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Mareanie is a Tier-1 raid boss in Pokémon Go.

Mareanie is a Poison and Water type Pokémon, and as such, is weak to the Psychic, Ground, and Electric types.

It is an easy solo.

Mareanie can be caught in the following CP range:

  • 511 CP to 555 CP at Level 20, no weather boost
  • 639 CP to 694 CP at Level 25, with Rainy or Cloudy weather boost

Top Mareanie Counters

Since Shadow Pokémon are extremely expensive to power up and require specific events to remove Frustration with a Charge TM, they will NOT be listed as raid counters in this article. That being said, if you have the shadow form of a listed raid counter Pokémon powered up and TMed, use it.

With that being said, here are the best counters for Mareanie in Pokémon GO:

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Alakazam (Mega) Psycho Cut Psychic Psychic Psychic 5.10s 0.00
2. Latios (Mega) Zen Headbutt [Psychic] Psychic Psychic 7.00s 0.00
3. Latias (Mega) Zen Headbutt [Psychic] Psychic Psychic 7.00s 0.00
4. Gardevoir (Mega) Confusion Psychic Synchronoise Psychic 7.40s 0.00
5. Ampharos (Mega) Charge Beam Electric Thunder Electric 9.10s 0.00
6. Manectric (Mega) Charge Beam Electric Thunder Electric 9.10s 0.00
7. Xurkitree Thunder Shock Electric Discharge Electric 9.31s 0.00
8. Mewtwo Confusion Psychic Psystrike Psychic 9.55s 0.00
9. Groudon (Primal) Mud Shot Ground Precipice Blades Ground 9.90s 0.00
10. Hoopa (Unbound) Confusion Psychic Psychic Psychic 10.12s 0.00
11. Slowbro (Mega) Confusion Psychic Psychic Psychic 10.11s 0.00
12. Gengar (Mega) Shadow Claw Ghost Psychic Psychic 10.30s 0.00
13. Azelf Extrasensory Psychic Future Sight Psychic 10.54s 0.00
14. Groudon Mud Shot Ground Precipice Blades Ground 10.68s 0.00
15. Zekrom Charge Beam Electric Fusion Bolt Electric 10.80s 0.00
16.   Deoxys (Attack) Zen Headbutt Psychic Psycho Boost Psychic 11.14s 0.00
17. Pidgeot (Mega) Gust Flying Brave Bird Flying 11.20s 0.00
18. Swampert (Mega) Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground 11.25s 0.00
19. Landorus (Therian) Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground 11.27s 0.00
20. Garchomp Mud Shot Ground Earth Power Ground 11.33s 0.00
21. Steelix (Mega) Thunder Fang Electric Earthquake Ground 11.37s 0.00
22. Alakazam Confusion Psychic Psychic Psychic 11.46s 0.00
23. Sceptile (Mega) Fury Cutter Bug Frenzy Plant Grass 11.45s 0.00
24. Latios Zen Headbutt Psychic Luster Purge Psychic 11.70s 0.00
25. Zapdos Thunder Shock Electric Thunderbolt Electric 11.79s 0.00
26. Electivire Thunder Shock Electric Wild Charge Electric 11.77s 0.00
27. Raikou Thunder Shock Electric Wild Charge Electric 11.87s 0.00
28. Absol (Mega) Psycho Cut Psychic Dark Pulse Dark 11.87s 0.00
29. Espeon Confusion Psychic Future Sight Psychic 11.94s 0.00
30. Regigigas Zen Headbutt Psychic Giga Impact Normal 11.97s 0.00
31. Hoopa (Confined) Astonish Ghost Psychic Psychic 12.11s 0.00
32. Banette (Mega ) Shadow Claw Ghost Thunder Electric 12.08s 0.00
33. Luxray Spark Electric Wild Charge Electric 12.20s 0.00

Mareanie Overview

Mareanie PoisonWater
Max CP at Level 40 972 | Max CP at Level 50 1099
ATK 98 DEF 110 HP 137
Weak To: Resistance:
Electric Ground Psychic Bug Fairy Fighting Fire Ice Poison Steel Water

Mareanie Movepool

Mareanie has access to this set of moves as a raid boss:

Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Poison Sting Poison
  • Bite Dark
  • Gunk Shot Poison
  • Sludge Wave Poison
  • Muddy Water Water

Mareanie’s evolution, Toxapex, is a meta-shifting Pokémon that will make a splash in Great League (more info here). To sum it up, it is bulkier than Azumarill and G. Stunfisk, and it has access to Muddy Water which can flip hard counters like Skarmory.

Toxapex is also a great Gym Defender, and has good synergy with Chansey and Blissey. The only downside is its weakness to Mewtwo, which is a very common generalist for bringing down gyms. That weakness can be remedied by being paired up with bulky Dark types like Umbreon and Mandibuzz, the latter of which does not have a Fighting weakness giving Chansey and Blissey better synergy.

All the best, trainers!

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