All Community Day Exclusive Moves: A PvP Perspective

G’day PoGO lovers! Community days have been a consistent and exciting part of the game for a long time. Community days were originally introduced to Pokémon GO in January 2018, beginning with arguably the most popular Pokémon in the entire franchise: Pikachu (with the exclusive move Surf).

With the December 2023 Community Day fast approaching, let’s take a look at how community days operate in practice, review some notable trends and tweaks to the standard formula, and the full exclusive community day move list.

Community Day Features

Community days can be hugely popular and exciting, with the potential to turn Pokémon from mediocre to top meta threats overnight. Each month has featured (at least) one new move introduced to a Pokémon movepool, obtained by evolving the featured mon during the community day window. Community days also feature a range of bonuses, such as additional stardust, catch XP or reduced hatch distance, and typically involve additional special trades during the allocated timeslot. 

The standard model is ‘one move for final evolution’, but there are a few trends and tweaks that have emerged over time:

  • All 3 starter Pokémon from each release of the game will be included in a community at some point. All Grass starters receive the exclusive move Frenzy Plant, all Fire starters receive the exclusive move Blast Burn, and all Water starters receive the exclusive move Hydro Cannon;
  • December community days are usually a bumper affair, featuring all Pokémon from the current and prior year and their exclusive moves;
  • Same Pokémon, different community days, different moves – Charizard first receiving Blast Burn in May 2018, then Dragon Breath in October 2020; and the Eevolutions line – all evolutions receiving first Last Resort (in August 2018) and then individual moves (in August 2021);
  • Featured Pokémon receiving both fast and charged exclusive moves upon evolution – eg: Roselia with Bullet Seed and Weather Ball Fire, and Walrein with Powder Snow and Icicle Spear;
  • Both the 2nd and 3rd evolution line receiving community day moves – eg: Charjabug and Vikavolt both receiving Volt Switch;
  • New Pokémon introduced to the game as community day Pokémon – eg: Stufful and Bewear;
  • Tier 4 raids – when community days were reduced from 6 hours down to 3, Tier 4 raids were introduced as a way for players to continue catching the featured spawns after defeating the raid boss;
  • Additional non-evolution moves being added to movepools on community days – eg: Samurott (Razor Shell), Greninja (Water Shuriken).

Mega Venusaur

PvP Highest Priority List

As a PvP enthusiast, I get super excited about the potential power that community day moves have for Pokémon in trainer battles. Community day moves are typically either an upgrade or at least a sidegrade for the featured mons. Walrein was a classic also ran in PvP until its community day introduced both Powder Snow and Icicle Spear into its movepool. Overnight, Walrein became a top meta pick in the Great and Ultra Leagues (although less so today due to meta shifts and move nerfs). Swampert (with Hydro Cannon), Charizard (with Blast Burn), Venusaur (with Frenzy Plant) and Metagross (with Meteor Mash) are all top meta staples, but only with their exclusive moves. 

Here are a selection of the highest priority community day moves from a PvP perspective, based on the impact to the mon’s utility and the overall meta relevance of each. These Pokémon are excellent in PvP today, but really need their community day moves to be viable. For a full in-depth breakdown for December 2023 Community Day PvP, check out my article here.

Pokémon Exclusive move
Venusaur Frenzy Plant Grass
Charizard Blast Burn Fire
Blastoise Hydro Cannon Water
Metagross Meteor Mash Steel
Swampert Hydro Cannon Water
Talonflame Incinerate Fire
Altaria Moonblast Fairy
Garchomp Earth Power Ground
Walrein Powder Snow (fast) and Icicle Spear (charged) Ice
Ursaluna High Horsepower Ground
Chesnaught Frenzy Plant Grass
Poliwrath Counter Fighting
Charjabug Volt Switch Electric
Meganium Frenzy Plant Grass
Greninja Hydro Cannon Water
Beedrill Drill Run Ground
Samurott Hydro Cannon Water
Typhlosion Blast Burn Fire
Gyarados Aqua Tail Water
Serperior Frenzy Plant Grass
Umbreon Last Resort Normal

Community Day Exclusive Moves List

The below details all current exclusive community day fast / charged moves available for each evolution line. We are working on a new database section which will help you navigate these going forward!

Month Year Spawn Evolution Fast Move Charged Move
Jan 2018 Pikachu     Surf
Feb 2018 Dratini Dragonite   Draco Meteor
Mar 2018 Bulbasaur Venusaur   Frenzy Plant
Apr 2018 Mareep Amphoros   Dragon Pulse
May 2018 Charmander Charizard   Blast Burn
Jun 2018 Larvitar Tyranitar Smack Down  
Jul 2018 Squirtle Blastoise   Hydro Cannon
Aug 2018 Eevee All Eevolutions   Last Resort
Sep 2018 Chikorita Meganium   Frenzy Plant
Oct 2018 Beldum Metagross   Meteor Mash
Nov 2018 Cyndaquil Typhlosion   Blast Burn
Dec 2018 All 2018      
Jan 2019 Totodile Feraligatr   Hydro Cannon
Feb 2019 Swinub Mamoswine   Ancient Power
Mar 2019 Treecko Sceptile   Frenzy Plant
Apr 2019 Bagon Salamence   Outrage
May 2019 Torchic Blaziken   Blast Burn
Jun 2019 Slakoth Slaking   Body Slam
Jul 2019 Mudkip Swampert   Hydro Cannon
Aug 2019 Ralts Gardevoir, Gallade   Synchronise
Sep 2019 Turtwig Torterra   Frenzy Plant
Oct 2019 Trapinch Flygon   Earth Power
Nov 2019 Chimcar Infernape   Blast Burn
Dec 2019 All 2019 & 2018      
Jan 2020 Piplup Empoleon   Hydro Cannon
Feb 2020 Rhyhorn Rhyperior   Rock Wrecker
Mar 2020 NA      
Apr 2020 Abra Alakazam Counter  
May 2020 Seedot Shiftry Bullet Seed  
Jun 2020 Weedle Beedrill   Drill Run
Jul 2020 Gastly Gengar   Shadow Punch
Aug 2020 Magikarp Gyarados   Aqua Tail
Sep 2020 Porygon Porygon-Z   Tri Attack
Oct 2020 Charmander Charizard Dragon Breath  
Nov 2020 Electabuzz, Magmortar Electivire,
  Electivire: Flamethrower
Magmortar: Thunderbolt
Dec 2020 All 2020 & 2019      
Jan 2021 Machop Machamp   Payback
Feb 2021 Roselia Roserade Bullet Seed Weather Ball Fire
Mar 2021 Fletchling Talonflame Incinerate  
Apr 2021 Snivy Serperior   Frenzy Plant
May 2021 Swablu Altaria   Moonblast
Jun 2021 Gible Garchmomp   Earth Power
Jul 2021 Tepig Emboar   Blast Burn
Aug 2021 Eevee Eevee + All Eevolutions Leafeon: Bullet Seed Eevee: Last Resort
Vaporeon: Scald
Jolteon: Zap Cannon
Flareon: Superpower
Espeon: Shadow Ball
Umbreon: Psychic
Glaceon: Water Pulse
Sylveon: Psyshock
Sep 2021 Oshawott Samurott   Hydro Cannon
Oct 2021 Duscull Dusknoir   Shadow Ball
Nov 2021 Shinx Luxray   Psychic Fangs
Dec 2021 All 2021 and 2020      
Jan 2022 Spheal Walrein Powder Snow Icicle Spear
Jan 2022 Bulbasaur Venusaur   Frenzy Plant
Feb 2022 Hoppip Jumpfluff   Acrobatics
Mar 2022 Sandshrew,
A-Sandslash: Shadow Claw Sandslash: Night Slash
Apr 2022 Mudkip Swampert   Hydro Cannon
Apr 2022 Stufful Bewear   Drain Punch
May 2022 A-Geodude A-Golem Rollout  
Jun 2022 Deino Hydreigon   Brutal Swing
Jul 2022 Starly Staraptor Gust  
Aug 2022 G-Zigzagoon Obstagoon   Obstruct
Sep 2022 Roggenrola Gigalith   Meteor Beam
Oct 2022 Litwick Chandelure   Poltergeist
Nov 2022 Dratini Dragonite   Draco Meteor
Nov 2022 Teddiursa Ursaluna   High Horsepower
Dec 2022 All 2022 & 2021      
Jan 2023 Chespin Chesnaught   Frenzy Plant
Jan 2023 Larvitar Tyranitar Smack Down  
Feb 2023 Noibat Noivern   Boomburst
Mar 2023 Slowpoke, G-Slowpoke Slowbros and Slowkings   Surf
Apr 2023 Swinub Mamoswine   Ancient Power
May 2023 Fennekin Delphox   Blast Burn
Jun 2023 Axew Haxorus   Breaking Swipe
Jul 2023 Squirtle Blastoise   Hydro Cannon
Jul 2023 Poliwag Poliwrath
Poliwrath: Counter Politoed: Ice Beam
Aug 2023 Froakie Greninja   Hydro Cannon
Sep 2023 Grubbin Charjabug, Vikavolt Volt Switch  
Oct 2023 Timburr Conkeldurr   Brutal Swing
Nov 2023 Wooper Quagsire
  Quagsire: Aqua Tail
Clodsire: Megahorn
Nov 2023 Mareep Amphoros   Dragon Pulse

December Community Day

December 2023 will have a number of ideal candidates for you to focus on for PvP. I’ll be taking a look at the priority picks and which ones to pass on for the upcoming event. As always, you can find me on Twitter or Instagram for more PvP spot analysis.

See ya later,


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