Interviewing The Best of The Best: PogoKieng (Episode 5)

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Hey there, trainers! This is episode 5 of Interviewing the Best of The Best. And this time we are featuring PogoKieng, a Pokemon GO content creator and a prominent figure in the PVP community. He streams regularly on Twitch, and uploads videos on Youtube, where he has over 65k subscribers.  He also provides PVP coaching on Metafy and he is even a host for some Pokemon GO tournaments!

This interview with PogoKieng will surely deliver some insights about his daily life and provide you with valuable advice you need to become a successful GO Battle League Player. So without further ado let’s get right into it! 

About PogoKieng

PogoWatson: Hey Kieng! Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to have a discussion with you. How are you feeling today? Tell me a bit about yourself. 

PogoKieng: I am doing well today! I have been a trainer since the first day the game was released in Canada and have not looked back since. My day jobs include being a content creator, lecturer at a University and an analytics consultant.

PogoWatson: What inspired you to pursue Pokemon GO?

PogoKieng: I saw my students playing the game during their breaks and I thought it was interesting. I had played the main series game when I was younger but it had been many years since then. I downloaded it and the rest is history.

PogoWatson: What is your daily routine? Do you primarily focus on playing the game or making content?

PogoKieng: My daily routine when it comes to GO is almost entirely focused around the PvP component. Typically I would start my day by doing a coaching session and then throughout the rest of the day I would find some time to stream my GBL battles and record some videos. When it comes to playing the game outside of PvP, I typically focus my time on events and walking raid hour/spot light hour.

PogoWatson: What are some challenges that you face while playing this game?

PogoKieng: I love this game and enjoy playing it. Challenges wise – it can be a bit buggy at times and the energy surrounding the game can be a bit negative. 

PogoWatson: What is your favorite Pokémon and favorite shiny? (in general!)

PogoKieng: My favorite is Ho-Oh.

Shiny Ho-Oh


PogoWatson: Tell me something that most people don’t know about you!

PogoKieng: I am a pretty open book so it’s hard to say something that people don’t know. Some of my OG YouTube subscribers would know that I was my university’s class valedictorian and you can find the speech on my YouTube channel. 

PogoWatson: Wow! Next–what is the most prized Pokémon in your collection and how did you acquire it?

PogoKieng: Any Pokémon my wife has traded me!

PogoWatson: What stat/medal in your account are you most proud of and why?

PogoKieng: Reaching legend/rank 10 in each of the GBL seasons.

PogoWatson: What quality of life features would you like to be implemented into this game?

PogoKieng: General improvements to the game.

PogoWatson: What advice do you have for someone who wants to improve their PvP skills and 

become a better Pokémon battler?

PogoKieng: Record your battles and watch them back to figure out how you could have played better.

PogoWatson: Have you ever competed in any Silph Factions Tournaments? If so, how did it treat you?

PogoKieng: I have not.

PogoWatson: What do you think are the most important qualities or skills a successful PvP player should possess?

PogoKieng: Always open to learning. 

PogoWatson: Can you share any memorable or exciting moments from your PvP battles or tournaments?


  • Singapore Safari Zone
  • World’s Invitational
  • Monterrey Battle Tower
  • Indianapolis Regional

PogoWatson: Are there any specific PvP formats or rule sets that you enjoy the most, and why?

PogoKieng: Ultra League because the bulk allows for more dynamic game play and more opportunity to find ways to win. 

PogoWatson: What team has been most successful for you all these years you have battled in the GO Battle League and has helped you gain a significant MMR? A team you would be recommend for climbing(any league). 

PogoKieng: I use a wide variety of teams. I am a firm believer that it is more about learning match ups and how to play out of negative match ups that is more important any team you are playing.

PogoWatson: How do you stay updated with the latest PvP metagame trends and strategies? Are there any resources or communities you recommend for PvP enthusiasts?

PogoKieng: Watching YouTube videos, streams and PvPoke!

PogoWatson: That’s all! Thank you so much for the interview, PogoKieng! 


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To learn more about PogoKieng, read our article here!

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