Kabutops Raid Guide

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Kabutops is a Tier 3 Raid Boss, holding a Raid Boss CP of 19990 and a dual Rock/Water typing. If you want a chance at taking down a Kabutops solo style, then it is recommended to wait until being at least level 30.

There are few factors that can truly influence the fight, from picking the right counters, to waiting for the correct weather, to anticipating its strongest moves. Kabutops can be difficult, but not impossible for the dedicated Trainer.

Kabutops can be captured from raids with the following CP values:

  • 1476 – 1550 CP at Level 20, with perfect IV score
  • 1845 – 1938 CP at Level 25, boosted by Partly Cloudy and Rainy weather, with perfect IV score

Kabutops Counters

Kabutops, being a dual Rock/Water type Pokémon, has a weakness to Grass, Ground, Fighting, and Electric type moves, which is good for those who were able to get some Frenzy Plant Grass Venusaurs on Community Day. However, if you didn’t, the DPS (Damage per second) difference between these counters is not that big, so as long as you have a reasonable CP team composed of any of the Pokémon you see here, you should be ready to solo Kabutops.

Kabutops Raid Guide
Weakness: Grass Electric Fighting Ground Boosted By: Partly Cloudy Rainy
Best Counters
  • Razor Leaf Grass
  • Grass Knot Grass
  • Bullet Seed Grass
  • Frenzy Plant Grass
  • Bullet Seed Grass
  • Grass Knot Grass
  • Vine Whip Grass
  • Frezy Plant Grass
  • Vine Whip Grass
  • Solar Beam Grass
  • Razor Leaf Grass
  • Leaf Blade Grass
  • Bullet Seed Grass
  • Solar Beam Grass
  • Razor Leaf Grass
  • Solar Beam Grass
  • Razor Leaf Grass
  • Leaf Blade Grass
  • Mud Shot Ground
  • Solar Beam Grass
  • Vine Whip Grass
  • Frenzy Plant Grass
  • Razor Leaf Grass
  • Leaf Blade Grass
  • Razor Leaf Grass
  • Solar Beam Grass

Kabutops Raid Boss Movesets

Kabutops has access to all of the following movesets:

  • Mud Shot Ground (Fast)
  • Rock Smash Fighting (Fast)
  • Ancient Power Rock (Charged, 3 bars)
  • Water Pulse Water (Charged, 2 bars)
  • Stone Edge Rock (Charged, 1 bar)

When comparing all of Kabutops’s possible movesets, it becomes clear that there really isn’t an easy pick for counters against movesets because there is such a large variation in its moves’ typings.

Do not be discouraged if you encounter a Kabutops with a stronger moveset, just be prepared to make more than one attempt when battling.

Below is a moveset table that shows off Kabutops’s movesets ranked by difficulty, the ranking was determined by the TDMG (Total Damage) caused by a single energy cycle.

Difficulty Fast Charged
Easy Mud Shot Ground Stone Edge Rock
Mud Shot Ground Water Pulse Water
Medium Rock Smash Fighting Stone Edge Rock
Mud Shot Ground Ancient Power Rock
Hard Rock Smash Fighting Water Pulse Water
Rock Smash Fighting Ancient Power Rock

Weather Influence

Right off the bat, you should always avoid attempting to solo raid Kabutops in Rainy or Partly Cloudy weather because of its typing, as it will be an even bigger challenge to take down. Because of Kabutop’s heavy weakness to Grass types, you should really look at waiting until Sunny weather appears and using your best Grass attack counters.

Below is a table that shows off the weather advantages and disadvantages in relation to Kabutops and the counters in question.

Weather Advantages Disadvantages
Cloudy Boost Kabutop’s Rock Smash Fighting
Rainy Boost Raikou and Zapdos’s Electric movesets Boost Kabutop’s Water Pulse Water
Sunny Boost Grass and Ground type moves Boost Kabutop’s Mud Shot Ground
Partly Cloudy Boost Kabutop’s Rock type moves

Final Notes

  • Wait until at least level 30 in order to solo raid Kabutops
  • Take advantage of Grass types when battling against Kabutops
  • Kabutops’s strongest moveset is Rock Smash Fighting / Ancient Power Rock and its weakest is Mud Shot Ground / Stone Edge Rock
  • Avoid attempting to solo Kabutops in Rainy or Partly Cloudy weather, your best bet is to wait for Sunny weather to appear and use your Grass type attacks
  • Avoid using Pokémon that will take super effective damage, unless they have a high CP and DPS value
  • Be prepared to fail, it happens to the strongest of players, so be sure to stack up on your revives and potions for whenever you need them in the heat of battle

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