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You finally did it. All the grinding, all the mass evo’s, that last mountain of 5 million xp. Finally you have reached the summit. Level 40! Let the drinks flow, the streamers fly, may there be joy and merriment throughout the lands! Then tomorrow happens. You wake up, remember the celebration of hitting 40 the day before and then it hits you… “NOW WHAT?”

The truth of the matter is simple: there is no predefined path for you to take post level 40. Before there was always the one main end goal, get to level 40. Now you find yourself freely wandering the pokeverse with no final destination in sight. With that in mind, here is a list of things you can set your sights on accomplishing in your post level 40 free-for-all.

The “Golden” Pokedex / IV Chasing

Collect a 100% IV of every evolution of every available pokemon. This is going to take a combination of luck, time, and fortitude to accomplish but it can be done if a trainer has the ambition. There are 2 ways to go about accomplishing this goal.

The first would the old fashioned way. Catch everything, IV check it, and hope for the best. This method is going to require a lot of time and probably even more luck, even then you might not be able to complete it.

The second way would be to employ the use of trackers, which while controversial to some, remains as one of if not the most used non supported tools used in the game today. GO Hub doesn’t promote ToS breaking, but we are not oblivious to the fact that trackers are widely used in the Level 40 community. This method still requires some luck, but far less time. Although, it’s not a simple as just running around to every 100% Pokemon you see pop up. Your 100% gems will be nuked by a weather change, so keep that in mind if your heading out towards the bottom of the hour.

The most hardcore of IV Chasers go a step further and collect a male and female of each species.

Gold Gym Badges

Level up every gym badge in your area to Gold status. Not only will the stack of gold badges look pretty in your gym catalog, but should any of them be EX Raid eligible you will also have a higher chance at getting an EX Raid pass. For a comprehensive guide on how to level up your gym badges take a look here.

Raid Trains

Get a group of people, pile into a car, and do as many raids as possible one after the other for as long as possible. Always remember to have a Lucky Egg running!

Shiny Collecting

Collect every Shiny pokemon available in the game. Hardcore shiny hunters even take this concept a step further and try to get a male and female of each Shiny variant. Shiny collecting is time consuming as there is no way to tell when or where a shiny is going to appear. ShinyhunterLiam wrote a comprehensive guide on how to obtain all the available Shiny pokemon, so we suggest you take a look there before starting.

Gold Trainer Medals

Yet another thing to accomplish post Level 40 is finish off leveling up all your Trainer medals to gold. Most of them will probably be gold or very close to it by the time you hit level 40, but for completionists finishing these is a must. Each Trainer medals requires a different number of completed in game actions to get them to gold level, whereas Type Medals all require you catch 200 of that type of pokemon for gold and have the added benefit of a +3 catch bonus when you get them to the gold level.

Ysmael did a great write up about all the different Medals and the requirements to hit gold on them.

Join the secret verified Level 40 Club

This is secret. Search the Hub for clues on how to join it.


Your post Level 40 in game experience can be whatever you choose it to be. As of now there is no defined path of what should or should not be done after you reach 40. You can choose to do a few, all, or none of the things covered in this article. There is no right or wrong way to go about things, you are the master of your pokemon go experience, do what you like to do the most.


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