Home Meta Exeggutor: Grade A+ Pokémon GO Grass Type

Exeggutor: Grade A+ Pokémon GO Grass Type

Exeggutor: Grade A+ Pokémon GO Grass Type
Exeggutor Raid Boss Guide

First introduced in Generation One, this seemingly silly looking Pokémon is not to be underestimated. In fact, it sits on the throne of eggs-celent Grass-types in the current meta. Let’s take a look at what makes Exeggutor a top-tier threat.

Temporary note: We strongly suggest that you take advantage of Exeggutor’s return as a Raid Boss during the Kanto Celebration to put your hands on a (or a few) strong one(s). Also take advantage of Exeggcute’s increased spawns during the event to gather candies for potential power ups!

General Overview

Exeggutor Attack Defense Stamina
233 158 190

As of Generation Two, Exeggutor had the highest Attack stat of any Grass type currently available in the game. Exeggutor is able to take full advantage of it’s dual-typing, Grass and Psychic, with movesets that only benefit it’s typing.

How Would You Like Your Eggs? Exeggutor’s Preferred Movesets

Typing Fast Charge DPS
Grass Bullet Seed Solar Beam
  • 10.91
  • 51.43
Psychic Extrasensory Psychic
  • 15.45
  • 50.00

An Exeggutor running Grass type moves was the best choice against a number of raid bosses – Vaporeon, Omastar, Golem, Poliwrath, Suicune, Rhydon (barring Megahorn), Groudon (barring Fire Blast), and Kyogre (barring Blizzard). In addition, many of those Pokémon that were raid bosses were often used as gym defenders, thus increasing the use of Exeggutor as a Grass type.

While not as used, it’s Psychic moveset is nothing to scoff at. While effective against Poliwrath and Machamp (and other fighting types in gyms), Exeggutor faces *incredible* competition in the Psychic arena, promoting it’s other typing Grass, putting it into a situation quite similar to what Gardevoir faces. Omelette’s take a look at what Exeggutor faces currently, and what it will face in a Generation Four Meta.

Sunny Side Up in the Current Meta

Grass Pokémon Attack Defense Stamina Suggested Moveset (F/C)
Venusaur 198 198 160
  • Vine Whip
  • Frenzy Plant
Sceptile 223 180 140
  • Fury Cutter
  • Leaf Blade
Breloom 241 153 120
  • Bullet Seed
  • Seed Bomb
Psychic Pokémon Attack Defense Stamina Suggested Moveset (F/C)
Alakazam 271 194 110
  • Psycho Cut
  • Futuresight
Mewtwo 300 248 160
  • Psycho Cut
  • Psychic
  • Shadow Ball
Espeon 261 194 130
  • Confusion
  • Future Sight
Metagross 257 248 160
  • Bullet Punch
  • Zen Headbutt
  • Psychic

In the Grass arena, Exeggutor reigns supreme, even after Venusaur receiving Frenzy Plant. While Exeggutor has the higher attack between the two, Venusaur has slightly better overall bulk, and access to arguably the best Grass type move in the game. Frenzy Plant being a base 100 power two bar charge move allows more flexibility of use. Dodges are far more difficult to achieve in bigger raid groups, so a two bar move is more realistic to pull off (specifically, the DPS between the suggested movesets is a mere difference of 5 – 6 %, noted in the link above). Sceptile is an acceptable Grass type user, but lacks access to either Solar Beam or Frenzy Plant. Breloom has the highest Attack, but deals more DPS as a Fighting type with Counter/Dynamic Punch.

Our palm-tree pal does not fare as well running a Psychic type moveset. Alakazam and Espeon have a much better Attack stat, with access to the best Psychic Charge move in the game, Future Sight. Mewtwo has a much better Attack stat then the rest of the Psychic metagame, with a Defense stat that blows Exeggutor away. Metagross has the Defense of Mewtwo (with resistances to Grass, Normal, Rock, Fairy, Flying, Poison, Steel, Dragon, Ice, and Psychic). Exeggutor has better accessibility (aside from Espeon) than the rest, so it is a great choice for those that lack access to any other Psychic type.

Exeggutor in the Future(sight) Meta

Grass Pokémon Attack Defense Stamina
Leafeon 216 254 130
Tangrowth 207 219 200
Torterra 202 197 190
Roserade 243 206 120
Shaymin 210 210 200
Psychic Pokémon Attack Defense Stamina
Mesprit 212 212 160
Gallade 237 220 136
Cresselia 152 263 240
Azelf 270 151 150
Victini 210 210 200
Uxie 156 270 150

Exeggutor will face even more trouble in a Generation Four meta, with both of it’s typings. Gen. Four has several impressive Pokés coming. Leafeon has a better Defense than Metagross or Mewtwo, and a good enough Attack stat to back it up. Tangrowth, Torterra, and Shaymin all share similar stats, all posing an equal (or often better) Defense and Stamina stat. In addition, veteran players will likely have amassed *tons* of Tangela candy. Roserade will serve as a Grass type glass cannon, dealing out excellent DPS over a short time. Keep in mind that all of these are in addition to Sceptile, Breloom, and Venusaur.

Talk about mass Confusion – the Psychic type meta game is going to become even more crowded than it currently is. Cresselia and Uxie will be defensive tanks, Mesprit, Gallade, and Victini have the Defense and Stamina to back-up their respectable Attack stats, cementing themselves as over-all great Psychic types. Azelf will likely go the route of glass cannon with stats resembling Alakazam. Exeggutor was not looking to great in the current meta, and so it’s future may be scrambled as a Psychic type.


Don’t get rid of all of your Exeggutors. While I may have 10 powered up to LVL 30+, that doesn’t mean all of them will stay. They are excellent as Grass Pokémon, but future mons will serve different purposes. Torterra has better stats in every category over Venusaur and Tangrowth has the stats of Mythical Pokémon like Mew, Celebi, and Shaymin. Exeggutor will stay relevant as a Grass type for the time to come, but faces a K.O. if ran against other Psychic types (in addition to Grass / Psychic having the most weakness of any double-typed ‘mon.)