Mystic7 interview at the Paris Safari Zone event

In addition to the Safari Zone Report: Paris , Miles had the opportunity to hang out and interview Mystic7 during his time at the event!

This video is the summary of that time, it’s raw, unprofessional and we’re really happy with it. There’s too much edited content online – time for something different.

With that being said, enjoy the video and the write up that Miles has prepared.

That time when I hanged out with Mystic7

I am in no way, shape or form a professional reporter and after I Brandon/Mystic7 somewhat agreed to do this interview a day before the event I did my best to prepare for this opportunity. I went through his backlog, took notes, went through the twitter questions and prepared 2 to 3 pages of content I wanted to go through with Brendan as I kinda/sorta expected some kind of sit down in a less crowded space.

After several direct messages and mails I managed to get ahold of him on the event floor and we did a few loops playing Pokèmon and just casually conversing. During the whole 2 to 4 hours I’ve spent with him he engaged with fans several times and was genuinely interested in each and every caught Pokèmon that was thrown at him. Additionally he stopped every so often to record a segment for his video.

And man does this guy know his stuff!

He would casually talk to fans and take pictures and all of a sudden, he would turn on his camera and just GO. No double takes. No frame checking. He just has the narrative of the video loosely in his mind and puts it together on the go. He knows where the lighting will be somewhat ok. He knows to raise his voice just the exact amount so he doesn’t get drowned out by the surrounding noise. And all that after only 5 hours of sleep in 48 hours. Also he had to be aware of security all the time as he was not allowed to film inside the mall without a press badge!

Having myself tried to shoot some sequences for the interview and my trip in general I can just say:

Mystic7 is a beast.

To everyone hating on him or other PokèmonGo Youtubers that provide content on our beloved game on a regular basis I have to say this:

Just take any available point-and-shoot camera and go outside to a crowded location and try to make a 2 minute video that is somewhat interesting and watchable.

And then do this a few times. It is hard. It is really hard! So please appreciate the guys and their work. They deserve it!

With that said, I got a little bit nervous after I realized that the expected sit down might eventually not come to fruition so without wanting to press Brandon for that interview I just improvised and started the interview on the go!

So, if the following video seems a little bit uncoordinated: I apologize, I had to work from the top of my head.

  • Leeroy Jenkins

    Lol how his mood and attitude changed as soon as he knew he was live.

  • Raizing8ing

    “somewhat agreed” LOL.

  • NToohey19

    RIP Melbourne, I wanted to meet Brandon so badly!

    • Antonio Mercurio

      i live in sydney but i wont meet him 🙁

  • Heydavid17

    I personally wouldn’t say it’s “that hard”, as long as you know what you’re doing, and of course have experience.

    I’m not being hateful in any possible way, it’s more the fact, that I hate how things have become in general.

    In the end, making videos ain’t that hard, if you have a good idea in your head and get the idea out the right way. Another thing, is also that Youtube and Youtubers have just become the same thing all over, no matter how you see it. It has just become “steal ideas, make them your own”.

    The part that annoys me personally, is how “most of the public”, see these people a.k.a. “Youtubers” as something special, and how they are treated so much better than others. In my head, we should all be equal no matter what, considering I’ve been to special parties in the past. Just as an example, I’ve personally talked and been to a party with Epic Sax Guy, as the majority of the internet knows him, but in the end… he’s just a regular guy, who knows how to play his saxophone the way he does. Of course, something special, but still just a regular person like anyone else.

    I’m sorry if anyone who reads this, see it as some sort of rant of Brandon, but I guess in my head, it’s just I try to keep telling others to see each other equally. I guess I just miss those days when Youtube was fun to do, rather than a job. :/

    • Aryx

      Finally somebody who says it.

      It was already starting to feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t put YouTubers (in general) on some kind of pedestal. Guess it must be a generational thing or something. Not hating on anyone here. Just not feeling this whole hysteria.

    • Biga173rd

      Facts good point and of course I myself would never take pictures with the guy, to me he is just like every other Pokemon player in public. I’m the kind of person If I see a Celeb in the streets It’s not a big deal for me, I will never bother them and also don’t find any thrill in taking a picture with them or getting an autograph. And I know I wouldn’t want some random stranger to bother me too. But that’s just me and how I feel. If you guys find a thrill in that more power to you.

    • Chief Chad

      You’re trying to discredit somebody by saying what they do is easy, you trying to break that person down to your level because you can’t step to theirs, you are a hater. With hints of jealousy sprinkled on top.

  • Ari Thunder

    Mystic 7’s just casually catching unknowns while he’s taking the interview

  • אופק משולם

    He seems nice, gonna check his channel now

  • Florian

    I don’t really care for the guy, and to say that he is some kind of cinematography genius because he doesn’t do re-takes is silly. If anything this shows how low quality and how little effort goes into his vids. The one thing I liked was how he met with and talked to fans(not just his fans but random POGO fans). He earns some respect in my books for that