Walrein, Sealeo and Spheal in Pokémon GO


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Pokémon GO Walrein (Max CP 2606) evolves from Pokémon GO Sealeo, which in turn evolves from Pokémon GO Spheal. Walrein’s best movesets are based around Blizzard Ice as a charge move.

The Walrein Pokémon family has dual ice and water typing, and they’re known as the “Clap Pokémon”, “Ball Roll Pokémon” and “Ice Break Pokémon”.

Walrein is an exciting addition to Pokémon GO, as it has a strong max CP of 2606, commendable attack stat (182), solid defense (176) and great stamina (220)!

Spheal, Sealeo and Walrein stats in Pokemon GO
ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
363 Spheal
ice water
95 90 140 876
364 Sealeo
ice water
137 132 180 1607
365 Walrein
ice water
182 176 220 2606

Walrein in the Pokémon GO meta

Looking at the numbers, Walrein is a good alternative to Lapras. It has a stronger attack, solid stamina option and good defense. It’s comparable to Lapras in terms of CP and we’re expecting it to be less rare than Lapras.

Walrein is a very useful dragon type counter, finally offering a solid alternative to the super rare Lapras, especially as it can be built in two separate ways, both benefiting from STAB:

  • Double Ice moves
  • Hybrid Ice Water moves
  • Double Water moves

Walrein Moves and Best movesets in Pokémon GO

Best moveset: Waterfall or Frost Breath with Blizzard

Overall, Waterfall and Frost Breath are equally good as Quick moves, with Waterfall dealing more damage and FB generating more Energy per second. The choice is up to you and there is no need to re-roll any of those two.

As far as Charge moves go, we would avoid Earthquake as it performs significantly worse than both Blizzard and Water Pulse. In addition, there are no real matchups for an Earthquake Walrein.

Walrein has access to the following moves:

  • Waterfall Water (fast)
  • Frost Breath Ice (fast)
  • Blizzard Ice (1 bar, charge)
  • Earthquake Ground (1 bar, charge)
  • Water Pulse Water (2 bar, charge)

Where to find Walrein, Spheal and Sealeo in Pokémon GO?

Spheal and Sealeo are often found in and around the sea, but Walrein is known to live in icy seas. Pokémon GO trainers can encounter these Pokémon in Water Biomes 🌊. Specifically, medium to large bodies of water. Check the beach, large lakes or ponds, and even open waters 🏖️.

Shiny Walrein, Sealeo and Spheal in Pokemon GO

A shiny Spheal has a pink fur, and cream colored underside. A shiny Sealeo is also pink. Its neck and chest are cream. A shiny Walrein has a pink colored skin.

A normal Spheal has light blue fur with white spots on its back. It has small tusks protruding from its upper jaw, and its flippers and underside are beige. A normal Sealeo is bright blue. Its neck and chest are beige. It has 2 short tusks protruding from its upper jaw, and white whiskers on the sides of its muzzle. A normal Walrein is blue, with thin, white rings around its neck. It has 2 long, ivory tusks in its upper jaw. It also has white fur on its face and neck.

Shiny Walrein, Sealeo and Spheal
Spheal Sealeo Walrein

In the anime

Spheal and Sealeo made their debut on the 310th episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 36) titled, “The Spheal of Approval”. Walrein made its debut on the 328th episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 54) titled, “Fight for the Meteorite!”.

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