Landorus (Incarnate) Raid Counters Guide

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Landorus (Incarante) is a five-star raid boss in Pokémon GO. Best Landorus counters are strong Ice Pokémon like Abomasnow, Darmanitan, Mamoswine, Weavile and Jynx. Landorus can be defeated by 3-4 Trainers. Landrous (Incarnate) can be caught in the following CP ranges:

  • 1965 CP – 2050 CP (no weather boost)
  • 2456 CP – 2563 CP (weather boosted by Windy or Sunny)

Landorus uses a variety of charge moves which can be seen in the table below. Rock Slide and Focus Blast are quite dangerous for Ice types.

Landorus (Incarnate) Counters

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Abomasnow (Mega) Powder Snow Weather Ball 383.17s 17.75
2. Darmanitan (Galarian Standard) Ice Fang Avalanche 372.15s 25.00
3. Mamoswine Powder Snow Avalanche 404.09s 21.25
4. Mewtwo Psycho Cut Ice Beam 455.50s 17.50
5. Weavile Ice Shard Avalanche 411.30s 27.75
6. Jynx Frost Breath Avalanche 423.53s 25.75
7. Blastoise (Mega) Water Gun Hydro Cannon 494.53s 17.88
8. Glaceon Frost Breath Avalanche 448.15s 27.38
9. Articuno Frost Breath Blizzard 517.56s 20.13
10. Kyogre Waterfall Blizzard 525.76s 18.25
11. Vanilluxe Frost Breath Blizzard 500.73s 29.75
12. Walrein Frost Breath Blizzard 540.26s 24.25
13. Mr. Rime Ice Shard Ice Punch 526.43s 27.38
14. Mew Frost Breath Ice Beam 576.15s 18.25
15. Regice Frost Breath Blizzard 566.14s 20.25
16. Beartic Powder Snow Ice Punch 517.28s 31.13
17. Lapras Frost Breath Ice Beam 568.83s 22.88
18. Abomasnow Powder Snow Weather Ball 529.80s 30.00
19. Porygon-Z Lock-On Blizzard 536.57s 29.13
20. Cloyster Frost Breath Avalanche 547.09s 31.88
21. Kyurem Dragon Breath Blizzard 575.69s 28.88
22. Froslass Powder Snow Avalanche 561.21s 31.00
23. Feraligatr Ice Fang Hydro Cannon 589.79s 25.00
24. Swampert Water Gun Hydro Cannon 612.92s 21.88
25. Glalie Frost Breath Avalanche 585.48s 33.86
26. Kingler Bubble Crabhammer 593.84s 30.75
27. Empoleon Waterfall Hydro Cannon 630.66s 25.71
28. Cryogonal Frost Breath Aurora Beam 618.56s 28.50
29. Sandslash (Alola) Powder Snow Blizzard 624.14s 29.43
30. Ninetales (Alola) Powder Snow Blizzard 627.73s 28.50
31. Castform (Snowy) Powder Snow Weather Ball 610.54s 38.86
32. Electivire Thunder Shock Ice Punch 632.23s 34.43
33. Starmie Water Gun Ice Beam 633.48s 30.25
34. Suicune Ice Fang Ice Beam 680.69s 21.63
35. Gyarados Waterfall Hydro Pump 682.91s 24.00

Landorus moves

Landorus has access to the following moves:

Fast moves Charge moves
  • Mud Shot Ground
  • Rock Throw Rock
  • Focus Blast Fighting
  • Rock Slide Rock
  • Outrage Dragon
  • Earth Power Ground

According to our simulations, Rock Slide and Focus Blast are super dangerous for Ice types. Given that Landorus has a double weakness to Ice, it still makes sense to use them, but be aware that you will likely have to rejoin. Against Focus Blast and Rock Slide, your Ice Pokémon will faint 50-80% faster than compared with Outrage and Earth Power.

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