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Hey there, Pokémon GO enthusiasts and fanatics! I am sure most of you who are reading this are already in love with this wonderful game. But have you ever wondered what it is like to be a full-time Pokémon GO player, and content creator?

Poké Daxi has over 350,000 subscribers and over 110 million views on YouTube and his channel is just a little over 2 years old! He is the biggest PoGO TikToker with almost 300,000 followers and has the fastest growing YouTube channel. Not only is he a talented player himself, he is also a mentor to other players. He makes fun Vlogs of him playing PoGo, and lots of informational videos and shorts about tips and tricks to improve the gameplay of PoGo players. And today, I got the wonderful opportunity to interview him in episode 1 of Interviewing the Best of The Best.

Poké Daxi

Getting to know Daxi

Hey Dax! Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to have a discussion with you. How are you feeling today? Tell me a bit about yourself.

I am doing great – My real name is actually James but I go by Dax & I am a 22 year old from Ottawa, Ontario–Canada. I played Pokémon since I was a kid playing every game except Generation 1-2 (original games) and Generation 7 (was taking a break).

Why do you play Pokémon GO every day?

I play Pokémon GO everyday to stay active and grow my collection. It really is a perfect formula for a video game bringing your in game experience to the real world.

What has inspired you to pursue this game, and since when have you been playing?

I started playing Pokémon GO when it first came out. However, maybe 3 months after release I got pretty bored (I followed the hype train). Then I never touched Pokémon for a long time until 2020. Then I got right back addicted to it. Again what made me pursue this game is how well it motivates you to go outside while still playing the video game. Also growing your collection & catching rare spawns can be rewarding.

What is your daily routine? Do you primarily focus on playing the game or making content?

Mainly most of my time is now spent making content. However I do make it a point everyday to go out for 1 hour to send gifts, do my adventure incense & catch a few spawns. This does change up per event when there are better events I will spend more time just going out to play. However most of my time is spent planning videos & recording/editing content.

Since you started your YouTube Channel in 2020, what did you do before you became a content creator?

McDonalds was my first & only conventional job. From age 16-18 I worked at McDonalds and actually became a shift manager. However while working there, I started content creation for other youtube channels in 2017 on my other channel called Dax Brulé. I’ve always wanted to do content creation and to bring my stories to life and I’m glad I can finally do it.

Some Personal Questions

Canada in Winter

What are some challenges that you face while playing this game?

My main challenge is the weather – growing up in Ottawa, it is below 0 here half of the year. Can make it very tough to get out – other than that sometimes the lack of spawns in my rural area can get annoying – luckily I can drive downtown and still have a good play experience.

What is your favorite Pokémon and favorite shiny? (in general!)

My favorite Pokémon for anyone who knows me is Sableye. I just love that thing and their Shiny form. However, if we were to say what is my second favorite Shiny form—I would have to say Shiny Mega Gardevoir.

What has been the hardest YouTube video to make for you? One that required the most effort and time.

For me the one that took the longest has definitely been my Pokémon GO Legend series. It’s a series where I dress up as characters and share insane true stories about Pokémon GO events. A lot of pre planning script writing and editing goes into that series.

BRAD DIPPER, PoGo Legends Ep. 1

Do you enjoy making Vlogs or informational videos? Which one of these do you like creating the most and why?

I enjoy making story based content the most. Informational videos have become essential to my channel and I’m well known for them, however they don’t give me the same satisfaction that a real story based video does. It allows me to explore my creativity a lot and really makes a viewer feel emotional.

Tell me something that most people don’t know about you!

I am a Cancer survivor. I underwent Chemo for 8 months in 2020 during the pandemic. I am fully resolved of cancer now and I am as healthy as can be.

That’s incredible, Dax!

What is the most prized Pokémon in your collection and how did you acquire it?

Definitely my Shlundo Sableye. I asked everyone for trades for that thing and finally got it on December 25th 2021 (yes Christmas). I was so happy and it’s name is Marigold (the daughter of King Midas)

Shlundo Sableye(Marigold)

What stat/medal in your account are you most proud of and why?

To be honest I’m not the most hardcore in terms of metals and stats. But if I had to choose one my gentleman medal is at 30k which is definitely higher then the average player. Me and my mom love to trade!


What aspect of the game do you primarily like and focus on more: PVE or PVP?

PVE for sure. As much as I appreciate PVP I have never been a competitive person. I prefer for everyone to win and have fun and that’s why PVE is for me. However I do dabble in some healthy PVP competition once and a while on stream.

Contemplating About The Future, and Final Thoughts

What is your goal for 2023? Do you plan on going to any in-person events?

This year is definitely the year for me to go to in-person events – I want to meet my community which I built during covid and never got to meet. My goal is to go to GO Fest and every event I can afford to make so I can meet my lovely supporters.

What quality of life features would you like to be implemented into this game? 

The main one I would love is a button to send all gifts or open all gifts. This is something me and most have been asking for forever and I would love to see. 

Out of Context: How many raids do you plan on doing when Mega Sableye gets released? 

Hahah – I will probably raid it constantly until it leaves. I love Sableye and would love for a real Shundo Sableye (Not lucky). I can never point my finger on why I love it so much; maybe I just think its cute.

Do you have some final advice for other players?

Remember to enjoy the game and don’t take it too seriously. I think most people take life seriously but we need to remember we are all just little humans living on a rock. I know that is deep and alot but it’s true if you think about it. Enjoy the game and enjoy life to the fullest. 

That’s all! Thank you so much for the interview, Dax! Any final thoughts/words?

Thanks for having me on. And see you out there trainers.

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And that was some of the true insights from a full-time Pokémon GO player and content creator, who shared with us some of his opinions, experiences and routines regarding the game and his YouTube channel!

Also, a huge shoutout to the legend Poké Daxi for taking his time and genuinely answering my questions with honesty and respect. You are amazing! I had a great time interviewing you and I hope you will continue to make great content in the future! Can’t wait to meet you in-person.









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