Best Pokémon for Ultra League

A comprehensive guide on the best Pokémon you can use in the Ultra League. This guide covers each Pokémon strengths and weaknesses, movesets and their pairing with other Pokémon where applicable.

Do note that it doesn’t cover every single Pokémon players use in the Ultra League. Therefor, you can still be surprised when battling other Trainers, but at least you will know how to deal with the most popular Ultra League battlers.

Let’s dive in.

Quick overview

Important terms

It is important to note that these are the Top Tier Pokémon based on local community’s choices and a lot of investigation and research. We cannot tell you what team to use, as it up to you. But these are the Pokémon that are currently in the meta right now. You can mix the teams wherever you want, but make sure to bring at least one of these for best performances!

The list goes from the strongest Pokémon (Tier 1) to Pokémon that are not that strong but will deal a significative DPS (Tier 4)

Without further do, let’s look at each of these Pokémon and what makes them so great in this league.

Tier 1


Pokemon GO RegisteelRegisteel

Registeel was the favorite choice of many trainers in Great League. Well, guess what. He is back, and better  than ever. This is due to his Max CP to be of 2449, but if you have a Best Buddy Registeel, that means it can reach 2478 CP at Level 41, so in any conditions, it won’t surpass the League limit.

This makes Registeel a perfect choice for Ultra League. Besides, with the moveset of Lock On and Flash Cannon, Registeel can sure be someone to fear.


Pokemon GO Giratina (Origin)Giratina (Origin) Pokemon GO Giratina (Altered)Giratina (Altered)

Giratina is a tank in both Origin and Altered form. If you have one of those,  be sure to give it some love and equip it with Shadow Claw/Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw/Ancient Power.

Shadow Claw (3 DPT/4 EPT) has good damage with great energy gain. This synergizes well with Dragon Claw (50 power, 35 energy) and Ancient Power (70 power, 45 energy, 10% chance to boost Attack and Defense by 2 stages), allowing Giratina to pressure shields like no tomorrow. Shadow Sneak is bad, but it does allow you to win against Cresselia (and basically only Cresselia) harder than usual.

Ultra League’s top threat by far. You will see Giratina in both forms a lot.
Giratina Altered form is all but a must-have if you want to compete. With its incredible bulk and fantastic moves, it’s one to watch out for. It’s considered slightly superior to the legless Origin in this format thanks to its lower attack stat.

Tier 2

Armored Mewtwo

Pokemon GO Mewtwo (Armored)Mewtwo (Armored)

With higher defense that his normal form, Mewtwo Armored is a beast in Ultra League. Confusion as quick attack is a must, as is its only STAB attack. On Charged Attacks however, you have plenty of choices.

Rock Slide is preferred for its coverage and relatively lower 45 energy cost, which also makes it the ideal choice to bait shields. Dynamic Punch is an excellent Fighting-type move that costs 50 energy and also covers Mewtwo’s weakness to Dark-type opponents. Earthquake and Future Sight both cost a steep 65 energy, but the former provides wide coverage while the latter takes advantage of STAB. Generally speaking, the Psychic-type damage from Mewtwo’s fast moves makes Future Sight somewhat redundant.

However, if you want Armored Mewtwo to deal a massive amount of damage, you can wait and get Psystrike, which is Mewtwo’s signature move. Armored Mewtwo with Psystrike will release on February 25, due to the release of Mewtwo Strikes Back, evolution on Netflix. so make sure you don’t miss it to have a really powerful Mewtwo with Confusion and Psystrike!


Pokemon GO SwampertSwampert

Another mon from Great League is here, only this time it can deal a lot of offensive damage, plus its dual type moveset covers him from most choices of the Ultra League. It’s ideal moveset are Mud Shot /Hydro Cannon and Earthquake Or Sludge Wave

Mud Shot offers the highest energy generation in the game at the cost of low damage output. Due to how powerful Swampert’s charge moves are, this move is recommended. Water Gun offers more damage output and is meant more for general coverage, but is not recommended due to its inferior energy generation.

The addition of Hydro Cannon, thanks to Mudkip’s Community Day, gives Swampert a much stronger charge move that replaces Surf. The low 40 energy cost also makes Hydro Cannon the primary charge move, and can be used frequently to pressure shields.

Earthquake is preferred for its high STAB damage output, in addition to its wide coverage. Sludge Wave can be chosen to surprise Grass-type Pokémon meant to counter Swampert, and also has a niche against increasingly popular Fairy-type “Charmers.”  So yeah, Swampert is an excellent option for the Ultra League.


Pokemon GO CharizardCharizard

¡The evolution of the Kanto fire-starter finally has his spotlight! Charizard is a great option to use in Ultra League due to its moveset and dual types, which serves him to cover his weakness in this league. Go with Fire Spin as quick move, and Blast Burn and Dragon Claw as charged moves.

Fire Spin is the more preferable fast move for Charizard as it benefit from STAB. Blast Burn is a legacy move obtained through Charmander Community Day and the December Community Day Recap events we had in the past.

Tough this move cannot be obtained right now, it’s almost mandatory for optimal usage of Charizard. An incredible 2.2 EPT (Energy Per Turn) rating allows Charizard to output huge amounts of damage without paying high energy costs. Even when resisted, Blast Burn would still have a greater EPT value than neutral Dragon Claw, but not when it would be doubly resisted.

Dragon Claw on the other hand can be spammed due to its lower energy cost, which is useful for baiting shields and take out both Giratina forms, which will be super common in your rival’s team. Coverage against popular Dragon-types is also quite valuable.


Pokemon GO SnorlaxSnorlax

Snorlax is fast, big, and tanky. You don’t need more to say about this one. The best moveset for Snorlax in Ultra League is Lick as fast move and Body Slam and Earthquake/Superpower/Outrage as charge moves.

Lick is Snorlax’s only real option with regard to its fast moves as the other ones are really bad. The only downside is that it could cause Snorlax to lose to other Normal types.

Body Slam is pretty much a requirement in order to use Snorlax for PvP. Without it Snorlax is unable to pressure shields effectively, and has no real options to shield-bait. Earthquake is generally preferred for coverage against Steel-types that could wall Snorlax, though Superpower provides another cheap solid anti-Steel option. Outrage gives up Steel coverage for more anti-Dragon power, and its useful against both forms of Giratina and the army of dragons available in this league.

Alolan Muk

Pokemon GO Muk (Alola)Muk (Alola)

Surprisingly, Muk Alola is way better than you may think here. With Snarl as quick move and Dark Pulse and Sludge Wave as charge moves, you should do just fine.

Snarl‘s high energy generation pairs well with the expensive but powerful Sludge Wave. This combination is so powerful it can take down an entire team with no shield remaining.

Dark Pulse is a must. Basically, is the only non-Poison-type charge move available to Alolan Muk, with a perk of also being the most powerful Dark-type charge move in the game.


Pokemon GO GyaradosGyarados

Gyarados is the one Pokémon that everyone should ask for. If you go ith Dragon Breath as quick move and Crunch/Outrage/Hydro Pump, you will take cover of almost every type that can be a threat in Ultra League.

Dragon Breath is a blessing to virtually anything that has it, and Gyarados is definitely no exception. It sports DPT (Damage Per Turn) and 3 EPT (Energy Per Turn), which makes it Gyarados’ objectively best quick move.

Crunch (70 Power/45 Energy) provides good overall coverage, decent damage, and a reasonable energy cost, while Outrage (110 Power/60 Energy) is very powerful move that allows you to take out dragons at a fair cost.

Hydro Pump (130 Power/75 Energy) is another solid option here, sporting high damage plus STAB that’s charged at a fairly high rate that can severely punish early shield use.

This set provides Gyarados with a powerful catch-all playstyle that’s hard to come into, and is likely to deal meaningful damage even to Gyarados’ counters, while also allowing it to act on opposing dragons while not being hindered by a dragon weakness itself if packing Outrage.

Tier 3


Pokemon GO VenusaurVenusaur

Venusaur has an amazing display in Ultra League. You should go for Vine Whip as fast move, while Frenzy Plant and Sludge Bomb as its charge moves

Vine Whip is the preferred fast move for Venusaur due to greater energy generation, which allows Venusaur to take advantage of its powerful charge moves. It charges extremely fast.

Frenzy Plant is the main selling feature of Venusaur, with an insane 2.22 DPE (Damage Per Energy) and moderate energy cost.

If you don’t have access to Frenzy Plant, consider  Peta Blizzard instead, trough will not deal the same amount of damage.

Sludge Bomb is a nice STAB coverage move that also gives it an advantage against other Grass-type picks.


Pokemon GO LugiaLugia

Despite its bad treatment in the past in Pokémon GO, Lugia has something to say in Ultra League. With Dragon Tail or Extrasensory as a fast move and Sky Attack and Hydro Pump as charge moves, Lugia is to be feared.

With its 3 DPT (Damage Per Turn) and 3.33 EPT (Energy Per Turn), Dragon Tail is Lugia’s best quick move due to its solid power and extremely wide coverage.

Extrasensory could be used to not get walled too hard by Fairy-type Pokémon and to deal some damage too.

Sky Attack (80 Power/45 Energy) comes out surprisingly quickly, especially considering the higher than average energy gain of Dragon Tail, and hits fairly hard. Sky Attack is an absolute staple on Lugia as it grants good coverage, good power, and allows it to act as a shield-shredder to a certain degree.

It also has access to Future Sight (120 Power/65 Energy), another decently fast charging and fairly powerful attack to act as a mini-nuke when coming off of Lugia’s STAB.

Hydro Pump (130 Power/75 Energy) takes longer to charge, has lower base damage per energy, and lacks STAB, but it does allow Lugia to perform better against a number of potential threats, such as Steel- and Rock-types.


Pokemon GO GarchompGarchomp

Garchomp is a decent Pokémon to use in this league. Not the greates of all time, but still deals a lot of damage. There are plenty of moves you can choose, but if you want to perform best, go with Mud Shot as fast move and Earthquake and Outrage as charge moves.

Mud Shot’s (1.5 DPT/4.5 EPT) fantastic energy gain combined with two very powerful (but expensive) charged moves in Earthquake (120 power, 65 energy) and Outrage (110 power, 60 energy) make Garchomp a terrifying threat. He’s at his best when your opponent has no shields, so he should be saved until the end of a game to close it out.

Dragon Tail (3 DPT/3.33 EPT) is a solid move, but it doesn’t have enough synergy with Garchomp’s costly options to make it worth running. Besides, if your team has a Giratina, it will go down quickly, for he is weak to Dragon Type moves as well.

Same goes for Outrage, its better not to use it except as a last resource against dragon type. Earthquake do wonders for Garchomp  to take down Steel and Ground types.

Tier 4


Pokemon GO ZapdosZapdos

Zapdos is a curious case. Its weak, but can also deal a lot of damage with Thunderbolt as fast move. The problem is, Thunderbolt is a legacy move that Zapdos only learned during Zapdos Day back in 2018. So unless you have one, go with Raikou instead, as is a solid option too as an Electric Type, as Charge Beam is not worth it and Raikou deals a lot more damage.

In charge moves, Zapdos goes well with Drill Peck and Ancient Power or Thunderbolt

Drill Peck sports a relatively cheap 40 energy cost (the lowest among Zapdos’ charge moves), and therefore is used for shield-baiting in addition to its decent STAB damage output. Ancient Power offers wide coverage and also helps Zapdos deal with its weakness to Ice-types. Thunderbolt takes advantage of STAB to inflict large amounts of damage, and is more useful when fulfilling an Electric-type role.

Zapdos isn’t bad per se in the Ultra League; it unfortunately just doesn’t have a real place in the current meta. It does resist Registeel’s charged moves, and deals super effective damage to the likes of Togekiss, Lapras and Poliwrath, but it can still struggle at beating them, and has really bad matchups against other major threats such as Giratina and Swampert. Zapdos has its niche use, but there are superior choices.


Pokemon GO GroudonGroudon

Groudon is another one of those Pokémon that can be hardly be seen in the meta of the Ultra League, but nevertheless, it’s a good option in certain situations.

You should always go with Mud Shot and Earthquake/ Fire Blast/ Solar Beam

Mudshot has a very low 1.5 DPT (Damage Per Turn), but an absolutely tremendous 4.5 EPT (Energy Per Turn). This attack combines perfectly with Earthquake (120 Power/65 Energy) and Fire Blast (140 Power/80 Energy) or Solar Beam  (150 Power/80 Energy) to make Groudon a hugely potent closer, charging up its moves ridiculously fast and decimating opponents with its legendary power.

The choice between Fire Blast and Solar Beam is largely up to personal preference and should be chosen based on what Groudon is likely to face. While Earthquake will generally be Groudon’s move of choice given its high power, STAB, and relatively low energy cost, Fire Blast can hit Grass types for super effective damage while also allowing it to hit massive threats such as Lugia for at least neutral damage.

Solar Beam, on the other hand, can score a powerful blow on the water types that would otherwise come in on Groudon and pick it off, such as and Swampert and Lapras.

However, since both attacks charge so slowly and Groudon’s biggest niche is in its frighteningly powerful Earthquake, these attacks are less likely to see use in practice.


Pokemon GO MewtwoMewtwo

Following the “bad, but not so much” Pokémon is Mewtwo. His best bet is Psycho Cut as fast move  and Shadow Ball/Psystrike/ Ice Beam as charge moves

The legacy Shadow Ball is as powerful as ever, and hits for widely unresisted damage. Psystrike benefits from STAB and covers any Fighting-types that would resist Shadow Ball, and it nukes the numerous Steel-type threats, though it takes quite a long time to charge.

Ice Beam has the same Energy cost as Shadow Ball and offers extra coverage against Flying- and (non-Ghost or Steel) Dragon-types instead.

Psycho Cut (1.5 DPT/4.5 EPT) gives Mewtwo the ability to hit its charged moves faster, which is better suited for its squishy nature.

That’s his major weakness. Overall, it’s not a bad Pokémon, as has excellent moves. But being so squishy allows to any Pokémon that your opponent has to do some critical damage, either burning your shields or taking half damage. By that time, Mewtwo is likely done. So Armored Mewtwo given his stats, its a better choice in this league.


Pokemon GO MelmetalMelmetal

Melmetal is good, but lacks of strengths to counter all meta-relevant Pokémon in Ultra League. The best option to go with Melmetal is Thunder Shock as it fast move with Rock Slide and Thunderbolt or Superpower as charge moves.

Thunder Shock is the one and only fast move available to Melmetal.

Rock Slide is an excellent charge move on Melmetal, providing good coverage while performing very well stat-wise (80 base power, 45 energy, 1.78 DPE). Thunderbolt is typically preferred over Flash Cannon due to less energy cost and pairing well with Thunder Shock, but the latter with the slightly better DPE with STAB can also be used to deal large damage when shields are down.

Superpower is a strong move that provides wide and relevant coverage, and actually costs the least amount of energy among Melmetal’s charge moves. However, a -1 ATK and DEF debuff on the user makes it risky to use.


Pokemon GO DialgaDialga

Dialga is here for one reason, and one reason only: To counter Giratina and any other dragon types your opponent throws at you. As a steel type, Registeel is far more superior, but due to this double type, he can resists Dragon-type moves, which turns him to be great against them.

Use Dragon Breath as a fast move and Iron Head/Thunder/Draco Meteor as charged moves to go with this one.

Dragon Breath may be lacklustre and outclassed in PVE, but in PVP it sports 4 DPT (Damage Per Turn) and 3 EPT (Energy Per Turn). This combined with STAB and Dragon’s fantastic coverage makes it an outstanding PVP move, and one that Dialga uses to deadly effect, racking up harsh damage while charging up moves at a good rate. Iron Head (70 Power/50 Energy) doesn’t hit much for super effective damage, but it comes out decently fast and hits decently hard with STAB, making it Dialga’s bread-and-butter.

Thunder (100 Power/60 Energy) offers good coverage alongside Iron Head and hits threats such as Gyarados for super effective damage while hitting steel types such as Melmetal and Metagross that resist the rest of Dialga’s moveset for neutral damage. Dialga’s many great qualities allow it to come in as a great generalist, punching holes in anything that doesn’t counter it while staying alive through a surprising amount of damage.

While offering far narrower coverage than Thunder when combined with Dialga’s other options, Draco Meteor (150 Power/65 Energy) is an absolute nuke, having one of the highest damage/energy ratios in the game while coming off of Dialga’s huge attack stat and STAB. However, it debuffs Dialga’s Attack by 2 stages after being used. This means that it’s most useful as a closing move, when shields are down.


Pokemon GO BlazikenBlaziken

Last but not least, we have Blaziken. Blaziken is overall an excellent Pokémon, maybe the best out of this Tier. The problem, is the same with Mewtwo: he is too squisky he will faint if you look at him. As a fire type attacker, he can take down Registeel, and his fighting type moves are strong against Ice, Ground, Normal and Steel Pokémon as well. So Basically, he is a Registeel-Killer.

His best moveset is Counter as fast move and Blast Burn and Blaze Kick as charge moves. Again, if you do not have a Blast Burn Blaziken (a Community Day exclusive move), it is recommended to get one, as it deals more damage than Blaze Kick, but charges a little bit slower.

Blaziken first gained popularity during the Silph Arena Kingdom Cup in April 2019, where its ability to “Counter” the ubiquitous Lucario and Bastiodon earned it a position on many rosters despite its slow moveset. With the addition of two useful moves added to its moveset on Torchic Community Day, Blaziken notably moves up the ranks thanks to a faster moveset. Blaze Kick is the main improvement, allowing Blaziken a low cost charge move option energy-wise, which removes Blaziken’s reputation as a late game nuker and lets it brawl in early and mid-game.

Previous losses that are now wins (under 1-shield scenarios) include Froslass, and almost all Grass-types. Blaziken’s low durability is still its main drawback, as a high ATK stat distribution lowers its overall bulk and causes it have close results with Meganium instead of clean wins.

Parting Words

As mentioned before, these are the Pokémon that are currently in the meta of the Ultra League for you to use, but that does not mean you only have to use those. We mentioned in this analysis a bunch of newcomers, such a Lucario, Raikou, Lapras, Meganium, Togekiss, etc.

So essentially, it’s up to you to choose whichever team you most like and do your own mixes, but keeping this information in mind.

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