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Raikou is a Tier 5 Legendary Raid Boss in Pokémon GO, with a Raid Boss CP of 45435. Raikou is a pure Electric type, meaning it is weak to Ground types, while resisting Electric, Flying and Steel types. It is boosted by Rainy weather.

Raikou can be caught in the following CP-ranges:

  • 1889-1972 CP for a regular Level 20 encounter
  • 2361-2466 CP for a Rainy weather boosted encounter (Level 25)

Raikou duo is possible, but it would require maxed out counters, as well as Best Friend Bonus, Sunny weather Boost, and a good amount of luck. We suggest you to take on Raikou in groups of 4-6 for high-level players, or 7-20 for lower level players.

Raikou is one of the Johto Beasts (together with Entei and Suicune), a Legendary Trio originally discovered in the Johto Region (Gen II). This guide has been updated as of July 2021.

Raikou Counters

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Gengar (Mega) Shadow Claw Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost 551.51s 27.50
2. Garchomp Mud Shot Ground Earth Power Ground 659.55s 9.13
3. Charizard (Mega Y) Ember Fire Blast Burn Fire 593.50s 31.38
4. Excadrill Mud-Slap Ground Drill Run Ground 651.40s 16.00
5. Landorus (Therian) Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground 647.28s 19.50
6. Groudon Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground 672.61s 12.50
7. Rhyperior Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground 682.38s 12.50
8. Landorus (Incarnate) Mud Shot Ground Earth Power Ground 664.78s 20.00
9. Landorus Mud Shot Ground Earth Power Ground 664.64s 20.00
10. Blastoise (Mega) Water Gun Water Hydro Cannon Water 642.41s 31.38
11. Charizard (Mega X) Fire Spin Fire Blast Burn Fire 690.54s 19.88
12. Krookodile Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground 722.19s 15.13
13. Aerodactyl (Mega) Rock Throw Rock Earth Power Ground 656.32s 34.00
14. Houndoom (Mega) Snarl Dark Foul Play Dark 695.37s 26.75
15. Beedrill (Mega) Poison Jab Poison Drill Run Ground 661.16s 37.13
16. Venusaur (Mega) Vine Whip Grass Frenzy Plant Grass 738.68s 18.00
17. Golurk Mud-Slap Ground Earth Power Ground 742.99s 18.14
18. Rhydon Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground 754.85s 16.50
19. Mamoswine Mud-Slap Ground Bulldoze Ground 759.65s 17.38
20. Gyarados (Mega) Bite Dark Hydro Pump Water 725.31s 28.13
21. Lopunny (Mega) Pound Normal Hyper Beam Normal 740.85s 26.88
22. Donphan Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground 779.52s 13.83
23. Steelix (Mega) Thunder Fang Electric Earthquake Ground 801.10s 9.17
24. Golem Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground 788.15s 13.33
25. Absol (Mega) Snarl Dark Payback Dark 713.13s 39.50
26. Flygon Mud Shot Ground Earth Power Ground 829.30s 10.67
27. Mewtwo Psycho Cut Psychic Psystrike Psychic 774.77s 32.33
28. Regigigas Hidden Power Normal Giga Impact Normal 861.95s 13.00
29. Abomasnow (Mega) Razor Leaf Grass Weather Ball Ice 816.74s 21.40
30. Haxorus Dragon Tail Dragon Earthquake Ground 800.12s 25.3

All data and numbers used in this article are extracted from our GO Hub Database.

For more accessible options, Swampert, Nidoking, Hippowdon, and even Seismitoad (yes really) all make the list after the top 30.

Please note that this list is based on overall performance against all Raikou movesets, and Pokémon in this list have maxed out stats (powered up to level 40). Actual results may vary, depending on the moveset on the Raid Boss and the conditions of the Raid Battle.

Raikou Moveset Analysis

Raikou has access to the following moves:

Fast Charge
  • Thunder Shock Electric
  • Volt Switch Electric
  • Thunder Electric
  • Wild Charge Electric
  • Thunderbolt Electric
  • Shadow Ball Ghost

*Best moveset for Raikou is in bold

  • Thunder hits hard, but it gets resisted by Ground types
  • Wild Charge and Thunderbolt don’t hit as hard as Thunder, and also get resisted by Ground types
  • Shadow Ball is a powerful move, but doesn’t deal Super Effective damage to any of your counters (unless you choose to fight with Mewtwo)

Again, you don’t need to worry about any of these moves, as almost all counters resist Electric moves due to their Ground typing.

Weather Effects

Raikou is boosted by Rainy weather, while being more vulnerable in Sunny weather.
Rainy weather will give you the chance to catch Raikou at level 25, but the battle will be harder because of Raikou’s boosted Electric moves. If you want the fight to be easier, challenge Raikou in Sunny weather to boost your Ground counters.

Weather Pro Con
Sunny Boosts Ground types
Partly Cloudy
Rainy Allows a Level 25 Encounter from Weather Boost. Boosts Raikou’s Electric moves
Fog Boosts Raikou’s Shadow Ball Ghost

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