. I start to play just a month ago. Imposible competition for me against 9 months players ^^.
      Thanks GO Hub.

      • GO Hub Admin

        Gen 2 contest is coming 🙂

        • XZ2017

          Thanks for all. Its gonna be an exciting way to want try to be better.
          People gonna enjoy this too much. If a see some options to be the winner or almost i will do a paypal and twitter account for sure. At the moment im happy to say GO Hub is my Best One social community, better than faceboox, to speak and discuss. And i like too much to speak with some people in GO Hub pokemon community. In my opinion the Best of Alls. ^^

    • Rillan

      There is no way to make contest based on game results without spoofers since all results come from your location that can be faked. And even if u ask someone do this and this (exmpl pick mentioned pokemon and fight, power up it, walk, find or whatever.) winner will be defined by random

    • XZ2017

      I was thinking since yesterday in a way to lock cheaters. Most difficults are joystickers. But i discover a solution for all of them., and possibles cheats that anyone can do in the future.
      Think on hardest protection of real money apps…
      Dont let people get the apk version or to get down pokemongo for pc.
      If people Just could down the only one Official version, like at the banks apps, it will be solved. Totally closed to be modified by anyone, inclusive Niantic too, just Guests getting down from Store, the newest Niantic officially modified versions only,
      could it be the solution to the cheaters problem??
      Thanks for be listening us. ^^

  • Felipe Numpaque

    I have caught just 24 Squirtles… That means 72 candy barely… but transfering all means 96… but have a blastoise… because I decided to put it as a Buddy 😀

  • Brooks Hand

    Like anyone would waste their time spoofing worthless squirtles for 10 dollars. LMAO, you people truly dont undersrand why spoofers spoof. It isnt for money, I can tell you that. Go on ahead and compete over nothing….bahahaha

  • danieljfilms

    You should make a honey pot for the spoofers, make the competition so only spoofers would be able to achieve the goals then report them and publicly shame them

  • DrAraggorn

    74 caught, 80 seen 🙂

  • Heydavid17

    Squirtle is the most common starter pokemon for me… and still I give up already on this.

    I mean, the idea is good, but this kind of competitions, I can’t compete in any possible way. Standing completely no chance at all.

  • Matej BlueIch