The Many Forms of Vivillon and Where to Find Them

Hey Trainers, with Gen 6 just around the corner, there’s one Pokémon that could be really unique in an AR game: Vivillon. With 18 regionally specific forms, Vivillon is poised to be the most widespread regional in the game! At least all it’s forms count for the same Pokédex entry, but collectors are gonna have a rough time with this one.

In the main series Pokémon games, Vivillon’s form was based on the region your 3DS was set to. Technically, it’s the original regional.

Vivillon in the Pokémon GO meta

Vivillon BugFlying
Level 40 CP 1855
ATK 176 DEF 103 HP 190
Weak to Strong Against
Electric Fire Flying Ice Rock Ground Fighting Grass Bug

Yeah, it’s not good. Vivillon’s exactly what you’d expect from an early route Bug type. Miniscule defence, a painful dual typing and an utter lack of interesting coverage make it frankly unusable. It’s even less bulky than Butterfree, so that’s the ballpark we’re playing in. It’s a neat collector’s item, but that’s all.

Mini disclaimer: we don’t have Gen 6 moves yet, but we don’t expect much from Vivillon.

Vivillon’s different forms

Vivillon comes in 20 confirmed patterns, covering most of planet Earth. These are Vivillon’s claim to fame, so it’s time to list all 20! Note that these regions may not translate directly to GO, and are rough estimations which could possibly be outdated. This is mainly a speculation article at this point.

vivillon region map

vivillon patterns


  • The Archipelago pattern can be found in Puerto Rico, Anguilla, the Dominican Republic, and the Yucatán region of Mexico.
  • The Continental pattern can be found in Denmark, Germany, and South Korea.
  • The Elegant pattern can be found in most areas of Japan.
  • The Garden pattern is found in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.
  • The High Plains pattern is found in the Western United States, as well as the British Colombia province of Canada.
  • The Jungle Pattern is found in Malaysia, Colombia, and Singapore.
  • The Marine Pattern is found in most of Spain, as well as Portugal and Italy.
  • The Meadow Pattern is found in most of France and in Catalonia (Spain).
    It’s also the most iconic Vivillon pattern.
  • The Modern Pattern is found in central and southeastern United States.
  • The Monsoon Pattern Vivillon is found in India, Hong Kong, Okinawa, and Taiwan.
  • The Ocean pattern is found in Hawaii and Réunion.
  • The Polar Pattern is found in Alaska, the northeastern United States, large sections of Canada, and Sweden.
  • The River Pattern is found in most regions of Australia, the Canary Islands (Spain) and several African countries.
  • The Sandstorm pattern is found in the Middle East.
  • The Savanna Pattern is found in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia.
  • The Sun Pattern is found in Latin America and the Northern Territory of Australia.
  • The Tundra Pattern is found in Hokkaido, Norway, and Iceland.
  • There’s 2 patterns that have been distributed via events only; Pokémon and Fancy. These could possibly spawn for special events, like Pokemon Day, Safari Zones or GO Fest.


That’s quite a lot, right? These things are a collector’s nightmare, even in the mainline games with global trading. Vivillon evolves from Spewba, so it could be the first regional evolution with non-regional pre-evolutions. The question is, how will they handle it?

Potentially it’ll have a single fixed evolution (fancy/meadow?) with fully evolved Vivillon spawning in the wild.

Maybe it’s evolved form could be based on the catch location of the Scatterbug/Spewba? If that’s the case, remote raiding them could be a fun and relatively easy way to fill up your collection.

They may just sack the regional concept altogether and have them be random, or tied to the new seasons.

Of course, they could just delay it indefinitely like Kecleon.

The future is uncertain, and there’s a lot of ways they can go with Vivillon. The only definite way to know is to wait and see…

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