Trainers, November is shaping up to be a very busy month for Pokemon GO, with enough variety to keep even the most hardcore of us occupied. In order to help our readers prepare and stay up to date, we created a handy info graphic that covers everything that’s coming or leaving Pokemon GO in the next few weeks. November features Bug type Pokemon and Field research, with a few special tricks to keep us engaged.

November infographic


  • November 1st: Shedinja, new Bug type field research, Halloween 2018 event ends
  • November 1st – 5th: Taiwan Safari Zone, shiny Pinsir available worldwide
  • November 3rd: Gengar day
  • November 10th: Cyndaquil Community Day
  • November 16th (?): Meltan release
  • November 20th: Giratina leaves raids

November 1, 2018

November quests Pokemon GO
November quests Pokemon GO

On November 1 2018, at 01:00 PM PDT, a few important things will happen:

  • Shedinja will replace Suicune as the weekly research breakthrough reward, marking the first time this Pokemon will be available in Pokemon GO. Shedinja was never before seen in Pokemon GO, so this is our first opportunity to fill the #292 number in the Hoenn Pokedex.
  • A new batch of Field Research quests will become available, featuring Bug type Pokemon. It’s expected that Nincada and Ninjask will make an appearance in one of the November encounter quests.
  • Shiny Caterpie, Metapod and Butterfree will become available in Pokemon GO. More information: Shedinja and Shiny Caterpie to be released in November
  • Halloween 2018 event ends, marking the end of increased candy rewards for capturing Pokemon and the end of increased Ghost type spawns.
  • Shiny Pinsir will become available worldwide following the start of Taiwanese Safari Zone. There is no indication that Pinsir shiny rates will be increased, but we wouldn’t be surprised, especially if it’s featured in a Pokemon encounter quest. November is, after all, a Bug themed month in Pokemon GO.

November 3, 2018

Gengar day
Gengar day

Gengar day takes place all around the world, giving players a unique opportunity to capture a shiny Gengar that knows Lick Ghost and Psychic Psychic. We’ve already written an in depth analysis of Gengar’s new exclusive moves, which we strongly recommend you read before the event: Gengar day exclusive moves analysis: Lick vs Shadow Claw and Psychic vs everything

November 10, 2018

Cyndaquil community day
Cyndaquil community day

Cyndaquil community day is taking place on November 10, 2018. Event bonuses include double catch XP and Stardust. We expect that Typhlosion’s exclusive move will be Blast Burn, following the tradition established by the previous Chickorita community day.

November 16, 2018

Meltan evolution, Melmetal in Pokemon GO
Melmetal in Pokemon GO

It is expected, but not yet confirmed, that Meltan and its evolution, Melmetal, will become available in Pokemon GO on November 16, 2018, following the release of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee!

Pokemon GO is required in order to obtain a Melmetal Pokemon Let’s Go, as outlined on the official website: “It has become clear that Meltan will only evolve into Melmetal in Pokémon GO. To evolve it, you will need 400 Meltan Candies.”

November 20, 2018

Giratina Altered form
Giratina Altered form

On November 20, 2018 Giratina will stop appearing in Tier 5 raids. We expect it to be replaced by Dialga or Palkia, as it is usually the case in Pokemon GO. Make sure to get a solid Giratina before November 20!

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