Lotad, Lombre and Ludicolo

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Pokémon GO Lotad, Lombre and Pokémon GO Ludicolo are the only Pokémon specie that have the unique water / grass typing. This typing goes hand in hand with their appearance of toad-like lotus flowers.

Ludicolo’s move pool is incredible and it features several great moves: Hydro Pump, Solar Beam and Blizzard. Ludicolo is basically Lanturn of Generation III, made for destroying Water types.

270 Lotad
water grass
80 88 80 586
271 Lombre
water grass
124 132 120 1222
272 Ludicolo
water grass
176 184 160 2226

Position in the meta game

Ludicolo works perfectly as a counter to both Water and Grass types that are currently available in game. In an usual twist of events, Ludicolo can be built into three separate builds:

  • Razor Leaf and Solar Beam – a double Grass moveset, perfect for countering Water types
  • Bubble and Hydro Pump – a double Water moveset, good for countering Rock types
  • Anything with Blizzard – a hybrid Ice moveset, good for countering Grass types

However, Ludicolo excels at utilising the #1 build, double Grass moveset, and wrecking havoc among Water types. He takes reduced (51% at the moment of this writing) damage from Water typed attacks.

Ludicolo Moves in Pokémon Go

Best moveset: Razor Leaf with Solar Beam

To be completely honest, Ludicolo has no bad moves. Every single moveset has a role to play, including the one based around Blizzard. However, we strongly advise to go for Solar Beam, as it’s the core of what Ludicolo is made for: destroying Water types.

Ludicolo has access to the following moves:

  • Razor Leaf Grass (fast)
  • Bubble Water (fast)
  • Hydro Pump Water (1 bar, charge)
  • Solar Beam Grass (1 bar, charge)
  • Blizzard Ice (1 bar, charge)

Shiny Lotad, Lombre and Ludicolo variants

Like many other shiny variants, there is a distinct change in Ludicolo family color compared to their non-shiny counterparts. Since Lotad, Lombre and Ludicolo seem to have a sombrero, this particular area of the Pokémon also has a distinct change in color along with its torso area.

Lotad Lombre Ludicolo

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