Interviewing The Best of The Best: HomeSliceHenry (Episode 3)

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Hey there, trainers! Watson here back again and this time on Interviewing the Best of The Best, we have HomeSliceHenry, a dedicated Pokémon GO PVP player and an amazing entertainer. He has a YouTube Channel where he uploads daily, featuring unique teams in the Go Battle League. He also streams there once in a while and offers coaching sessions for trainers looking to get better at PVP. Not only does he make great videos, but he also helps his viewers get better at the game, which is something about him that I really like.

His socials will be linked at the end, so make sure to give him a follow, sit tight, and grab some popcorn as this will be quite a memorable interview! 

About HomeSliceHenry

PogoWatson: Hey Henry! How are you feeling today? 

HomeSliceHenry: I’m doing well! Thanks for having me.

PogoWatson: Since when have you been playing Pokémon GO, and why is it so important for you?

HomeSliceHenry:  I’ve been playing Pokémon GO since June 9th, 2016. Although I’ve taken some breaks along the way, I’ve still played pretty consistently for the past seven years. The game is so important to me for the relationships I’ve made along the way and to be more clear–GO Battle League aspect. 

PogoWatson: What is your daily routine? Do you primarily focus on playing the game or making content?

HomeSliceHenry: My daily routine as far as PoGO is concerned involves doing my 5 GBL sets every day.  I live somewhat rurally, so if I’m looking to grind stardust/catches it involves driving to a downtown area, so it is not something I do on an everyday basis. I also upload videos on YouTube daily featuring different teams in the GO Battle League and stream once in a while.

PogoWatson: What problems do you face while playing Pokémon GO and do you think Niantic has done an excellent job fixing them?

HomeSliceHenry: Being a rural player, finding Raids has always been a bit of a challenge.  Remote Raiding made it a lot more accessible, but with the nerfs it’s become a challenge once again. 

PogoWatson: What is your favorite Pokémon and favorite shiny? (in general!)

HomeSliceHenry: My favorite Pokémon by far is Shuckle! Not to mention, it has the highest defense stat in the game 🙂. My favorite shiny Pokémon is probably Shiny Rayquaza.

Shiny Rayquaza


PogoWatson What is the most prized Pokémon in your collection and how did you acquire it?

HomeSliceHenry: My perfect IV(Hundo) unobtainable Legacy Quick Attack Starmie! It is from 2016, and it contains a legacy move(Quick Attack) that can not be learned anymore, even with an Elite Charged TM!

PogoWatson: What updates of QOL features do you think this game needs?

HomeSliceHenry: I really liked the increased spawn radius, it would be helpful for those of us who live in locations with freezing cold winters, when it’s more challenging to go outside.

GBL Questions

PogoWatson: What aspect do you love about the GO Battle League?

HomeSliceHenry: I love that it is a game where skill plays a large factor. The format offers a significant skill gap, so the time you put in to learn the mechanics charge move timing/counts/etc.) is rewarded with winning more frequently and hitting higher ELO.

PogoWatson: What PVP techniques do you think a good player should learn to have?

HomeSliceHenry: Outside of the basics (learning typings, etc.), learning proper charge move timing is the biggest thing a player can do to improve their gameplay.  Charge move timing has been a consistent mechanic for just around a year, and it has dramatically upped the skill gap in the game.  

Optimal Fast Move Timing- PvPoke

PogoWatson: Can you share any memorable or exciting moments from your PvP battles or tournaments?

HomeSliceHenry: Many of my favorite PvP moments have come while streaming.  One of my favorites was getting my 10,000th great league win while using a level 50 Shuckle!

PogoWatson: Have you ever competed in any Silph Factions Tournaments? If so, how did it treat you?

HomeSliceHenry: I competed with my faction, the Home Slice Homies, and we climbed to the Diamond Tier in North America prior to Silph’s shutdown.

PogoWatson: Are there any specific PvP formats or rule sets that you enjoy the most, and why?

HomeSliceHenry: My favorite limited formats in GBL have been the Ultra League Fantasy Cup and the Willpower Cup.  Both were metas where there were many good flexible options that could be played.

UL Fantasy Cup
Willpower Cup

GBL Advice

PogoWatson: What team has been most successful for you all these years you have battled in the GO Battle League and has helped you gain a significant MMR? A team you would recommend for climbing(any league). 

HomeSliceHenry: With meta shifts, so do the teams that I use.  The most consistent meta is probably open Master League. The 2 teams I’ve really enjoyed using are Zacian-Dialga-Yveltal, and Dialga-Therian Landorus-Ho-Oh.



PogoWatson: Do you believe there to be an “algorithm” in the GO Battle League or not?

HomeSliceHenry: Absolutely not. Matchmaking in the GO Battle League is determined by ELO, not a team. There have been large-scale studies on the Silph Road Reddit that have found no tangible evidence of such an “evil algorithm” that hard counters players. What leads you see comes down to luck: some days are good, some days are bad.  In the 30,000+ battles I’ve done in GO Battle League, I’ve had some days with good lead luck, and some days with bad lead luck. 

As someone who helps coach players to achieve their GO Battle League goals, the best way to climb is to learn more about the game and its mechanics. You can’t control what lead luck you get, but you can control how well you play the game, and how you choose to improve. Focus on improving your game (i.e. learning proper charge move timing, counts of meta mons, etc.) and you’ll get the results you want.  

Courtesy of Count Jinsula

PogoWatson: Are there any resources or communities you recommend for PvP enthusiasts?

HomeSliceHenry: is an invaluable resource, especially the teambuilder and battle feature.  

PogoWatson: That’s all! Thank you so much for the interview, HomeSliceHenry! Any final thoughts/words?

HomeSliceHenry: Go Battle League is a format that feels daunting at first, but is incredibly fun. It’s worth a try for those who already play Pokémon GO and a very fun way to use the Pokémon that you are already catching.



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