Ampharos Raid Counters Guide

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Ampharos is a three star raid boss in Pokémon GO. The best counters for Ampharos are strong Ground types. It is an Electric type Pokémon and has a raid boss CP of 18393. It can be caught with the following perfect CPs:

  • 1554 – 1630 CP (raid catch with no weather boost, level 20)
  • 1943 – 2037 CP (raid catch with Rainy weather boost, level 25)

Ampharos can be soloed by a high level trainer with strong counters, but for lower level raiders, or those without optimal counters, we would recommend 2-4 trainers.

This is a guide for Ampharos. Click here for Mega Ampharos

Ampharos Counters

Ampharos is only weak to Ground types. The table below shows the best Ampharos counters:

Ampharos Counters
The supreme Ampharos Raid Counters
Groudon Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground
Excadrill Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground
Rhyperior Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground
Great Ampharos raid counters
Landorus (Incarnate) Mud Shot Ground Earth Power Ground
Garchomp Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground
Krookodile Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground
Golurk Mud-Slap Ground Earth Power Ground
Rhydon Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground
Mamoswine Mud-Slap Ground Bulldoze Ground
Donphan Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground
Golem Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground
Great generalist counters
Gengar (Mega) Shadow Claw Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost
Mewtwo Confusion Psychic Psystrike Psychic

You see the usual counters to Electric-types like Excadrill and Rhyperior, but I would encourage you to prepare a Groudon as well since there is a 20% chance the Ampharos you face gets a Focus Blast, a Fighting move that will wreck Steel and Rock, Excadrill and Rhyperior’s second typing respectively.

A surprisingly good pick for any moves is Golurk. With its added Ghost typing, it will resist almost all moves with double resistance (since Ghost is originally immune to Fighting).

Ampharos Movesets

With a moveset with mostly Electric type, Ground types will be your best option since it will resist all but the Fighting Focus Blast. If battling against [Focus Blast], make sure to dodge when using common Ground-type type pairings like Rock, Steel, and Ice.

Fast move Charge move
  • Volt Switch Electric
  • Charge Beam Electric
  • Thunder Electric
  • Focus Blast Fighting
  • Zap Cannon Electric
  • Power Gem Rock
  • Thunder Punch Electric


Choose your Ground types carfully! If you are absolutely sure Ampharos doesn’t have Focus Blast, Ground-types would have no issues. If it does have Focus Blast, dodging will help you survive. You can also opt with other Ground types that don’t have a Fighting weakness.

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