FIFA World Cup themed Unown event is taking place in Latin America

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Trainers, Niantic is expanding their foray into Latin America (LATAM) more by every day that passes, and today, we’re happy to announce that a LATAM exclusive, football themed, Unown event is taking place right now!

Well, the term “right now” is debatable, as the event includes appearances of Unown letters that highlight a particular country on the day of their first match in the FIFA World Cup series. The twist is: Unown letter spawns are tied to a particular country.

Here are the letter appearances so far:

  • Argentina: V, A, M, O, S, R, G
  • Brasil: V, A, M, O, S, B, R
  • Perú: V, A, M, O, S, P, E, R
  • México: V, A, M, O, S, E, X
  • Costa Rica: V, A, M, O, S, C, T, R, I

Unown appearances include the word “Vamos” and a few letters taken from the country name. Like we mentioned yesterday, something big is cooking in Brazil, and these random looking Unown events seem like the beginning of that.

Yesterday we traced the complete story about Omar Tellez, Niantic’s Business Developer for LATAM region, and his recent activities in the LATAM region, and it seems that even more is on the way, as Omar tweeted the following pictures from yesterday’s get-together Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Not only that, another tweet has revealed a possible existence of team dedicated to the LATAM region (or Brazil, unclear at the moment):

We are not sure what’s going on, or when something will be officially announced, but again, something’s on. John Hanke is tweeting about this as well, Omar is in Brazil, Unown are spawning left and right and with the recent Summer Tour announcement, LATAM players could be in for one crazy Pokemon GO summer!

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