With the introduction of Mewtwo in regular T5 raids, Niantic also gave it 3 new moves. These moves are Ice Beam Ice, Thunderbolt Electric and Flamethrower Fire. Unfortunately, they didn’t add Psystrike (expected a buff to it if they did)?! Regardless, let’s analyze how well Mewtwo preforms with these moves compared to the best Pokémon attackers of each type. You’ll be surprised – we promise.

Ice Electric and Fire Comparisons

In raids, we like to use STAB and Super Effective damage to generate the most amount of DPS.  The easiest way to compare Mewtwo with the listed Pokémon below is to calculate overall damage in popular raid scenarios.


The charts below will showcase 3 categories. One column will have the Super Effective and STAB damage added, if applicable. The other two columns will be just SE and then STAB. In cases where SE already applies to STAB + SE, we omitted it from the table to reduce visual clutter.

In order to test Mewtwo’s performance, the following scenarios were analysed:

  1. Mewtwo and Jynx against Rayquaza
  2. Mewtwo and Moltres/Entei against Registeel
  3. Mewtwo and Raikou/Zapdos against Kyogre

Rayquaza tests

Our Jynx will use Frost Breath Ice and Avalanche Ice, while Mewtwo is using Psycho Cut Psychic and Ice Beam Ice. Why not Confusion? Because Psycho Cut has higher Energy per second, which you want in this scenario. The winner here is Mewtwo.

Stats Jynx IcePsychic Mewtwo Psychic
Fast SE
STAB 2676 1800
SE + STAB 3568
Charged SE 37800
STAB 24084
SE + STAB 32112
Overall 35680 39600

Registeel tests

Similar to last round, we’re picking perfect move sets for all participants: Fire Spin Fire and Overheat Fire for both Entei and Moltres, and Psycho Cut Psychic + Flamethrower Fire for Mewtwo. Again, we’re maximizing charge usage for Mewtwo. Mewtwo doesn’t win this round.

Stats Moltres Fire Entei Fire Mewtwo Psychic
Fast SE
STAB 4217 3948 1800
SE + STAB 5622  5264
Charged SE 58800
STAB 48192 45120
SE + STAB 64256 60160
Overall 69878 65424 60600

Kyogre tests

Zapdos and Raikou were pitted against the new Thunderbolt Electric Mewtwo with their typical best movesets: Thunder Shock Electric as fast for both and Wild Charge Electric on Raikou and Thunderbolt Electric on Zapdos. Mewtwo wins over Zapdos this round, but falls behind Raikou.

Stats Raikou Electric Zapdos Electric Mewtwo Psychic
Fast SE
STAB 1446 1518 1800
SE + STAB 1928 2024
Charged SE 33600
STAB 24288 24288
SE + STAB 34704 32384
Overall 36632 34408 35400

Equations for calculation clarification purposes:

  • ATK(MD+(MD(STAB*SE))) = Overall damage
  • ATK(MD+(MD(SE))) = Overall damage with Super Effective
  • ATK(MD+(MD(STAB))) = Overall damage with STAB applied

*ATK = Pokémon’s Attack Stat
*MD = Move Damage
*STAB = Same Type Attack Bonus
*SE = Super Effective

DISCLAIMER – If the Pokémon being compared had a 2 bar charge move, then only one bar per Pokémon was calculated for overall damage. If the Pokémon compared had a 1 bar charge move, then Mewtwo’s full cycle damage (2 bar use) was calculated for overall damage. This is because 2 bars of energy are the same as 1 full bar.

Also, Psycho Cut was used because it has the highest EPS (energy gain per second). Thus, Mewtwo will get its charge moves full at a faster rate. Therefore, more charge move usage overtime in a raid/battle.


Analysis Conclusion


  • With Ice Beam, Mewtwo is the best Ice attacker in the game right now, and will likely stay until Mamoswine becomes available
  • With Thunderbolt, Mewtwo is second best Electric type, in line with Zapdos, but with less type weaknesses
  • Forget Flamethrower.
  • Use Psycho Cut to get more charge moves

In more depth:

Mewtwo as it stands, is the best Ice attacker in the game PERIOD!

Even though it isn’t posted, I calculated the Not Very Effective damage for Psycho Cut and Mewtwo STILL out DPS-ed Jynx! This would be a situation like raiding a Lugia, for example. As a Fire attacker, Mewtwo just doesn’t stack up. Moltres and Entei are too beastly of Pokémon. So, leave the job up to them.

However, if you need a good Electric attacker look no further. Mewtwo comes in as the SECOND BEST Electric attacker in the game! Only if Psycho Cut is doing neutral damage that is. A Kyogre raid is a good example of that. So to make things clear, make sure your Mewtwo is doing neutral damage with Psycho Cut if you want the maximum amount of DPS with Ice Beam or Thunderbolt as your charge move. Perhaps getting Thunderbolt and Ice Beam wasn’t so bad after all! I’m still looking forward to Psystrike though…