Typhlosion Raid Counters Guide

Typhlosion is a Tier 4, fire type raid boss with a raid boss CP of 30958. Its rounded stats, 223 attack, and 173 defense, make it a good candidate for duos, though it cannot be soloed under any circumstance.

Quick Facts

Raid Boss catch CPs are as follows:

  • 1574-1651 (unboosted)
  • 1968-2064 (boosted Sunny)

As a Fire type it is weak to: Ground, Rock, and Water

A minimum of two players is required to beat this raid boss. With a counter boosting weather (rainy, partly cloudy or sunny), a best or ultra friend bonus, powered up counters and a little bit of luck with move set (no solar beam!), a duo can be easily accomplished. Duoability goes down without good counters, good weather, friend bonus and a good boss move set. Always judge your numbers needed based on individual player levels and viable counter levels in relation to the boss and the weather.

Without Blast Burn, Typhlosion is not very important to the raiding or PVP scene and is outclassed by Blast Burn Charizard and other Fire-types such as legendary Moltres and Entei. With that in mind, it is not important to stock up on Typhlosion raids, but could be fun for the duo challenge.

Typhlosion Raid Counters

As mentioned above, Typhlosion is weak to ground, rock and water types, so we will use those types primarily. The nice thing about them is that all three counter types are boosted in different weather conditions, providing a wider variety of scenarios. Below is a list of our best counters!

Typhlosion Raid Counters Guide
Weakness To: Boosted By:
Rock Ground Water Sunny
Water-Type Counters
Pokemon GO KyogreKyogre
  • Waterfall Water
  • Hydro Pump Water
Pokemon GO PalkiaPalkia
  • Dragon Tail Dragon
  • Hydro Pump Water
Pokemon GO FeraligatrFeraligatr
  • Waterfall Water
  • Water Gun Water
  • Hydro Cannon Water
Pokemon GO SalamenceSalamence
  • Dragon Tail Dragon
  • Hydro Pump Water
Pokemon GO GyaradosGyarados
  • Waterfall Water
  • Hydro Pump Water
Rock-Type Counters
Pokemon GO TyranitarTyranitar
  • Smack Down Rock
  • Stone Edge Rock
Pokemon GO RampardosRampardos
  • Smack Down Rock
  • Stone Edge Rock
Pokemon GO RayquazaRayquaza
  • Dragon Tail Dragon
  • Ancient Power Rock
Pokemon GO RhyperiorRhyperior
  • Smack Down Rock
  • Stoned Edge Rock
Ground-Type Counters
Pokemon GO RhyperiorRhyperior
  • Mud Slap Ground
  • Earthquake Ground
Pokemon GO GroudonGroudon
  • Mud Slap Ground
  • Earthquake Ground

We will talk more about weather effects in battle down below in terms of moves, but the weather is always about half the battle, and the weather conditions are important for picking your best counters. If you look at the table above, they are sorted into the counter types.

In Rainy, you’re better off using water, in Partly Cloudy use your rock types and in Sunny give your ground types a spin! In neutral weather, use your best counters from the various typings, and if you do not have a full team of one type (ie. A full water type team), fill in the extra spaces with your best Pokémon from the other counter types. No shame in a mixed typing team of well-rounded counters.

Typhlosion Move Set

Typhlosion has access to this set of moves as a raid boss:

Fast Moves
  • Ember Fire
  • Shadow Claw Ghost
Charge Moves
  • Overheat Fire, 1 bar
  • Solar Beam Grass, 1 bar
  • Fire Blast Fire, 1 bar

As far as fast moves go, all of your optimal counters will resist Ember, making it the easier move to go against. Not that Shadow Claw will hit super effective against any Pokémon that you will probably use, but not having the resistance tends to make it hit a little harder.

For charge move, the red sirens go off for Solar Beam! Solar Beam hits super effectively against every normal counter listed above, except for the dragons. It is a very good coverage move but could make a duo run of it a little tighter than it should be, especially in sunny weather. Fire Blast is the weaker of the one bar, fire type, charge moves, so that would be the easiest charge to go up against.

Weather Effect on Battle

As mentioned above under our counters list, the weather is half the battle! Here is a visual representation of how the weather will play a role in your battle against Typhlosion!

Weather Effects
Weather Pro Con
Sunny Boosts your Ground type moves Boosts Typhlosion’s Grass and Fire type moves
Partly Cloudy Boosts your Rock type moves No cons
Cloudy No pros nor cons
Rainy Boosts your Water type moves No cons
Windy No pros nor cons
Fog No pros Boosts Typhlosion’s Shadow Claw Ghost
Snow No pros nor cons

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