Zapdos Counters Raid Guide

Pokemon GO Zapdos Raid
Pokemon GO Zapdos Raid

Zapdos raid is a Tier 5 Legendary Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO. Zapdos Boss CP is 46418 (35955 if it is a Tier 4 as Articuno was) and it has only two weaknesses due to its Electric and Flying type: Rock and Ice

  • 1930 – 2015 CP catch range (Level 20, no weather boost)
  • 2413 – 2519 CP catch range (Level 25, boosted by Windy or Rainy weather)

Ambitious players, with the introduction of friendship, weather, and Smack Down Tyranitar may attempt a duo, however realistically a group of four or more is a safe bet. A shiny Zapdos is available from raids (Introduced on Zapdos day, July 21 2018).

Zapdos counters

The following Pokémon are best counters versus a Zapdos raid boss.

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Pokemon GO RhyperiorRhyperior Smack Down Rock Wrecker 673.6s 12
2. Pokemon GO Kyurem (Black)Kyurem (Black) Dragon Tail Blizzard 680.2s 21
3. Pokemon GO Kyurem (White)Kyurem (White) Dragon Breath Blizzard 681.0s 21
4. Pokemon GO MamoswineMamoswine Powder Snow Avalanche 706.3s 20
5. Pokemon GO TerrakionTerrakion Smack Down Rock Slide 687.7s 25
6. Pokemon GO Landorus (Therian)Landorus (Therian) Rock Throw Rock Slide 722.2s 25
7. Pokemon GO Darmanitan (Galarian Zen)Darmanitan (Galarian Zen) Ice Fang Avalanche 575.3s 38
8. Pokemon GO RampardosRampardos Smack Down Rock Slide 617.0s 36
9. Pokemon GO GolemGolem Rock Throw Stone Edge 818.6s 18
10. Pokemon GO TyranitarTyranitar Smack Down Stone Edge 754.9s 25
11. Pokemon GO LandorusLandorus Rock Throw Rock Slide 790.1s 26
12. Pokemon GO GigalithGigalith Smack Down Rock Slide 771.3s 28
13. Pokemon GO Golem (Alola)Golem (Alola) Rock Throw Stone Edge 816.2s 23
14. Pokemon GO MewtwoMewtwo Psycho Cut Ice Beam 753.6s 31
15. Pokemon GO GlaceonGlaceon Frost Breath Avalanche 725.4s 37
16. Pokemon GO WeavileWeavile Ice Shard Avalanche 731.3s 40
17. Pokemon GO KyuremKyurem Dragon Breath Blizzard 847.7s 28
18. Pokemon GO Darmanitan (Galarian Standard)Darmanitan (Galarian Standard) Ice Fang Avalanche 697.8s 45
19. Pokemon GO GarchompGarchomp Dragon Tail Outrage 995.1s 14
20. Pokemon GO ReshiramReshiram Fire Fang Stone Edge 899.2s 27
21. Pokemon GO ZekromZekrom Dragon Breath Wild Charge 968.6s 20
22. Pokemon GO RegigigasRegigigas Hidden Power Giga Impact 881.0s 30
23. Pokemon GO AggronAggron Smack Down Stone Edge 914.9s 27
24. Pokemon GO RegirockRegirock Rock Throw Stone Edge 958.0s 26
25. Pokemon GO Meloetta (Pirouette)Meloetta (Pirouette) Quick Attack Ice Punch 884.3s 33
26. Pokemon GO AbomasnowAbomasnow Powder Snow Weather Ball Ice 875.8s 36
27. Pokemon GO Darmanitan (Zen)Darmanitan (Zen) Fire Fang Rock Slide 910.1s 33
28. Pokemon GO Charizard (Mega X)Charizard (Mega X) Fire Spin Blast Burn 929.6s 32
29. Pokemon GO JynxJynx Frost Breath Avalanche 783.7s 48
30. Pokemon GO ExcadrillExcadrill Metal Claw Rock Slide 1025.7s 23

Zapdos Counters Explained

Zapdos counters are strongly based around Rock and Ice type attackers, and follow a similar pattern as other Legendary bird counters. Zapdos can relatively easily be countered with Pokemon that take reduced Electric damage:

  • Rhyperior, Mamoswine and Golem are all examples of mixed Ground types with strong Rock moves.
  • The majority of Rock-typed Zapdos counters have access to Smack Down, an excellent move for dealing with Flying types
  • The majority of Ice-typed Zapdos counters are bulky attackers with Avalanche or Blizzard as Charge move

Zapdos moves and move sets

Zapdos moves are mostly Electric-type moves, with Drill Peck and Ancient Power thrown in the mix for PvP viability and lore fluff. Consequentially, 60% of the time, you will face Zapdos with Electric moves:

Fast moves Charge moves
Charge Beam Electric
  • Zap Cannon Electric
  • Thunder Electric
  • Thunderbolt Electric
  • Drill Peck Flying
  • Ancient Power Rock

Zap Cannon, Thunder and Thunderbolt are all relatively similar, but Zap Cannon will hurt the most. Comparatively speaking, Thunder is often the easiest Electric move to be faced against.

Drill Peck can be problematic, as it’s only a 33 Energy move. Zapdos can charge and fire Drill Peck quite frequently, which makes it quite dangerous in longer raid battles. Eventually, dodge fatigue results in more damage taken compared to Thunderbolt. Drill Peck also deals a significant amount of damage compared to Thunder and Thunderbolt.

Ancient Power is not a major concern, but it does fit in the same problem bucket as Drill Peck: frequent activation, dodge fatigue and unusual typing (Rock!)


Rainy weather is not going to be your friend with Zapdos, but thankfully its the only concern. Otherwise on the positive end, Windy will merely allow it to be a higher level when caught, and Partly Cloudy and Snow will provide the extra benefits needed to take it down faster.

Weather Pro Con
Windy Allows a Level 25 Encounter from Weather Boost
Partly Cloudy Boosts Super Effective Rock attacks
Snow Boosts Super Effective Ice attacks
Rainy Boosts Zapdos’ Electric moves